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  1. Hey Everyone 👋 In 3 days, it’s going to be my Birthday! And I’m dying for a SIM Card. It’s quite a long story.. and I’m wondering if my parents behaviour does any good in this? Well, back in February I decided that I really wanted a SIM. I brought my phone and my £1, but my Parents made me put it back. They said that “When I’m a bit older I can have one” but I’m trying to argue back that everyone that I know with phones has a SIM, and it’s unfair. Fast forward 3 months, I’m still asking and wanting one. But my Sister and Auntie day it’s not a good idea, because my Data will run down really quick knowing me. But I do know how they work! I know how to turn it Of, and stuff like that. But the other night, my Dad asked me what else I wanted for my birthday. I said nothing (Because I had already gotten a V3 and a Hatsune Mike Figure From Him) so there was a higher change of me getting one. But then he replied “Are you just doing this so you can get a SIM card?” And I say yes (looking back, I’m not sure if that was the best thing? Idk 😕) and he replies with one of my main questions. “Well, we’ve already decided about the whole SIM Thing” and didn’t say anything else. I’m not quite sure what he might be hinting! But the good thing is that it’s not been a definite NO yet, it’s just a Not right now. So what does all of this mean? I really want one, but they were acting the same way when I got my Hamster saying “It’s a lot of responsibility” and “It’s not a toy” etc, etc. But then they ended up buying one! And We still have her today! I’m fact, my parents love my Hamster! So, what does this all mean? Help is appreciated 💕
  2. Yay! Just got a V3 Connection with Silver bows! Hopefully arriving soon; from JYW So it’s probably going to come in 2 or so days!

    1. InCyberspace


      Silver bows? Sounds nice. You should share a pic. :)

    2. KidRetro64
  3. Thank you! I absolutely have no clue how I managed it the first time, that’s wierd!
  4. Which button do you exactly mean? I’m not totally clear, so here are some pictures!
  5. Then that’s kind of wrong.. What’s the difference between US Parents and UK? They both have to dicciplane and Nurture.. so really it’s up to Bandai. £60, they think that’s a lot here? Or the currency converter translates more; meaning people won’t buy? You do have a very good point, though. If Bandai definitely can Shop there products to the UK ( In saying that about the 20th Anniversary ), so what’s stopping here?
  6. I just checked.. Bandai has no plans to bring Tamagotchi On the Europe or the UK.. somebody just asked on there Instagram Page! That’s Annoying
  7. Oh my gosh, you’ve probably got so much mail! How many Tamagotchis do you own?! Probably Thosands!!
  8. You’ve most likely neglected your Tamagotchi.. Oops! It’s been left on it’s own for too long and decided to leave Better luck next time!
  9. Quick Question; Will places like Smyths & Local supermarkets supply them? I live in a small town and Smyths is the only place near me that sells toys. Fortunately, it’s a really big shop
  10. Hi I was going to run my Meets, but I’ve defined ran into a problem. It’s never happened before, and ever since February the reset button won’t do anything to open the battery compartment! It’s not the same for my 4U, which is surprisingly wierd. My 4U Pops open every time, and is very easy to get on and off. But this time, The Meets won’t open! I’m really sad; it’s my most expensive Tamagotchi and I want to play with it more than once.
  11. Oh Man! I really wish I bought those. I’ve always wanted an IDL And; Since my Birthday was so Soon I had to pick ASAP, so I just got the 1st English Tamagotchi I could find. From JYW, I’m actually starting to realise that there not the cheapest place ever! I’m definitely going to buy from that place, sometime.
  12. That’s an amazing price for 6 Tamagotchis, considering I just got a V3 For £33.40. What website do you use? I Might check it out
  13. That’s..Wierd. I’ve never seen this happen, but I have seen this on other Tamagotchi Versions. Has anything else ever happened to your Tamagotchi(s)? Have they been sitting out in the sun, or have you dropped them. That could be the he case, but for once I’m edging away from the idea it’s a glitch
  14. 😨 Well, Thats new, I’ve actually never seen that before! Quick side question; What bump method would you select on the TF If you were going to connect? The TF All-in all does not mention that at all.
  15. I’m a HUGE Kawaii International Fan & I recently found a Facebook a post from 2014, where they did a Blog about the Tokyo Shop, and I’d really like to find the original episode; if there is one. If anyone can Share a link or Video that would be very much appreciated
  16. Thanks- I’m going to do some more Reasearch, then I’ll see!
  17. Thanks for Quoting that, it’s Really Helpful I’ll Make sure to do some reasearch in my own time, and I’m currently watching a few videos & reading some articles.
  18. I don’t recall any “Special”, but you can trade through bumping and just normally bumping with your friend(s). Also, Jhud; There’s not any Stations fro the Friends, it’s only really for Color Japanese Tamagotchis. So, Just Try bumping, if you can and you will be able to build up your collection of Jewellery! Once you’ve done that, it will unlock the exclusive game.
  19. Most Likley, similar anyways. You’ll be able to Navigate around the site pretty easliy.
  20. Hello Everyone I’ve recently seen some things about a ROM Test, and I’d quite like to have a go. Except, I’m pretty sure I have a V1 or 2. I’m looking into getting another Connection Model (That I don’t quite know the Type yet) and I’d quite like to Connect them. Is it Risky? Your obviously going to be messing around with the Tamagotchi. So, if I have a used one, or basically any one, it will still work? I’m kind of hesitant about performing it before I do some research, because I got it for £50. Codes/Numbers? I’ve seen some People on here talk about the Numbers, supposed to tell you what Version you have, so what numbers apply to the V1/2? (I Can’t Upload Pictures, But if I find a Picture I’ll link it)
  21. Your not Being very clear in what Version your Taking about, a Connection? Can you post a picture of your Tamagotchi and I’ll see what I can do
  22. Found it You can also find some Information in here, too! Hope you found what you were looking for xx
  23. I’ve had similar things happen with the Tamagotchi Corner Shop 2 on the Nintendo DSI. But, your right; it’s just a glitch. My Corner Shop Game Once gave me a totally new Character (Saved File) as another Mametchi? But then it went away.
  24. There Great Tamagotchis! If you Don’t Own any Colors yet, I Think it’s a Pretty good place to start! Now, this goes for any Tamagotchis, but of Course it’s going to have bugs, lots for a fact. It’s not a Bad Tamagotchi Though, But if you come across one Just Reset! That should do it.
  25. Well, that’s an Easy Fix. Your Probably using Cheap/Zinc Batteries, and your not necessarily suppose to use them. Try Higher Quality/Alkaline, Because the whole Battery Structure and Matereal is way better. That should be the fix, if not I’m pretty sure you’r Tamagotchi has probably been exposed to some light, and that has probably damaged the battery life.