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  1. My family is pretty fine with my collection, but sometimes I think about what they will think when I’m older. My Dad seems completely fine to get me a new Tama once in a while, my Mum likes it when I actually like repair them and that, but isn't to keen on the pricing- she doesn’t really look at them as “collectables”.
  2. It’s simply just a winter animation, it’s supposed to symbolise the Tamagotchi feeling pressurised to go outside. It doesn’t effect anything in game, just a little thing it does once in a while. I’m assuming you mean when it sees a Tamagotchi at a certain location? Well that means that your Tamagotchi is in love; check the TamaTomo list to check what level you are with that Tamagotchi. Or you could be meaning bringing a toy? Sorry.. I’m not 100% sure what situation your in!
  3. Yeah, I have. Same thing still happens; if it carries on I might just use MyMeets- I have a Windows 10, and I can get the application on it. Thanks for the info, though.
  4. Hi! So I’m currently running my Meets, and I have a Loveletchi and want to marry her. So I’m using my Samsung Galaxy NotePad 2 to download either the ON app of Meets, and there from the APKPURE website. Now, I go on the downloads, and it doesn’t let me open the app. It just says “There was a problem parsing the package” and doesn't let me do anything else. Am I doing something wrong? Also to mention, the app also doesn't appear on my home screen. The 4U app works, but this on dosent. Also, I might try my old Samsung S3, but the NFC does not work that well (I’m aware the S3 is notorious for being quite dodgey) but the 4U app opens. I also have on handy 2 Kindle Fires, but they don’t run the 4U app. So, you know, if anyone knows anything then please help here! Update!- We’ve just unlocked my S3, so if there’s anything I should know for that it would be appreciated!
  5. Well done! If you will do Tamagotchi Friends, I have one! My friend had to change her tamagotchis battery, so she used cheap Zinc ones; instead of her usual Alkaline. Then, when she went to play a game, her points were in the 7 digits! And she could spend all of it, it wasn’t just like it said it. So if it helps, your welcome!
  6. I made a really similar post about 8 months ago, and I got a reply saying that if you still have an iPhone running on iOS 7.5 or below, it should appear when you search up “Tamagotchi” on the App Store. However, I recently traded in my iPhone 4s, and I don’t recall it being there.. so I’m sorry if that doesn’t work! The APKMirror did work on my phone, so it might just vary.
  7. I’d pick Crunchyroll, many reasons for this! Crunchyroll carries lots of anime’s, and (shocker) the Tamagotchi Anime would fit perfectly! I think it would fit well because well.. it just feels like an Anime they would carry! Cute animal-creatures runnin* about a Kuwaiti world, what’s not to love?
  8. Hey! New profile pic here! Of course I like Sakura, why not?

    1. Eggiweg


      best sakura tbh

  9. Yes, actually! JYW has like really good prices, but the service is it that great. We had a whole thing with making a new account and my Dad’s card being lost between two accounts, so it’s quite annoying.
  10. No way! My friend gave me that exact keychain from Tk Maxx, too! She said that she couldn’t resist buying it for me! 🥺 But I do have to say, it seems very cheap. It’s already gotten a load of scratches, and I can’t help think it’s been manufactured this way.
  11. Hi Everyone! For about 6 or so months now, I’ve been really interested in modeling. My friend, Angela is one, and she tells me how she always meets new people and gets promoted by brands such as Nike and New LOOK and such, and honestly it sounds really cool! I’ve read lots of articles about it, how some people say how that “Your child has to be confident” or “If standing still in a completely new atmosphere while everyone staring at you for 15 minutes is your thing,” and that sort of thing. Honestly though, I think that would be really neat to try! My sister recently started a theatre club, and I have nothing to do now. I was thinking of maybe starting modelling to “cover it up” but I simply don’t know when and how to approach my Mum about it!
  12. Probably will be coming out of Japan, as the announcement was in English.
  13. There’s been so much news lately on Tamagotchis! We have the new Mcdonalds toys in 2020, along with a Pac-Man edition Tamagotchi to celebrate its 40th anniversary!

    1. Eggiweg



    2. Penguin-keeper


      Yeah, I second what Eggiweg said! I haven't heard about any of this! :o

    3. illroy


      I've seen a photo of the Pacman Tamagotchi, but I've googled it but didn't find anything.

  14. Most P1/2s usually sell around $30-40. I would suspect yours had been played with, but it’s noting extremely bad that’s happened to your device. Personally, I would pay $30 for one in that condition. You may find people that want more, like serious collectors.
  15. Glad to announce that for this years halloween I’m going as Robin from Stranger Things! Since the costume is so specifical and unique, it’s going to be hard to modify a ‘Child’s Girl Sailor Costume’ into Robins work outfit at Scoops Ahoy. It’s going to be perfect! :D