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    Video Games: Overwatch, WOW, ESO, Fighting Games, and RPG's
    Anime/Manga: FMA, Yuri on Ice, Overlord, Berserk, Love Live, Sailor Moon, Girls und Panzer
    Music: Streetlight Manifesto, Dear Hunter, BTBAM, ska/punk
    I also like to read, write, and am working on starting a youtube channel to support my need to buy stupid things and stream video games

My Tamagotchis

  • My Collection
    I am only including my Tamagotchis but I have other digital pets too!
    -20th anniversary Mini x2 (pink flocked/purple spirals)
    -Mothra Tamagotchi (blue stripes)
    -Tamagotchi School (blue)
    -Connection V5.5 (PC pack with blue globe)
    -Connection v6 Music Star (Feel the Beat and Scarlet Melody)
    -P1 clear blue
    -Ketai Kaitsu Akai (Caramel Yellow and Ginko)
    -Keitei Kaitsuu s (lemon yellow and Hanerutchi red)
    -Mesutchi & Osutchi (Pink and Blue)
    -Chou Jinsei Enjoi Tamagotchi Plus (Entama) (All Pink)
    -Mori de Hakken Tamagotchi (brown)
    -Gudetama Tamagotchi
    -TamagoChu (Black and white Checkered)
    -Tamatown TamGo (green)
    -Tamagotchi Friends (purple jewelry)
    -Tamagotchi Friends Dream Town (Zig Zag Gem)
    -Angelgotchi (Pearl Blue)
    -P's (Purple and Dream Coffret set)
    -Melody Land Pierce, Tama Circus Pierce, Love and Melody Pierce, Dream Coffret Pierce
    -Tamagotchi ID (pink)
    -More iD! Tamagotchi Home Station Plus
    -Tamagotchi IDL (Princess Spacey)
    -Tamagotchi 4U (Purple/Gold and Pink/Gold)
    -Tamagotchi 4U+ (anniversary Purple)
    -Sanrio Mix (white)
    -Dream Mix (purple)
    -Spacey Mix (blue)
    -Anniversary Mix (pink)
  • Favorite Tamagotchi
    Sanrio Mix
  • Favorite Tamagotchi Character
    Gozarutchi, Morijikatchi, KuroMametchi
  • Tamagotchis currently running
    -trying to figure out the music stars and Ketei
  1. SkaIsNotDead

    New Dream M!X Leaked!

    I just got the shipment notification for the one I preordered! I love the color scheme and the music notes. I think it's a lot more appealing than the other colors.
  2. SkaIsNotDead

    what have you got in the mail today *continued* <3

    Whooo! A haul came in today and I have a story. I've been waiting for some of this to be delivered for a week. I was left slips to sign (some for the same thing) and wouldn't have anything a day or two later. I happened to run into the mail lady today and figured out what was going on. The poor thing is new and thought I still had to pay additional shipping. I obviously told her it was fine, but she said she was glad to run into me. Now she has a face to go with all of the packages that get delivered. I've figured out how to add pictured but it is too much trouble. IN THE MAIL TODAY: -Used Pink Anniversary Mix (ebay) -Used Pink P's (It's in a little worse shape than I was hoping for but it should work) (another Ebay Find) -Used Circus and Love and Melody Pierce (Japan You Want) -What I thought was a New blue Spacey Mix but it's obviously been opened/ No scratches or anything but I am going to have some words to Amazon about this. -In the package Mothra Tamagotchi. The packaging is a little faded but I'm going to open it eventually anyway!! (Japan You Want) -New Nana Moon Fairy pet (used in package) -Mix and 4U/4U+ books (Japan you want) -New Sumikko Atsume (Japan You want) This wasn't ordered at the same time and some of it I ordered in like February. It's weird it all came at once. Well, That's my story and that's today's haul!
  3. SkaIsNotDead

    what have you got in the mail today *continued* <3

    I have ordered quite a few virtual pets in general recently. There are two reasons for this. The first being I want to grow my collection and the second is my favorite thing to do when I'm stressed is impulse buy things. And adult life is very stressful. Also I'm tired and can't figure out how to add pictures. But I got a package from today! I bought a new Tamagotchi 4U Aukatsu! faceplate and touch card set (for when I eventually buy a 4U) and a PriPara Rosette Pact (the Jewlie version). I haven't decided if I am going to open it yet. I can't find a good English walkthrough and I know my Sanrio M!x will be here in a few days. But it's SUPER cute and I've been meaning to watch the anime. The fact that it has a virtual pet from the same franchise is pretty sweet. It comes with an item for the arcade machine too but they don't have them in the US. That's all for today! Maybe next time I'll take a minute to figure out how to add the pictures.
  4. SkaIsNotDead

    Do you remember your first tama?

    I had several virtual pets in the 90s but I didn't buy my first Tamagotchi until college. I played the Tamagotchi Connection DS game before I bought my first tama. I bought a 20th Anniversary mini recently and now I can't stop!
  5. SkaIsNotDead

    Sumikko Atsume

    I just ordered one and I can't wait to get it! I'm a little worried about the language barrier but I think I'll figure it out. Once I get it and test it out I'll update.
  6. SkaIsNotDead

    Fake Tamagotchis Are All over the Internet

    I also collect anime figures and there are SO. MANY. counterfeit figures on ebay. I'm a newer collector of virtual pets but my experience with anime figures had taught me how to spot fakes. -Anything too cheap. If the price is too good to be true it probably is -I am wary of anything coming from China or if it says "China version" -Many fakes come with the wrong number of buttons and say something like "49 in one pet" I actually bought some virtual pets I know are fake or counterfeit and plan on doing some reviews. I have one already but I also plan on making a YouTube video when they all get here. You can click here for the existing review. The blog is sparse for now but I just started it. I'm not trying to shamelessly plug myself, but I've been burned by a counterfeit Sailor Moon figure when I first started collecting. Other more experienced collectors helped me and I want to return the favor.
  7. SkaIsNotDead

    Gudetama Tamagotchis!

    I just bought one! It's just the Tamagotchi because at the time I didn't see any with the case. Since then I have found the one with the case and might still order it.