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  1. Hi Berryitchi - Happy New Year 2019.  I tried sending another email to you at the gmail address you gave me but I am still getting a message back to say that the email account does not exist.  Just wanted to let you know.

  2. Thanks for your message.  I can't send you an email to the address you gave me - I'm getting an "address does not exist" notification.

    But I think you're still able to log in and visit the new upgraded site!

  3. Berryitchi

    +Color or ID?

    Actually, my +color fake q-pet came today!!! (pink) I'm getting it at Christmas but here's some info if you're buying it from Amazon uk for about £16.99. The express delivery... it arrived 1 week-2 weeks later than it was meant to. It was dispatched about 2 days after I ordered it from Jasynfall. Then it went to London and passed checks cuz it was sent from China (whoopee my baby isn't a Chinese bomb sent to destroy the UK) and then DHL delivered it to me 2 days earlier than expected. BUT. There was a surprise second postage charge so... yeah. £20 tama + £20 express delivery + £20 for DHL. *oof* It costed about £50-£60 in total (rounded the costs). So yeah. it arrived in two plastic wrappers, a thick plastic wrapper, and a layer of squishy foamy stuff. The box was opened on both ends and a bit crushed but MY BABY WAS OK. (and it fits in the bed and case I made perfectly x3) I get to try it out on Christmas but there's a 20-min long YouTube video on it and *double thumbs up* IT LOOKS AMAZING!!! AT LEAST, I THINK IT DOES. Anywayyy, consider it! <3
  4. Berryitchi

    +Color or ID?

    I don't have either of those but I've heard that ID L's are really good tamas. I don't think the +color does as much and I don't think it's a very popular tamagotchi. I'd say go for the ID L for those reasons. If you're interested, videos on YouTube show all the feautures on tamas so you can probably find out which one does more/is right for you that way. Good luck and happy tama hunting!! <3
  5. Berryitchi

    A new TamaTalk is coming

    When is the update going to happen? Is there a date for it?
  6. Berryitchi

    Which tama should I choose?

    Yeeeeeeee... I'll show it to my parents. Then beg more. xD
  7. Berryitchi

    Which tama should I choose?

    I mean, to my parents every tamagotchi is the same. They don't really seem to get how each one is different. So I gotta choose the right tama. :/ The fake would be my first colour tamagotchi and yes it'd be a HUGEEE step up, but I'd get used to it. The original OH DANG I FORGOT MY MINI SQUEE I GOT MAMETCHI so yeah the original isn't such a big step. But whether it's too similar to the mini and after a while it'd get boring. :/ Idk. The fake is the favourite. Again.
  8. Berryitchi

    Which tama should I choose?

    Oof, so many replies! Tysm xD Welp, the original seems to be the most popular. *thing is I'll think it's cute then feed it too many sweets xD* I couldn't see the originals in The Entertainer in town though... I'm sure they'll have them now. >.< Tysm again for the replies everyone! Sadly my mum said 4U's were too expensive. So about £30 'for a little plastic egg' is probably my maximum. xD If anyone knows of any other tamas in that price range on Amazon then pleaseeee tell me. xD Thanks!
  9. Berryitchi

    Which tama should I choose?

    I watched a video and the fake actually looks pretty amazing! xDD (Every tama seems amazing since I just have a mini tho. ) I'm super tempted by the fakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. IT LOOKS LIKE A 4U BUT IT'S FAKE I MEAN I DREAM OF GETTING A 4U 'o'
  10. Berryitchi

    Which tama should I choose?

    Awww... shame about the fake +color. I'll check the prices for the id l's on amazon. The problem with the id l's is the size... I prefer small things Welp, I guess I better check the id l prices. There was also this other fake thing on amazon... It was like a tv remote but with 3 buttons. The writing on the packaging was Japanese (Else Chinese) and it looked kinda cool, but it was probably the normal fake v-pet in a different shell. :/ Anyway, thanks! (If there are more opinions on the +color fake then tell me cuz I really liked how it looked. xD)
  11. Hai! Oof it's been a while since I've been on the forums... So last night I was looking through Amazon and saw the most gorgeous tama ever. No reviews. But it was a white tama with cherries. Apparently it's a fake +color. It'd be my first colour tamagotchi! *screams* It looks amazing. How good is it? I've read a few bits about them, and they sound pretty good. The only weird thing is that it'll arrive after Christmas, which isn't a problem, but taking a month to arrive seems a bit long. (I've never bought a tama online before ) Else, there's an ID L. Which might turn out to be a Friends (I love the Friends. But I don't own one. xD). I'm fine with that tbh. Otherwise I get the original 1997 tama in The Entertainer. (The game creeps me out. O.o) My fave is the cherry one. Which is the best???
  12. Berryitchi

    Last Post Wins 2: electric boogaloo

    *drowns in the amount of spam from this place*
  13. Berryitchi

    Last Post Wins 2: electric boogaloo

    aaHHHHHH ANNICHU YOU'RE SO NICE AND SWEET AND- (this is totally a bribe) PLEASEEEEE CAN YOU TELL MY FRUND TO CHECK TAMATALK PLEASSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE xD i'll pm you the username tysm for volunteering DO THIS ASAP xD cuz i miss hher and *cri* (be sympathetic plz and tell her to check tamatalk xD)
  14. Berryitchi

    Last Post Wins 2: electric boogaloo

    oki quack oof does anybody have discord i need a favour so bad
  15. Berryitchi

    Last Post Wins 2: electric boogaloo

    how r u oof quack