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  1. Probably will be coming out of Japan, as the announcement was in English.
  2. There’s been so much news lately on Tamagotchis! We have the new Mcdonalds toys in 2020, along with a Pac-Man edition Tamagotchi to celebrate its 40th anniversary!

    1. Eggiweg



    2. Penguin-keeper


      Yeah, I second what Eggiweg said! I haven't heard about any of this! :o

    3. illroy


      I've seen a photo of the Pacman Tamagotchi, but I've googled it but didn't find anything.

  3. Most P1/2s usually sell around $30-40. I would suspect yours had been played with, but it’s noting extremely bad that’s happened to your device. Personally, I would pay $30 for one in that condition. You may find people that want more, like serious collectors.
  4. Glad to announce that for this years halloween I’m going as Robin from Stranger Things! Since the costume is so specifical and unique, it’s going to be hard to modify a ‘Child’s Girl Sailor Costume’ into Robins work outfit at Scoops Ahoy. It’s going to be perfect! :D 

  5. Hello! So today my Tamagotchi School came! It’s really cute and I got it from JYW, NIB. After scrolling through the internet for a really long time, I can’t seem to find a guide on how to set the date? Also, if anyone has a general idea of how it works that would be really helpful. It seems really fun, but with the whole 6-button thing I’m still figuring out how I’m going to be able to do this.
  6. Is there anything on the back? If there is a picture of the back of the device, is it possible to share it? It could have release dates on it and/or the company’s name that manufactured it, so that would be easier and then we might be able to start looking into it.
  7. It’s quite ironic that you ask about this, because the Mametchi on your profile has the blue outline you were mentioning! Just a quick echo, it’s truly only a design choice. A pastel style goes with the pastel outline, so why not!
  8. Really happy that my Tamasuku has now been posted from the people at JYW. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes another 7 days or so, because coming to Scotland can take a while. (My first JYW TMGC which was a 2017 UsaTama came in 5 days, and I was super impressed.)

  9. Sorry for the inconvenience, I have found an import of the instructions, but there in Japanese. If you can understand Japanese great, but you might have to use a translator for them. Personally I don’t own one, but with experience for other Tamagotchis I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s either a personality trait or there unhappy (i.e, you haven’t played with them for a while and then you make them connect). But Here is the link to the instructions, there scanned pics from the book but that’s ok!
  10. Ok so thank you for that bit! But I don’t have any sort of wallpaper, because I just have the one that you get immediately so how can I have her?
  11. What exactly are post-adults? Sorry, not that great at the 4U.
  12. Eek! I got iOS 13 and I am so impressed! It’s so cool!

    1. leogames2012


      Yes! Ios 13 IS very Powerful To Download Everything For Tamagotchis!

    2. raichuu


      ive been very reluctant to update my ios, so its reassuring to hear so many good things coming from it TWT

  13. Hello! So today my 4U evolved into Memetchi, she was a normal evolution of her for about 30 seconds and then she dresssd up in Makeup and curls and a dress! I bought her a dress afterwards but I can’t get her wear it. If anyone knows what this means let me know!
  14. Yes, I have already tried this and it blocks me and just says that I’m not in the right location.
  15. Hello! So, I have a Meets and since I live in the UK, I cannot access the app ( I have tried it, does not work! ) and I was wondering if any meets expert could help me! Thanks!