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  1. I've really wanted a Nano for a while. And when I say Nano I don't mean like the shell type (as I already own an Usatama from 2017, and 2 Original remakes), I mean like the Nanos released alongside the IDLs. I don't know if its the unique shell designs or the chibi-factor, something just appeals to me and always has. Now, Nanos for no real explained reason have always been over the price of around £50, which is too high for me. Granted, they don't have anything amazing about them but that docent stop me! If I were to buy one I'd get one from JYW because there prices are affordable for a person like me who doesn't like to spend £30+ unless its Christmas or my birthday. Linking to the nanos, an IDL! I would love to get one even more if it mean't I could connect it to my 4U or Magical Meets. I love the mint green variation, there just really hard to come by on websites such as Ebay without paying ridiculous shipping fees. I think I love them for the fact that they can connect to the Nano, besides the fact one of them is really basic while the other, not so much! Again, they probably appeal to me because of there shells. How shiny!
  2. This happened to my V2 a few weeks back, although I was using a Duracel CR2032. It made the long beeping noise continuously for what I'd like to say a minute, while there were the infamous 2 black lines across the screen (according to my Dad who was doing all of this). We took the battery back out, popped it back in to see a nice little egg on the screen. I don't think you shouldn't use any other battery compatible with the device besides a CR2032, I think its just because its recommended and known to be used the most.
  3. Hmm... interesting! Now, I'll admit Virtual Pet models (specifically) are not my cup of tea but I think I can help you out! From what you've said, it could sound a bit like the Bobby VPets! Although.. they were sold around the original Tamagotchis hit so I think the 2000 era seems too late for this to be canon. But, there could be a chance this retailer could have carried it for a little while longer. But, I'm not sure about the initial ROM it has, so my guesses could be off. I'm simply just taking from the exterior, how you said it had bones and/or paw prints. You also mentioned how one of the models were grey, but I can't confirm if they Bobby's came in grey.
  4. Hi, so I'd just like to point out @Penguin-keeper has already made a Database, where you can share and look at fake and generic pets. You can access it here. Its like this, except lots of other members have already contributed to it, and you can even do you if you find a new one!
  5. What happened with mine was the same, but now my Magical Meets works perfectly! There has only ever been 1 error connecting it to my laptop, and every other time its worked like magic. But, with what your saying I'm thinking you don't have Bluetooth Low-Energy support. Granted, I know very little about Bluetooth, but downloading the application doesn't effect anything to do with Bluetooth. Once you get to the screen when it shows you what you want and how to get to the corresponding menu, its enabled as soon as you click connect. So, if there's an option on your computer to see what your energy support is like, double check it. If you want to bypass this, you could always buy a Bluetooth Dongle. You'll be able to get them in most computing stores near you. If this isn't the case, you can buy them from Ebay and Amazon, linked here. Granted, they are quite pricey depending on how frequently you are going to be connecting, but it does all of the work. You also mentioned about both computers of yours having Windows 10, and that's a requirement. But it also states that it needs 'Windows 10 FULLY UPDATED' to function. So, if you haven't done so already make sure to update your computer(s) before proceeding. Lastly, due to Bandai being difficult (honestly!) they have stopped connections between non-'licensed' applications to do with ONs or Meets. By this, its impossible for you to have one device and connect them both to each platform. Bandai (if I'm correct) will stop you being able to pair your Tamagotchi to both. So, if you use or have used the app, then this may be the culprit.
  6. Thought I'd add to this: you can also obtain jewellery via 'Bumping' with another device. If you go to the treasure chest, you'll find that you can't get some of them. Thats because they are online exclusive!
  7. I took a group photo today- and I’m actually quite surprised! There is 23 in total.. and since June 2017 it’s grown quite a bit!
  8. I’ve had this happen to me a few times prior; it’s not a glitch or anything, it’s just a way the device reacts to you messing about with the battery area. This also can happen if you put the battery in facing the wrong way, like I did with my Usatama. But, it’s not a glitch. Like @hwd45 said to me, it takes patience. A lot, actually. I’m doing experiments on my V2, although I also have a V1 and V3. So, I’m not sure if it’s different on the amount of glitches, but I’d expect that you would find more ‘Easter eggs’ for say on the V3. ( This is because of there being the TamaTown features, but call me out if I’m wrong! ) But good luck; I’d love to see how your tests are going!
  9. Last year, Bandai replaced the website with They got rid of dream town, but we could see this coming as it didn’t let you make an account for quite some time. The files have been cached, but there aren’t any ON versions of it.
  10. Why, thank you! I agree (I promise, I’m not being bias!), it’s been credited and mentioned in quite a few other forums (including your Fake Database!) and it makes me really happy to see people enjoying and using my post! (-:
  11. I’d thought I’d share this; it’s a “V1” that’s “SUPER RARE” on eBay. Here it is, pretty funny! It’s obvious that there trying to “draw” (although I must comply, it looks a bit like a two-year old squiggled Memetchi’s eyes! :P) Mimitchi, Kutchipatchi and Memetchi, but can’t use Bandais design so try to pass them off as these. Also, thank you so much for all of the comments, likes, and 12,000 views! Never in a million years would I think my blog post would get this far! (I’m also incredibly grateful for this form being left open!)
  12. My V2’s Arrrived! Very happy with the condition! 😋

  13. So, today in the mail I recieved my Tamagotchi Connexion V2. Works great, but I have a question about what happened when I put the battery in. I’ve experienced (sort of) the same thing with my Usatama, when I got it. We put the batteries in as usual, and nothing came on the screen (why I prefer my Dad to put them in 😅) and nothing worked. We fiddled around with it for a bit, and there was no life whatsoever. Using my prior knowledge, I half heartily-assumed that this was just a case of it being unused for a period of time, as this also happened to my 4U when it was on dead batteries for a week or so. But, like my Usatama, we took them out and put it in, and the infamous 2 black lines came on, along with a very long continuous beeping noise; like the one when you do put them in, but lasting around 2 minutes 😬! Anyways, with these two nightmares commencing at once, we took them out and out them back in. Success! An egg comes on the screen, finally. Besides this, is there anything this could effect my experiments I’ll be doing? As part of @hwd45’s experiments with the glitches as such, I’ll be what we call “battery tilting” (if you don’t know what that is, I’d reccomend searching it up) with it, so will this effect the tilting?