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  1. tfw ur procrastinating on ur schoolwork and ads for ur online school are showing,,, like yeah ok thanks i feel guilty now

  2. I mean some lady on letgo was selling a dream town friends near me new in package for $5 BUT SHE DIDNT SHIP OR DELIVER and I can't drive rip

    1. assbread


      I'd jump on a bus ╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑ "

    2. Ichitchi
  3. Omg yall I snagged a dream town friends for 12 bucks yay

  4. SO I sacrificed my mixes and music stars to run my connection v3s that came in the mail the other day... And I have to tell ya, it wasn't easy. I open my backpack (Which has like 11 tamas in it) Only to find this inevitable fate. Also I have no idea where the tama on the spacy mix came from, that was not my child somehow the buttons were pressed to reset it after the previous one died, and now this one is gonna die too so, rip these tamas and rip their batteries too which were only used for a good week cr2032s aren't very cheap man
  5. Wow, there's so many different evolutions!!! Thanksies!!!
  6. UPSET AF. Someone on the fb marketplace is selling 1 V4.5, 3 v5s, and a music star all for 21 dollars, and they DONT SHIP. :(

  7. i found people selling dream town friends on an app for cheap... gonna snag one tomorrow because my normal friends is boring

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Loriloid


      It was letgo :)

    3. TolueneZene
    4. Tamago_luckycat02


      (< *-*<) I need to get on this ( the thing is my blob running )

  8. my v3s are already teens... they grow up so fast :')

  9. so i kinda sacrificed my mixes and music stars to run my v3s lmao rip,, I can't take care of 6+ at once!!! I want to focus on the v3s. It feels so evil, silencing the others so I can't hear their screams...

    1. CringeQueen


      Wonder how many will have died when you finish running your v3 o3o

    2. Hapihapitchi


      They're definitely gonna hate you for it ;) naw it's fine, I can barely manage more than 3 tamagotchis at once, I wouldn't dare run my whole collection, yipes.

    3. Tamago_luckycat02



  10. Who owns a v3? Do you have any tips? Let me know!!! I got 2 in the mail today!!!
  11. My 2 V3s came in!!! Running them now :)

  12. I mean like yeah there's some videos on fake tamas, but I'd have a whole video dedicated to showing like all the different kinds of fakes (including the somewhat kinda cool qpet tamagotchi plus color clone) YA KNOW? Plus they're cheap so it would be fun to collect fakes too

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    2. Penguin-keeper


      I think that it'd be useful to write about them on TamaTalk, too. I wrote a review of the common 168-in-1 virtual pet (on its own merits as a generic virtual pet, rather than looking at a counterfeit "Tamagotchi Connection", admittedly) in the hope that people searching for information on such virtual pets might find their way here. More detailed write-ups of more counterfeits would hopefully benefit people a lot; Since not everyone realises that these things are fake to begin wit...

    3. Penguin-keeper


      Oh no, the rest of my comment got cut off! Sorry! Anyway, since not everyone realises that these things are fake to begin with, content that's expressly described as being about fakes won't necessarily come up in their search-results, whereas detailed written overviews are more likely to.

    4. Tamago_luckycat02


      Warning people about them is MUST cause honestly I hate them after what happened to mine!

  13. A bunch of sites have it up for preorder, it's exciting! I might have to snag one when I get paid monday.