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    Tamagotchi, music, Animal Crossing New Leaf, Japan, art.

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    1 fake tamagotchi. 1 20th anniversary pink swirl tamagotchi mini.
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    That new Tamagotchi Meets thing - the purple fairy one. >o<
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    Kuchipatchi, Lovelitchi, Melodytchi, Mametchi and Ichigotchi (not in order)
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    My mini. As you're reading this it's probably just died after being starved and left in 6 poos. The lifespan is about 2-8 days max. xP

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  1. Thanks for your message.  I can't send you an email to the address you gave me - I'm getting an "address does not exist" notification.

    But I think you're still able to log in and visit the new upgraded site!