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  1. Yes, I have already tried this and it blocks me and just says that I’m not in the right location.
  2. Hello! So, I have a Meets and since I live in the UK, I cannot access the app ( I have tried it, does not work! ) and I was wondering if any meets expert could help me! Thanks!
  3. Went to a pretty empty Car boot sale and found a Pixel Chix Car For £1! Video going up on channel soon! :)

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    2. KidRetro64


      @Penguin-keeper Why Thank You! The woman had a massive table of old toys, no Bandai ones but I’m not mad. Will have to do some mantanance, though!

    3. Penguin-keeper


      Good luck with the maintenance! What do you need to do?

    4. Eggiweg


      Great find!

  4. Are you completely 100% sure? Both of them wouldn’t potentially glitch at the same time, and 12 Tamagotchis At 1 time is a lot so there is a chance that you missed them out. Not an expert at Music stars, sorry!
  5. That is an option, but the Friends is notoriously known for the plastic buttons not always making good contact with the board. So in this case, I don’t think cleaning will help in some circumstances. It’s just the way Bandai manufactured the Friends, and we cant do anything about it.
  6. No Wonder- God bless the new design manager of the second wave! Seriosly Though, The Design team just shrugged it off? I have one of the original LPS Cat VPets, And it’s probably my least favourite VPet out of my whole collection. It’s jam packed with bugs and glitches, and boring in general. It’s hard to navigate around, and you don’t know how to get out of the train station mode of the time. 😂
  7. Yes! I was just about to send that! Hm. Back in 2018? made a post about it being looked down on, and lots of people calling it a fake, even though it was not?
  8. I’m not a big fan of the 4U. Yes, I have one but it’s seriously bare. It’s almost impossible to try anything “New” because you Seriosly need another 4U, a Touch Card, Or the app or your Basically left with a Tamagotchi That has basically the same programming as the Friends. It was really a waste of money! Agreed! Some Tamagotchi games make me feel as blind as a bat because I have no idea what I’m doing! One of those being the “Mimic” on the Friends. None of my close friend group could figure it out! It’s kind of a similar situation to the ON and it’s outrageous Packaging. The Tamago was aimed at younger children, so a bulkier Shell would be easier for little hands. Also because it would be more attractive sitting on shelves, making more people want to buy it.
  9. Maybe an Angel Scope? I’m not quite sure.. was it in Color or anything? If you give us more information it’s more likely that we will find the answer.
  10. Hi Everyone! I’m going to be trying out my first Tama Log! I’ll be running my Angelgotchi, that I got back in 2017. It’s in basically mint condition, apart from that the pause screen is inprinted in the screen. See you later!
  11. 8-1? Is that an earlier version of the 168-in 1 or just a cheaper less packed virtual pet? Personally never heard of that one! 😮 It’s quite a coincidence- a fake stealing from a fake? Once I was messing about on my sisters Digi Pet (That she got from Poundland) scrolling through the sprites to choose from. My best friend was there, and took the device from her hands and started rapidly pressing the “Scroll” button. She landed on a mutant-Kutchipatchi creature, making us crack up. Seriosly, it’s quite hilarious what some companies actually put into there VPets.
  12. Sorry about being new to this, but why ban? Did something happen to the platform? I use the app, so will I and many other casual fans?
  13. Yes, and that’s exactly what they are doing. It will come out alongside the On. Please read my recent comment
  14. It’s not a surprise. With the MTMGCF app (being free to download) and the Tamagotchi Classic being partners, and the Tamagotchi Forever app being way more popular and earning a bigger lot of money, the Classic was lacking. You see, with TamaTown it was still playable years after the last device being able to link the the site was released, but not a huge amount of people were choosing to access the website. And websites cost money to keep them up on the web, keep in mind . Bandai wasn’t making any serious ammoumt of money, so there only choice was to salvage it. Basically the exact situation that we have with the Classic game. Sadly, I doubt it. Bandai is starting to edge away from the 20th Anniversaries (literally.. Check there Instagram page) and edging towards the On. And, with the On being able to connect to your iPhone and/or iPad, it’s a win win. Profitable, and it goes along with the On. But like the Meets app, I would not be surprised if it was pretty bare without an On being linked.
  15. Yes that’s right! It seems to have the same proggreming as the Meets ( excluding the language ) and being honest there probably won’t be much of a difference. No, I don’t own a TamaTown. So I can’t help with that side of the project. I’m not an expert on the IDLs and Meets, but they have pretty much opposite programming (making sense from there release gap.). Whatever results you get will probably be diffrent, if you manage.