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    Bootleg 168 in 1 Virtual Pet

    Wait can you put a picture here?
  2. furrme27

    Bootleg 168 in 1 Virtual Pet

    I read your review but i decided to put all the things that nobody explained here.Thanks for the code!
  3. I'm just gonna skip the intro to this since you all get the point.Well after playing for a while I found out some things about this toy so i'll explain it here! The Shop:Basically the shop is the place that you buy stuff and after exchange it for the yin-yang thing to change your pet.I remember one of the items being 700 gold(The bow?)and one being 300(The bear thing). Battle Minigame:The battle minigame is right above the yin-yang thing.You unlock this at some point in the v-pet thing(Idk how I unlocked it yet).Basically its two babygochis(?) on a see-saw and the one whose side does not break wins.Its very simple and fast and its unknown if its a luck minigame or you use the buttons. Yin-Yang thing:This is basically just some dumb thing that uses the toy you bought from the shop to turn it into another pet/Human. Treasure Chest This is just the place your toy is kept until you use it for the yin-yang thing.It only holds 1 toy at a time. Code Entry(Key):Thanks to koolaidman he has revealed one code! Im not gonna take credit so ill link to his post.http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/topic/194909-my-sick-4-button-pet/ That's It! If there's anything that needs to be covered just comment below and ill make sure to see it
  4. Just asking in boredom.
  5. Well hearing from this site and many others I have noticed that people are saying that there is MANY and I mean MANY problems with these bootlegs (Sudden resets after impact,suddenly breaks,batteries die quick and many other problems) Well this topic should cover the problems and how to fix them.(As soon as mine comes in the mail i'll be able to add more) First thing you should do is change the batteries as soon as you get it because since this thing is cheap (Not garbage) the batteries might also be cheap also and make sure to put it in right.Another thing is that if you don't want to accidently reset then you could possibly put tape (Not electric) or any NON-CONDUCTIVE MATERIAL to prevent accidently pushing that button.To (Possibly) fix the sudden resets you should put a chunk of eraser to prevent the battery from moving around (Got the idea off a teardown).When the device breaks or is already broken (If you want to) try taking it apart and see what might of got broken or (If they have a return policy) you could return it and get a new one. well that's all i have sadly until I get my own but until then see ya
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    I come and check it out here every day also.
  7. furrme27

    Fake Tamagotchi heaven...not really

    Well i plan to get a bootleg and maybe mod it to make it better (Like the reset problem and other things).