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  1. KidRetro64

    Good Replacment for Sound Wires?

    Oh Yay! I have to say, My grandad opened my Pixel Chix Up with a screwdriver (Meanwhile, I was on the sofa as a nervous wreck, it was hell) and it came apart, BUT the whole thing was held on from the roof. I would only recommend using this on Bandai Vpets, but if you find how to on another type, go ahead!
  2. KidRetro64

    Tamagotchi Meets Scenes?!

    My one is doing the whole painting thing right now! Although It has an attention icon in the corner.. Ann i just suppose to leave it? Did it happen to you, as well?
  3. KidRetro64

    Need Help W/ Meets App

    Same for me! I use my iPhone 6s and most of the time it works, apart from the app it ruins my battery life!
  4. KidRetro64

    Need Help W/ Meets App

    I use and iPhone 6s, and it works fine. Maybe google it? My meets is a Toddler and connects without any problems, most of the time! If you can, try and translate the Japanese. That’s what I did, it makes everything a whole lot easier! What type of phone are you using? It might be that or... Maybe your meets has a bug/glitch? I don’t really know, but I would suggest looking at this forum, it’s really helpful! just. Search up tamagotchi meets in the. Search bar and click on the search button!
  5. My Meets arrived! I was SUPER happy this morning, it’s a Magical purple version! I am going to start the group hatch tomorrow, but the app works fine! Would reccomend!

  6. KidRetro64

    Where to buy tamagotchi 5.5 celeb

    Maybe JYW? They are usually ok for this... except the 5.5 is one of5he most expensive out of all of them!
  7. KidRetro64

    Good Replacment for Sound Wires?

    If you do read this, there is a good video on Digimon speakers. Smouldering iron, wire, I suggest watching it. I am going to try. It with my Angelgotchi, the sound on that is pretty rough.
  8. 9 Days Everyone! Who’s Exited? What do you want?🎄

    1. Verklighet


      tamagotchi and men's crew-neck sweaters 

    2. Jade27


      What? I can't believe it, only 9 days. I don't have anything that I really want. I'm just happy with what I already have. 

    3. Jhud


      We don't really open gifts on Christmas since we don't spend those with a big family, but I got a bunch of stuff I wanted with my insurance money (a Smart Doll, Tamagotchi Meets, etc) that I'll  be happy with just a sock!

  9. Wow.. TamaTalk looks amazing! Can’t even begin to explain how cool it is!

    1. Jade27


      I know right? I like it a lot too.

  10. KidRetro64

    Christmas Hatch 2018!

    O think most people will be using t here meets, so my Pixel Chi x would be good! Or maybe.. I will think about it!
  11. KidRetro64

    An unexpected surprise

    Cute log! Wish you luck for your new Tama!
  12. KidRetro64

    Faded paint?

    Faded Paint? Oh like ALL of my Tamas have that! It will work fine, it’s totally normal! I swear, you can repair it or if it looks ugly, just remove it! Your Tama will still work fine though!
  13. Well, from what I know the tamagotchis only like Sertain foods; for example my 4U does not like Cookies (Who doesn’t?)
  14. KidRetro64

    Meets Reset?

    You know what? It’s probably just a glitch. You didn’t mess about with the batteries, did you? That might be it. But these are VERY NEW and there will probably be a cure, somewhere!
  15. Oh yay! All hail Mattel for keeping the Pixel Chix instructions online!