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    Soul Eater Not!, FNAF, Tokyo, Anime, Drawing, Computers, Sqishies, Ebay!

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    1.Tamagotchi Friends (Pink Gem)
    2.AngelGotchi (Japanese Silver and Gold Wings)
    3.20th Anniversary Pink Swirls Seriese 2 Tamagotchi
    4.White Japanese Tamagotchi 4U
    5.20th Anniversary Seriese 2 White And Red
    6.V2 Connexxion Tamagotchi (Green Shell and Blue Buttons With Tamagotchi on top)
    7.LPS Virtual Pet Ginger Cat (Purple and Blue with accessories on sides)
    (Pink VIRTUAL PETs (4 Buttons With Keyring) NO LONGER OWNED BY ME)
    8.Yellow Fake Digi Pet (168 in 1) (X2)

    9.Pixel Chix 2 Storey House (Pink and Purple)
    10.Pixel Chix House (Blue and Yellow)
    11.Pixel Chix Babysitter House (Yellow)
    12. Pixel Chix 2 Storey House (Pink and Blue)
    13. Tamagotchi Meets Magical Version (Purple)
    14. Pixel Chix Roomies (No Figures)
    15.Pixel Chix Blue and Orange Car
    16.Pixel Chix Purple 1 Storey
    17. Pixel Chix Turqoise Loft Apartment

    1.My Tamagotchi Forever app
    2.Tamagotchi Corner Shop (DS)
    3.Tamagotchi Friends Dream School Figures (Mametchi, Coffretchi,Harptchi,Furfurtchi,Patchiest)
    4.Tamagotchi Meets Packaging
    5.Tamagotchi Angel Packaging
    6.Tamagotchi 20th Anniversary Packaging (X2)
    7.Tamagotchi 4U Packaging
    8.Tamagotchi Music Cafe Playset
    9.Tamagotchi Friends Poster (X2)
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    Meets Purple
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    4 Pixel Chix

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Hi There my little Gotchis! (Lol)

Its Silvie here, the kid who is OBSESSED to the brim with VPets! (Here is an Image)

Well, what I can tell you is that I once fell of a slide on to a concrete pavement, but thats irrelevant.

Well, it all started last year, my first tama was a VPet Fake, I threw that one away tho😢

But yeah, I have 18 tamas, and for the age of nearly 11, thats not bad!

Also, did you know that my username makes sense? KID-RETRO? Yeah Im a Retro Kid!

Anyways, go check out my YT Acc @ItsSilvieTime!(Shameless Self Advertisement)

Thats all from me!

Silvie xxx