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  1. So.. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten a Bandai VPet so you know what that means! The trouble with asking my Dad is that he gets bothered very easily when I ask him about new VPets, so I’m not sure he will be very happy if I come up to him asking about one. (I’m only a kid, so I don’t have a bank acc or anything :P) I also think I want a P1, because they’re a lot of good priced ones on EBay rn. So I don’t know how to ask him at all! Sese xxx
  2. Just saying, but that’s not authentic and on the back they splatter Bandai all over it?? Cheap knockoffs these days
  3. Resetting it also regularly using a great idea, for multiple reasons. If your batteries are cheap or you get me, then I would switch to a different brand.
  4. Oh, it’s most likely a glitch. My friend has experienced Difficulties with Time on her TF, and it really is not avoidable. But, if it spreads (As I call it, more glitches start to pop up) your best bet is the Debug. That’s if this version has the debug!
  5. What’s on the Back? Any dates or Sereal Codes? If we search them.. then we might get a straight answer.
  6. Hi, well I would like to get my Friend online again, called UraTamaMatty! They can not use the site because whenever they try to post something, they have to put a picture al Me with it and even that does not let them post. I want them to come back!
  7. It Does? I’m so sorry 😕 I thought it was correct, but you can find that game on my new amin post of the archive!
  8. I did it! After 2 hours of hacking, I got the Pixel Chix website!

    1. Admin


      Nice work!

  9. omg im shook look at all of these!
  11. EVERYONE! I JUST FOUND THE ORIGINAL PIXEL CHIX FASHION SHOW GAME! I'm still working on downloading more bits of the website, to make 1 whole pixel chix muesium eventually. here's the link!! Hope you enjoy! ( I will be trying to find monster baby and any other games, let me know!)
  12. So, I turned on my Pixel Chix and bam.,_Scotland The Screen is black and the upstairs light if on. Help Please!
  13. Hey Everyone! I got more Pixel Chix to ask everyone about! But yeah, they are working but I just wanna know 2 things that happened with the small houses of mine. 1. One of my houses, as soon as my dad put batteries in them it said battery low? And one half of the screen is brighter than the other half. 2. My OTHER one (yes I have more) glitched out as soon as we got it. The clock came on, and then a completely black screen apart from one row of pixels and a few showing pixels (from what was the clock image) were there. They both work fine now, (I’m looking at you blue house) and I love them, except I really wanna know if it could mean something. My Dad says that maybe it’s because the batteries have not been in them for a long time, I don’t know if that’s true or not.
  14. People! If You Want to Find REALLY Cheaply Priced Tamas Go To The Facebook Market Place! It’s so Good i’M getting 4 Pixel Chix From There!

  15. Is it sick? When your tamagotchis sick, you can’t really do anything apart from cure it!