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    Art, drawing, gaming, killing my sims off. Tamas!!

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    Tamagotchi 4U(returned my friends
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    Tamagotchi mix (don’t own but seems interesting), tamagotchi friends
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    Tama 4U(soon)
  1. CringeQueen

    What made you happy today?

    Playing with my Tama and getting home from school! Also my multitude of pusheen plushies and pillows. What didn’t make me happy today was school. I love being the unliked nerdy girl.
  2. CringeQueen

    What Tamagotchi is worth it?

    4u if you have a device that works with the app. Patch it to English and download new items, it is extremely fun!(imo)
  3. CringeQueen

    Seriously Usps?

    UPDATE: It arrived in a center in the big city near me. Why its not at my local USPS?No one knows. Im just happy its in my state, haha
  4. CringeQueen

    Seriously Usps?

    Funny enough, my tama is from the us, as I bought it from a person I buy stuff frequently off eBay, so it’s been in shipping for only 2 days. I’m not too worried, I really just want it to come tomorrow, haha. Last time this happened, It ended up getting to my post office around 6 A.M and my mail passed by around 6, and it came! So, really think it’s because my post office closed, and they just haven’t scanned it. It’s been 15 hours, and the post office is around 10 hours from the center from where it left, so I think it just has not been scanned. They close at 4, and the trucks leave at 9.
  5. CringeQueen

    What Are You Playing Now?

    Playing “Bang Dream! Girls Band Party!” It’s a really fun rhythm game on mobile, if you start, recommend re rolling until you get at least 1 4*. It really makes a difference in events.
  6. CringeQueen

    Seriously Usps?

    So my tama 4U has been stuck in transit for 13+ hours. Supposed to be delivered tomorrow, and I have no hope thats happening. This is The first time this has happened, and I am extremely confused on where is my package. I paid for express for this reason. Not to mention my dad also has something stuck in transit as well. USPS dissapoints once again.
  7. CringeQueen

    A Letter to Bandai

    I really want a new version of a color Tama, but the mix is a great idea, and not to mention, another dream mix will sell well, the dream mix was the most popular version. Of course, I want a new version too, but Bandi never basically listens.
  8. CringeQueen

    Super excited!

    So I caved and returned my friends and got a 4u. Comes in like 4 days, super excited. Going to be a long 4 days tbh.
  9. So, I was scouring eBay, and found a tamagotchi 4u new in box for 40 bucks. The plan is to buy it and return my Tama friends, as I got bored of it after like 2 gens. ( you really need a second one to bump with) One of my friends has a Tama 4U and enjoys it, and personally, I like the idea of the app and the faceplates. So, I will most likely grab it on Saturday,
  10. CringeQueen

    I finally got a color Tamagotchi...

    I Really want a mix, congrats, I’m either getting a m!x or a id l.
  11. CringeQueen

    What is your opinion on tamagotchi friends?

    Yeah, I was wondering on a Id l. I wanted a P’s but with my situation, A ID L seems like a great option. I wanted the m!x more so because me and my friends Tamas could marry, but I will most likely go with a ID L.
  12. CringeQueen

    What is your opinion on tamagotchi friends?

    Ive been looking at a p, mostly because English patch and stuff like that. They arent cheap though lol. Eh, Ill see, but considering that my friend has a p and a mix and she prefers the mix, I might go for a dream mix. Im still undecided, I plan on getting a color Tama when I go on summer break. Ill see then, its not a priority right now.
  13. CringeQueen

    What is your opinion on tamagotchi friends?

    How is the Ps? I want to get a color version soon, so I have been eyeing the m!x, because its cheaprer compared to some of the others. What is the best color version in your opinion?
  14. CringeQueen

    What is your opinion on tamagotchi friends?

    I feel the reason why it gets so much hate is because people are used to color versions, that have way more features. Again, this is my first tamagotchi, and I adore it, so I am thinking about getting a mix
  15. CringeQueen

    Did Dream Town Shut Down?

    I managed to get the fortune teller to work for my new tamagotchi friends, but i can not make a account. If dream town shuts down, I will be disappointed. I used to play Tamla town with my friend who had a tamagotch. It was a great experience, so Ill be sad if it goes away.