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  1. Oh. Well, I left it untouched with batteries in it for around 1 week. And when the screen is turned off, I could really faintly see it. It was kind of annoying, but with the LCD screen on it works fine! Anyways, I’m not sure if it is actually permanent, maybe sticking in a new set of batteries might fix it. Luckily, it’s hardly noticble anymore.
  2. Wait- you actually own one? Nice ! :0 Anyways- Like most english Tamagotchis, I would guess pressing A and B buttons at the same time. If that doesn’t work, then go onto settings ( on the device ) and manually pause time. Basically putting to edit the time, but end up just leaving it. But I learned this the hard way- leave it for too long and on my 4U a clock sign permanently got imprinted on the screen ( very faintly- Thank goodness)! If you have any more questions feel free to ask 😊❤️
  3. So, the files can’t open/work as they were intended? Thank You, by the way
  4. Hi- Just wondering what do you mean by unrecoverable and corrupted?
  5. Thank You for the links- I think they might work on my 4S. When I tried mindlessly on my 6S ( The current version of iPhone I have at this moment in time ) It says to download the iTunes Store. ( I haven’t already got it because it isint necessary for my phone and how I use it ) So, I do; and of course it’s outdated! What did I expect. It simply says “ Cannot connect to iTunes Store “. This is where I have concerns- my iPhone 4 has all of the current new releases and articles on the App Store. It’s just that I can’t get the majority of them because they are iOS 9 ( roughly ) and up. And iTunes? I’m not completely sure. I never used it in the period of time that I used that phone, but I suspect it will be similar. For more information on iOS 7 if it’s necessary- ( I’m not sure if it will help. But it does include some similarities between my situation. )
  6. Yes! In fact, I do have an iPhone 4s that is on iOS 7.3.2. Do you have any ideas where I could find the link? Does any website have a specific meaning to find games with the same type of files? If they are hard to find, I doubt anyone would or could get a hold of them on this site. Unless, you know of any
  7. Side Note~ Recently, I’ve found a screenshot of a game that claims to have been released for the iPod 3rd and 4th generations. I am good when it comes to iPhones, but I know little about the iPods. Luckily, my sister has an older one and so does my grandad. Now, I doubt they would be able to be downloaded ( I don’t really know, but its a guess ) but if anyone has any information I’d love to get a hold of it. Now, in to the real point! Here is the only piece of evidence I could find on the whole internet. Seriosly! This is it along with a single article here~ It says 2008. That’s when it was most likely released. And there’s a pretty neat picture, too. If anyone knows anything else- please let me know!
  8. Fakes? No, you don’t. Depending on the type, you’ll get bored in a click of a finger. The “ Bunny ROM “ ( That I learned from Penguin Keeper- Thank You ) is just a waste of time. No evolution, Same games and routine all the time. There’s no adventure- they don’t even die or run away. Theres no challenge in this- for example a child could buy one and go to school and not worry about there virtual pet at home because nothing will happen. Personally, that’s one of the main key points I liked about leaving my Tamagotchi alone at home while I was at school. It gave me something to look forward to and anticipate, I truly found it fascinating. Now, I’m not saying there horrible ( although, it’s not exactly an uncommon opinion at first sight ) but it’s really not worth paying say for example £5. Personally, that’s my opinion.
  9. Thank you so much for the reference! It’s very much appreciated This thread is excellent! You include loads of off-branded virtual pets, some that even I didn’t know about! Well Done- This is a really good topic! 👍
  10. I don’t have a compatable phone and I can’t do anything with my 4U. Like Jhud says, I don’t recommend them if you don’t have any touch cards or extra Accsessories. Also, they are a little outdated considering the Tamagotchi fandom has just had a wave of new Color Tamagotchis, I’d invest in one of them personally.
  11. Recently, I’ve decided that I want to invest in Tamagotchis more. And, whenever me and my Dad go into town, we almost always go into Charity shops. Now, I always go to the Toy bit, just to see if anything intresting is lurking around in there. Then, one day I asked my dad, “Do you think they would sell vintage Tamagotchis in Charity shops?” He says no, because now a days we can’t even find the right types on eBay! So, That got me thinking. Is there a chance of me finding any type of Tamagotchi or Virtual pet? If not, can I look anywhere else?
  12. I'm wondering- how much out of 10 do you think the files for connecting all the types of Tamagotchis ( That are linkable to tamatown ) are recoverable and/or able to get a hold of? I really hope eventually everything that could ever possibly be gotten a hold of can be found and put to use, but I doubt it. I really love all the appreciation that has been put into this; its really nice to see the whole project come together. On the post that I made about messing around with the original, I'll try and have a look at those files you sent me. I'm really interested in the whole " Recovering files" thing; because actually deciphering all the codes and things are oddly satisfying- is that just me? For the next while, I'm going to try and play around with them; if I think I know what I'm doing
  13. I have a question- how do I link my V3 to the site? I'd love to unlock everything and experience it, by the way when I went on your website I was smiling so much- your making so many peoples dreams come true! Don't give up- I believe in you and keep up the amazing work!
  14. I'm currently procrastinating over the "Project Tamatown" situation I put myself in. For the last 3 hours I've been messing around with what use to be tamatown, but I've basically gone nowhere. You've got pngs, source codes and a pretty neat wallpaper ( That I'll put in the comments if I can ) and some other little bits and bobs. But that's it. All the files that I know how to get are unless. But that's my point. First, I tried all the links like " Revived Tamatown" or " New Tamatown" and others like that. And none of them work for me! ( By that I mean my computer says " Safari can't open this page because the server is not responding".) So, I'm wondering if anyone has a stable link for some reminiscence of Tamatown ( Preferably some games or V3 related files ) that me and other Tamagotchi-fans can use and enjoy. I was too late to the Tamagotchi fandom to be able to enjoy tamatown, so I'd absolutely love to experience the website.
  15. Sorry 😕 I didn’t mean reset the actual Tamagotchi, I meant the shops stock will reset. Sorry if that confused you!