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  1. Happy Birthday to me! :lol: Got a new iPad and a Red P2 this morning. Looking like it’s going to be a good day!

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    2. Knighttchi's Ballad

      Knighttchi's Ballad

      @KidRetro64 Happy Birthday! Hope your day's awesome and you're P2 has a long life :^) I use my iPad mini for taking log photos and it works amazingly well. It just so happens to be my birthday also :chohimetchi:. I hatched my Mothra and named her Twenty-Second while I hatched a virtual horse yesterday and named her Birthday.

    3. Penguin-keeper


      Happy Birthday, KidRetro64! And Happy Birthday, Knighttchi's Ballad! :D Have a great one, you guys!


    4. Eggiweg


      Happy Birthday!

  2. Pretty much every bootleg V-Pet to ever exist has the same shell mould, poorly designed and cheaply made. There's no originality or uniqueness, just a carbon copy of something it isn't.
  3. The commercial (in my opinion) looks really bad. The whole concept of the device isin’t explained here and they just did a really bad job at the Pix as a whole. I can imagine the camera will be pretty dire, the the price It’s going to be at least £80. Honestly, I might pick one up if they become cheaper.
  4. Have you ever dropped your Tamagotchi or exposed it to water? If you have it could have damaged some of the internals. My only other guess to the problem would maybe be the brand of batteries? If you can, try a different kind.
  5. My 1 and 2 storey houses used to do this all the time! What I used to do is take the batteries out and put them back in. Works for me, but if it doesn’t for you; try a different brand.
  6. I bought them 2 days ago from Sainsbury’s, so I would hope so! It’s been in a drawer for 6 months without use with all my other Bandai Tamagotchis. I’ve played with them on and off with no trouble.
  7. Hello, folks! In spite of easter, I decided a few days ago to run my Usatama in celebration. I went ahead today and removed the old batteries, and popped in the new. I’d done this numerous times before, so I didn’t think anything of it. As soon as I put the new ones in, the screen was black. All the pixels were filled in (which gave me hope, as that meant the batteries were making contact) apart from a few ‘scrambled’ ones in the top left corner. I took them out immediately, as I didn’t want to damage in device further and permanently damage the screen. When my Dad got back (the one who helps me with all of my Tama-issues) he tried himself, with more dead pixels in different patterns. He tried resetting, nothing. There were just random pixels on the screen (image attached for reference to what they roughly looked like at the time) with no response from the reset or ABC buttons. We tried again, this time the clock displaying and the device beeping. As I finally thought it worked, the ‘12’ which was supposed to be on the left side of the screen was.. missing? I tried to click ABC over and over, but it appeared to be frozen. Took them out again, and put them back in. Not expecting much. There was more garbage on the screen and then.. clicking? It sounded like something was going horribly wrong in the battery compartment. It went on clicking until I demanded my Dad to take out the batteries before it completely short-circuited itself. Since then, it’s been displaying dead pixels on and off, but most of the time nothing at all. The buttons are unresponsive, along with the speaker and reset. I also want to mention a few things before I get suggested them, as I have already tried most of the Google results provided! The brand of batteries is Duracel, which is the same brand I used for the batteries previously, along with all of my other virtual pets. I’ve never had any issues with their batteries until now. While all of this was happening, the battery cover was off, meaning nothing was causing pressure on the batteries or LCD. I’ve ran this Tamagotchi without any hassle before, this is the first time it has happened. The batteries and compartment are completely clean and intact. I’d appreciate it greatly if anyone had any advice or ideas on how to resolve this issue, it would mean a lot to me and my Tama! Here is what we are getting on the screen right now (With batteries in). When we take them out, simply nothing is displayed. It was showing completely black before, but it looks similar to this; You can clearly see faint and darker lines scattered across the screen, but before it was similar to garbage sprites and pixels. Hopefully this gives people a better idea of what i’m dealing with!
