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  1. Hi! Lucky for you, I own 8 Pixel Chix. I think I can help you on this one! Pixel Chix run out of batteries, and quick. Their refresh rate is extremely high so it eats them up within days. This is pretty inconvenient for people like me as it costs them quite a bit to keep on buying and replacing them every few days or so. Last year in March, I bought a bundle of 5 Pixel Chix on the Facebook Market. When we first got them, we had a lot of glitches like you, too. One of the smaller houses as soon as we put batteries in them said that it was low on batteries, so be just assumed there was something wrong with the batteries and took them out. The other smaller house proceeded to show 2 black vertical lines across the screen. After this, I was playing with them for a day or two, and suddenly they just shut down. I couldn't use the buttons, or anything. But, for some reason the light was on in the little window. I was really confused as around 2 hours later this happened to my other one. Resetting didn't work, so we took the batteries out and put them back in, which did the trick. The reason we think this happened? Well, we are suspecting that the units were left in a cold or damp place and left them corrupted. That is what my Dad thinks, anyways. What also sometimes works is to try and take the device apart and put it together again. I can't guarantee these methods will bring you success, but if these don't work then I would actually try and use a different brand of battery. It will still have to be AAA, but you can find another brand and that may fix it.
  2. The covers and shell will work, go ahead! In case your thinking of using the memory board and insides, they will have the same ROM as a fake so you probably don't want to do that!
  3. If I'm correct, this isn't actually true. Mr Blinky's jewlelry sender machine (not really sure what the official names of it is ) but it is something along those lines! The generator can actually be used to fill in items that the shop doesn't sell, too. Although it would be better to have another friends as it's way easier!
  4. Hi everyone! I apologise for not being online for a while.. I promise I'm still alive! I would also like to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday! ^_^

  5. Hey!:puroperatchi: :marumimitchi:Happy Birthday, KidRetro64!:marumimitchi:  Hope you have an awesome day :^) Coincidentally, we have a birthday in common :^) :kusatchi:

    1. Penguin-keeper


      Well, Happy Birthday to both of you, then! :D

  6. Sorry to hear that from this, if you can't get it working I would send it back or try and get a refund. Before you do... - Have you waited a minute to put the batteries in? I say this a lot, but even after a week my 4U's battery died. I replaced them and it didn't turn on right away, because of the refresh rate. If it doesn't work then you may have disturbed something while poking around inside. - Maybe try and use a different brand of batteries. The 4U comes with batteries already, so if you used those ones they do run out quite quickly.
  7. From recent experience, trying over and over to connect 2 Tamagotchis can run down the battery. If the battery is close to running out, this can be a glitch where it doesn't connect even with a device with a working battery.
  8. That’s unfortunate. Sadly, if it’s something internal then I’m afraid it’s unrepairable. Something’s probably gotten bashed on the inside.
  9. Sadly Top-secret Toys put a post on there Instagram saying that they will be delaying the release of the GigaPets AR and Trolls, so we might have to wait a while to see any other details.
  10. I was just reading through some of my old comments.. and man was my spelling and punctuation bad! I also had the tendency to go crazy with capital letters.. don't know why! :huh:

    1. Eggiweg


      This happens to me every 2 year cycle too.

  11. I've never actually encountered any fake Virtual Pets, apart from Poundland. Where I live, there aren't any major markets, so I think this just a matter of your location. I will say though, it would be pretty cool to find!
  12. I give you credit, lots of people will recognise him as the most well-known Tamagotchi character. This is because he's the first, and people recognise him for being on the front of the GOGO Tamagotchi anime posters. But, Bandai has never blaitently said so, we just know this data from the Merchandise and Anime.
  13. I've only just realised it, but its been over 2 years since I joined TamaTalk! :chohimetchi:

  14. A little off topic but.. your really lucky to have found that! I've only been to a car boot sale once.. and found a Pixel Chix Car and Tamagotchi corner shop 2 (I already owned both of these, but got the Pixel Chix anyways).
  15. I've really wanted a Nano for a while. And when I say Nano I don't mean like the shell type (as I already own an Usatama from 2017, and 2 Original remakes), I mean like the Nanos released alongside the IDLs. I don't know if its the unique shell designs or the chibi-factor, something just appeals to me and always has. Now, Nanos for no real explained reason have always been over the price of around £50, which is too high for me. Granted, they don't have anything amazing about them but that docent stop me! If I were to buy one I'd get one from JYW because there prices are affordable for a person like me who doesn't like to spend £30+ unless its Christmas or my birthday. Linking to the nanos, an IDL! I would love to get one even more if it mean't I could connect it to my 4U or Magical Meets. I love the mint green variation, there just really hard to come by on websites such as Ebay without paying ridiculous shipping fees. I think I love them for the fact that they can connect to the Nano, besides the fact one of them is really basic while the other, not so much! Again, they probably appeal to me because of there shells. How shiny!