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  1. I love the shell for the sweets, I just wish I liked the characters as much.
  2. The new Tama Talk Logo is cute! :mimitchi:

  3. Item changes for character likes: (Magic?) Mirror -> Fortune Magic Hat -> Magic Set Magic Carpet -> Fly Carpet Toy Train -> Train Set Vegetable Seeds -> Plant Tools Hoe -> Garden Kit Location name changes: Magical Land -> Magic Land Fairytale Land -> Fairy Land Starry Sky Lab -> Star Lab The third options in Magic & Fairy Land changed: Magic Ride -> Festival Fairy Ride -> Fair These are all the name changes I could think of looking for.
  4. A little sad that Gourmet Street was changed to Food Town rather than say Gourmet St or Flavor Town. Tama Sports Resort -> Gym Sharing these two room backgrounds name changes, since they're needed for unlocking lands. Dreamy Living -> Carousel Magical Living -> Magical Room Starry Sky -> Star Room
  5. Anyone know of any Tama Discord Servers? All the ones I was in before just shut down. :(

    1. Jhud


      There is one main one, I think the joining link is in the Tamagotchi Ancestors or Tamagotchi Traders facebook groups.

    2. assbread


      Ah, I don't see either of them have a discord. :(

    3. hwd45
  6. Thank you! I guess I'll have to test it out at some point some other day.
  7. Oh ok, I never had any of the P1/P2 growing up, so your explanation helped a lot. Thank you! Wait, does anyone know like how many snacks can cause early death or can lead to bad care?
  8. When I was 5, I remember wanting a Tamagotchi but being too young and poor to even know toy stores and aisles even existed. So the day McDonalds gave me a Tamagotchi Keychain to go with my happy meal was one of the happiest I'd been. I was made happier in middle school when I finally saw the Tamagotchi's again and bothered my mom for a v2. But yeah, I'll see pictures of the Tamatchi Keychain online and feel happy to fulfill 5 year old me's tiny lil wish of getting a Tamagotchi. ❤️
  9. I shoved all the ones I have on hand onto the display to share, but I usually put my favorites on display. Usually on display: Gudetama, Eevee, Sanrio m!x, Angel, 4U, & V6. The rest go into Crayon boxes to keep them safe. In Picture: Mini Eevee x Tamagotchi 2 P2's P1 4U V6 Sanrio M!X 2 Gudetama Tamagotchi 2 Tamagotchi Angel (EN & JP) Not in picture/ In Storage for the time being: P2 V2 4 V3's v4 v4.5 v5 2 v6's You have no idea how eager I am to run one of my v3's when I get them out from storage.
  10. I'm not really having any luck searching & maybe I'm just bad at finding the answers, but what constitutes Good Care and Bad Care? I've looked through and there's a part that says "International version. Average care, no care mistakes." to get Zuccitchi (I don't want him, I'm just using him as an example) are care mistakes separate from Average Care? I also briefly read that Snacks can lead to care mistakes. How would you go about getting Perfect Care?
  11. The Sanrio website is now selling Gudetama Tamagotchi. I'm a little surprised it took so long and that the cases are going to remain Gamestop Exclusives.

  12. I'm surprised they're not marketing the Tamas mix feature as much as they could be, but the fact that they're in color. Kinda glazing over the whole thing there Bandai. lol
  13. I can't wait for a Meets Station or something similar! ❤️