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    Video Games: Overwatch, WOW, ESO, Fighting Games, and RPG's
    Anime/Manga: FMA, Yuri on Ice, Overlord, Berserk, Love Live, Sailor Moon, Girls und Panzer
    Music: Streetlight Manifesto, Dear Hunter, BTBAM, ska/punk
    I also like to read, write, and am working on starting a youtube channel to support my need to buy stupid things and stream video games

My Tamagotchis

  • My Collection
    I am only including my Tamagotchis but I have other digital pets too!
    -20th anniversary Mini x2 (pink flocked/purple spirals)
    -Mothra Tamagotchi (blue stripes)
    -Tamagotchi School (blue)
    -Connection V5.5 (PC pack with blue globe)
    -Connection v6 Music Star (Feel the Beat and Scarlet Melody)
    -P1 clear blue
    -Ketai Kaitsu Akai (Caramel Yellow and Ginko)
    -Keitei Kaitsuu s (lemon yellow and Hanerutchi red)
    -Mesutchi & Osutchi (Pink and Blue)
    -Chou Jinsei Enjoi Tamagotchi Plus (Entama) (All Pink)
    -Mori de Hakken Tamagotchi (brown)
    -Gudetama Tamagotchi
    -TamagoChu (Black and white Checkered)
    -Tamatown TamGo (green)
    -Tamagotchi Friends (purple jewelry)
    -Tamagotchi Friends Dream Town (Zig Zag Gem)
    -Angelgotchi (Pearl Blue)
    -P's (Purple and Dream Coffret set)
    -Melody Land Pierce, Tama Circus Pierce, Love and Melody Pierce, Dream Coffret Pierce
    -Tamagotchi ID (pink)
    -More iD! Tamagotchi Home Station Plus
    -Tamagotchi IDL (Princess Spacey)
    -Tamagotchi 4U (Purple/Gold and Pink/Gold)
    -Tamagotchi 4U+ (anniversary Purple)
    -Sanrio Mix (white)
    -Dream Mix (purple)
    -Spacey Mix (blue)
    -Anniversary Mix (pink)
  • Favorite Tamagotchi
    Sanrio Mix
  • Favorite Tamagotchi Character
    Gozarutchi, Morijikatchi, KuroMametchi
  • Tamagotchis currently running
    -trying to figure out the music stars and Ketei

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  1. Why is there what looks like a penguin samurai in the corner of the room in all three of my mixes?

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    2. Penguin-keeper


      For more information, check out this article, and follow the appropriate links therein;


    3. SkaIsNotDead


      Gotcha! Thanks!

    4. Penguin-keeper


      You're welcome - I hope that the link was useful! :)