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  1. Waiting for a 4U in the mail any day now & made an impulse buy to get the Tamagotchi Eevee's!
  2. That's so cute! It's like they're snuggled up in their little beds ❤️
  3. I display whatever I'm running or want to run on a jewelry stand.
  4. Normally I dislike new changes on any website and it takes me a while to get used to it, but I'm absolutely loving this new layout! ♥️

  5. This site got sexier. Nice job, you guys!
  6. Here it is, officially announced by Tamagotchi US on twitter that Tama's will be back this Fall. It's also up on the Bandai website with sexier pictures:
  7. Omg all those stitches are just eye candy to me. <3 stitch. ; v ;
  8. Finally back from my trip in Mexico. I already miss my vacation.

  9. So glad I made this post, I love hearing you guys talk about your passions/interests. These are all making my day.
  10. Tbh, as a kid. Tama's just gave me a thing to do because I didn't have friends. I loved them, of course, but it did keep me busy so I wasn't so alone. After being bullied through high school, it's helped me with my depression. I don't always run them, but the new releases are what give me life and I always look forward to the newest Tama or re-releases. They've helped me keep my depression a little in check so it doesn't get too bad for me and remind me there's still more in the future to come and to look forward to.
  11. Personally, waiting for what characters will be in each before I pick sides. I might just buy both though.
  12. I'll be going to Cancun, Mx for a week in a week! Not really that excited tbh; friends wanted to go. Seeing the ruins/pyramids would be cool though, I'm mostly hoping to see the turtle releases.

  13. In between places, so here's some outdated picture of my collections: Amiibo's, Games, Tsum Tsum plushes + vinyls, and Disney Infinity FIgures. I wish I could collect pokedoll's, but some of the older ones I want are pretty pricey. If Funko put out more Rock Candy vinyls, I'd probably collect, but there's not that many characters.
  14. We all love Tamagotchi's. Why else would we be here? But, we also love lots of things! Show off your proud growing collections below or just write up what it is you collect or wish you could collect!
  15. I've been reading that it should be able to connect with m!x's still. Doesn't sound impossible, same game mechanics just more content. The meet also still has the infra-red, even though they're updating to bluetooth, so I'd say that's a good indication. I just really can't wait for an english patch.
  16. Nothing concrete from Bandai, but apparently it's also in the system for Target. Just lots of rumors, but they're sounding true enough with a P1/P2 coming out through SDCC. Everything's probably hush hush for now. I'll definitely spam up this thread, if Bandai confirms it on their news page.
  17. OVERCOOKED 2! Finally, time to play with my platypus

  18. Rank: 292 Between: Loxxy & Safho I've only made 30 comments
  19. For any of you who missed the image of P1/P2's coming soon: Row 1: Original Purple (P1), Original Transparent Blue (P1), Original Pink/White (P2), Original Blue/Silver (P2) Row 2: Mermaid (P1), Tiger (P1), Light Green Glitter (P2), Leopard (P2) Row 3: Original Pink/Yellow (P1), Original White/Black (P1), Original Blue/Silver (P2), Original Yellow Blue (P2) Row 4: Red Glitter (P1), Mermaid (P1), Galaxy (P2), Japanese Logo (P2) Source: The following Tamagotchi's are available for Pre-Order at ToyPanic. (Images come from
  20. Here's the link y'all seem to be missing: