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  1. If Tamagotchi returns to America once again, this is how it should be done!
  2. Here's a different Tamagotchi for you to add: Hamjatchi! He's meant as a gift for a friend who's a much bigger fan! You can just replace Starryutchi with him.
  3. For Sa311 to read. Maybe the app version can still happen. Just hear me out here, Alejandro. Maybe only a few things can be changed or removed to make the app happen. Or maybe you can just copy the codes you used for it and make a separate game out of it. That's how Game Freak make two versions of their Pokémon games, so I'm sure you can do that, too. Either way. Connection: Maybe the connection feature can be server based instead of code based. Maybe the connection feature can have a list of players on the server. If you select a player for your Tamagotchi to play with, the connection icon on their end will blink. If they select it, it will show a picture of your current character and ask if they want to play, visit, or marry them. We could also add them to a list of favorites or ban them. Mini games: You could remove some games or other things that wouldn't work on touch devices. Maybe there can be like 3 job games for each stat and the Logic class should involve choosing from 3 answers And scrolling through pages: Maybe you can just add up and down arrows to scroll through the Status icon, Tama Dex, etc. for both versions Please, consider these ideas. I and probably some others really wanna play your simulator really bad on an app, and computers are expensive. Plus, maybe you can have someone test it through a demo just like the PC
  4. Here's an evolution for Motetchi! Starryutchi! He's meant as a gift for a friend like Risutchi was.
  5. Male, huh? I think I know just the Tamagotchi to fill it!
  6. Please add Risutchi. Sorry if I'm annoying you with this.
  7. Can you please add my Tamagotchi, Risutchi? She evolves from eating 5 acorns.