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  1. My bank will hate me, I bought a tamagotchi on - magic. I found a tamagezi and I also bought the vpet with the squisy cheeks (can't remember the name) but it's a cat XD

    I will wait september for the Qpet and the touma :)
    I'm trying to get different virtual pets

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    2. NotBart


      How much did the Tamagezi cost? I'm wondering because when I saw one it was about 4000 local money points (about 179 USD)

    3. GrumpyPoney


      Actually someone sold me one for 33 usd + 5 shipping

      if you want the link of the person you can give me a private message :)

    4. GrumpyPoney


      Also you can find people that bought the v2 via website in the tamagezi group on facebook and her post on it if it's faster for you :)