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  1. Hi Berryitchi - Happy New Year 2019.  I tried sending another email to you at the gmail address you gave me but I am still getting a message back to say that the email account does not exist.  Just wanted to let you know.

  2. Thanks for your message.  I can't send you an email to the address you gave me - I'm getting an "address does not exist" notification.

    But I think you're still able to log in and visit the new upgraded site!

  3. CONGRATS ON YOUR MAGNIFICENT REBIRTH BTW *bows* i was skating really fast then i fell on my butt which is why im leaning to the right cuz da left side hURTSSS

    1. anasmilkbar


      dang..... hope u recover soon

  4. so many peeps online rn wowza hi how r u this is weird im weird im sorry somebodys gonna stalk this IF YOU STALK THIS WRITE 'POTATO' ON MY PROFILE FEED TY

  5. Actually, my +color fake q-pet came today!!! (pink) I'm getting it at Christmas but here's some info if you're buying it from Amazon uk for about £16.99. The express delivery... it arrived 1 week-2 weeks later than it was meant to. It was dispatched about 2 days after I ordered it from Jasynfall. Then it went to London and passed checks cuz it was sent from China (whoopee my baby isn't a Chinese bomb sent to destroy the UK) and then DHL delivered it to me 2 days earlier than expected. BUT. There was a surprise second postage charge so... yeah. £20 tama + £20 express delivery + £20 for DHL. *oof* It costed about £50-£60 in total (rounded the costs). So yeah. it arrived in two plastic wrappers, a thick plastic wrapper, and a layer of squishy foamy stuff. The box was opened on both ends and a bit crushed but MY BABY WAS OK. (and it fits in the bed and case I made perfectly x3) I get to try it out on Christmas but there's a 20-min long YouTube video on it and *double thumbs up* IT LOOKS AMAZING!!! AT LEAST, I THINK IT DOES. Anywayyy, consider it! <3
  6. I don't have either of those but I've heard that ID L's are really good tamas. I don't think the +color does as much and I don't think it's a very popular tamagotchi. I'd say go for the ID L for those reasons. If you're interested, videos on YouTube show all the feautures on tamas so you can probably find out which one does more/is right for you that way. Good luck and happy tama hunting!! <3
  7. cheapish colour tama + expensive fast shipping so it'll arrive within 5 days + due to arrive 2 weeks later + surprise £30 import charge = *screams* IT WAS MEANT TO BE CHEAPPPPPPP (first time buying a tama online ._.)

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    2. Penguin-keeper


      The import limit for the UK is something like £18, and in my experience that figure includes the postage cost that you paid.


      Anything above that is very likely to get a customs charge (because the item wasn't purchased here and taxes are due), and a handling fee from whatever carrier is delivering it for dealing with that clearance on your behalf.

    3. Berryitchi



    4. Penguin-keeper


      I already mentioned the import charge. That import charge that you mentioned from DHL is the customs fee plus the carrier's handling fee.


      This is basic stuff that you should know about buying things from abroad. ;)

  8. if i go onto settings and change the email address tamatalk'll use for this account, will any emails get sent to my old email address about it? i need to know asap cuz when the update comes i probably won't be able to use tamatalk any more... ;-;

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    2. anasmilkbar


      you can always make another account in that worst-case-scenario!!

    3. TamaMum


      If you are worried about the update, you can send me (or Admin) a TamaTalk PM if you want your email address changed. Don't worry, we'll look out for you on the members list when the update goes through. If you give us your new/correct email address we can catch up with you after the update and you can rejoin if you need to :)

    4. Berryitchi
  9. 1. Does anyone know the date the TamaTalk update's gonna happen? 2. MY FIRST COLOUR TAMA'S COMING TOMORROW OR THE DAY AFTER YAYYYYYYYYY *explodes*

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    2. Berryitchi


      (When in December is there a date or anythinggg) Ty!!! <3 I've already made it a bed and I'm going to make a fancy case soon too! >U<

    3. Admin


      No date for the update is set... If all goes well with testing, it may be next week.

    4. Berryitchi


      that's really soon >.<

  10. When is the update going to happen? Is there a date for it?
  11. FOXY THERES GONNA BE A TAMATALK UPDATE READ THE NEW THREAD BY THE ADMIN *cri* if the new website is big i cant use it any more and we cant talk

    1. Foxlyn


      jghjkfdsgjds vxz WOT?

  12. Is there a way for me to keep using the old version of Tamatalk instead of the new one coming? It's the only way I can talk to my friends and the new site will probably be too much for my machine... :(

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    2. KidRetro64


      Em, do you have a mobile phone that you can use? What I would do is, go on TamaTalk, then scroll down to full version. It will most likely not change, so you might not have to do that. This is not certain, but it may work!

    3. Penguin-keeper


      When forum software is updated for security reasons, you can't go back to using the old version. That will be replaced by the new version.


      KidRetro64's suggestion is the only thing that you can try. However, the original 3DS is a machine from 2011, and there's no guarantee that something created in the modern era will work in its browser anymore. Even the browser of 2014's updated and slightly more powerful New 3DS is outdated, at this point.

    4. Berryitchi


      I don't have a phone and I can't use my computer... ;-; I'll remember KidRetro64's suggestion... Thanks :'3

  13. Is there a way for me to keep using the old version of Tamatalk instead of the new one coming? It's the only way I can talk to my friends and the new site will probably be too much for my machine... :(