  8. It really looks like it! The illustrations are rather.. bizarre. I suppose you can understand up to the Milk Carton and Apple.. but they just get stranger from there. Whoever decided on those needs to be fired
  9. Name: ‘Hey Kitty’ Virtual Pet Type: Fake Notes: It has an identical shell to the Bandai Hello Kitty Tamagotchi; as well as saying ‘Hey Kitty’ on the bottom of the shell. It runs the Bunny ROM and the internals are identical to the 150-In 1 Tamagotchis.
  10. Hi everyone! Haven’t used this forum in a while.. but I do have something pretty great to share. It’s another generic VPet with the Bunny ROM, but it has a really similar shell to the Hello Kitty Tamagotchi? I’ll let you see for yourself.. it’s pretty accurate. The thing that surprised me the most is that when I first saw this it was a good week after the Hello Kitty TGMC hit shelves. And it seems to have good reviews on Amazon, so it’s pretty strange. ‘Hey Kitty’ VPet
  11. Hey all! So I recently bought another Tamagotchi Meets (the fairy JP ver. to be exact) and I want to try and connect it to the App and play with my other Meets on the App, too. The problem is that I live in the UK and I have an iPhone, so downloading the iOS App is quite tricky. I’m looking to get the JP App, but I’m not sure how. A few years ago when I first got my Meets I managed to get the Meets App by changing my Apple ID location to Japan, but trying to do that now fails as Apple has patched the trick, which is a shame. I should also point out that I own an iPhone 6S that I’m not using (I currently have an iPhone Eight) so I could factory reset it and create a new Japanese Apple ID. Should I do this? Or is there a way to do this on my current iPhone? Thanks, Silvie
  12. I love the idea of this, and I think it's really great to see Bandai taking this big of a step for their new Tamas. Unlike the ON as such, I think these Tamagotchis will be geared towards a slightly older generation of kids, I wanna say 9-13. The ON was made for younger kids and I think the whole 'taking pictures' thing wouldn't match up with the demographic. Just me? Also, I'm really thrilled about this being a European release. I can't wait to get my hands on one of these! I think the thing that could matter the most is the camera quality. I doubt it would be amazing considering it geared towards kids, they aren't going to make it have the quality of an £1000 DSLR. I hope they do their best though. Also the faceplates, I really hope these are just prototypes. That includes the packaging. It's such a downgrade from the ON and Meets, this reminds me a lot of these VPets. Looks like something similar.
  13. Hi! Lucky for you, I own 8 Pixel Chix. I think I can help you on this one! Pixel Chix run out of batteries, and quick. Their refresh rate is extremely high so it eats them up within days. This is pretty inconvenient for people like me as it costs them quite a bit to keep on buying and replacing them every few days or so. Last year in March, I bought a bundle of 5 Pixel Chix on the Facebook Market. When we first got them, we had a lot of glitches like you, too. One of the smaller houses as soon as we put batteries in them said that it was low on batteries, so be just assumed there was something wrong with the batteries and took them out. The other smaller house proceeded to show 2 black vertical lines across the screen. After this, I was playing with them for a day or two, and suddenly they just shut down. I couldn't use the buttons, or anything. But, for some reason the light was on in the little window. I was really confused as around 2 hours later this happened to my other one. Resetting didn't work, so we took the batteries out and put them back in, which did the trick. The reason we think this happened? Well, we are suspecting that the units were left in a cold or damp place and left them corrupted. That is what my Dad thinks, anyways. What also sometimes works is to try and take the device apart and put it together again. I can't guarantee these methods will bring you success, but if these don't work then I would actually try and use a different brand of battery. It will still have to be AAA, but you can find another brand and that may fix it.
  14. The covers and shell will work, go ahead! In case your thinking of using the memory board and insides, they will have the same ROM as a fake so you probably don't want to do that!
  15. If I'm correct, this isn't actually true. Mr Blinky's jewlelry sender machine (not really sure what the official names of it is ) but it is something along those lines! The generator can actually be used to fill in items that the shop doesn't sell, too. Although it would be better to have another friends as it's way easier!