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  1. Edit. I actually only read the first page of the thread before replying because the forum lagged a lot. I see that many people addressed the "m!x problem", so I guess I repeated a lot here My first thought was "I just don't care, and I've never even thought about this before (even though it bothers me in many other franchises!)", but then I remembered two things. First, it was honestly kind of inconvenient and annoying when I played my m!x. I'd get 10 girls in a row even though I was just trying to get the genetics of one of the female tamagotchi into my family tree. These new generations were games where you got a lot of your fun out of breeding your tamagotchi to look a certain way, and this ended up being kind of frustrating because it just randomly limited your choice in partners. It didn't help that the female characters all shared a similar aesthetic, as did the male characters; what I'm saying is, if you wanted a sparkly glittery aesthetic in your family tree, you had to marry one of the female tamas. In a game like this, I think magic items to increase your chance of getting a boy next (or something) would be quite nice. Obviously, removing the "hetero restriction" would have also solved this problem. I feel like the gender was actually already a pretty unnecessary stat in the m!x... since your character always ended up with very androgynous designs. You could breed female Mametchis as well. I don't think it affected anything else either, like behaviour? Just restricting who you can marry. I also do think that the "caring for your tamagotchi" mechanics have been a little lacking, so perhaps I focused on the breeding aspect a lot more than might have been intended. But that is another topic. The second thing is that Tamagotchi are very humanoid; I've still been treating them like pets a lot, but really, they are just full-fledged people now. Have been for a long time. Would be funny if your characters could randomly turn out bi or gay, and refuse to marry the partners you suggest if they are not the right gender. lol. Not saying this is a good idea, giving your tamagotchi such fleshed out personalities and lives that they can even have sexualities.. I feel it would just be a different game at this point. I think this is also why I didn't feel there was a need for this; tamagotchi aren't even fleshed out enough to have a straight personality (sounds so weird) right now. Well, the best way to implement this now is probably to just remove the gender stat. Like I said, I think it is not even affecting anything anymore, really?... If they remove stats, just how they removed weight, it would be cool to introduce a new stat "to make up for it"; so your tama is still as "unique, fleshed out" as before, if that makes any sense.
  2. I haven't ordered a tamagotchi or meets from there, but a couple of other things and also used them as a forwarder. Didn't have any problems, never preordered though.
  3. does anyone know if you need a VPN to register on http://mix.tamatv.com/family_trees/

    1. Jhud


      You don't need a VPN, just make an account that has set Japan as the residence.

    2. kopeh


      alright, i tried that with my twitter which was a bit silly ill admit

  4. teens (or any stages) arent influenced by care after the 1st gen on the mix. they do take on parents appearances though. its just bad luck?
  5. no animal crossing.. one job

    1. Verklighet
    2. Gemmed


      Shook. Might be time to get a 3ds again -.- (at least we have let’s go pikachu and the gen 8 game coming out in 2k19

  6. what would a civilation living under the earth be like?

    1. Verklighet


      Fascinating to some and hazardous to other because the human race is not so bright.

  7. Care should be more than a happy and hungry gauge, and every bit of it should play into your character. Different versions have established many things like discipline, education/work/interests, bonding, stress... Of course, having all of them play into your character would require an enormous roster. One solution to this would be trait mixing similar to a m!x: Average happiness determines the face, hunger/weight determines the body, your points in smart/pretty/etc determine secondary attributes like a hat/head shape, discipline determines behavior/idle animations... One way for genetics to play a role would be if the parents were the smart type, then the child will gain smart points more easily..? Those are just a few unrefined ideas. I really don't like the current "care miss" mechanic though, I'd probably even prefer having care uninfluenced evolutions. Design-wise, it would be nice if they have many different tones and themes in their roster. Many different colors at least! Would be cool if the shells had easily removable faceplates for customization. Most importantly, they should stay as a separate, little egg tamagotchi device and continue at all.
  8. When I was a baby, my mom would take care of both me and my brothers' tamagotchis while they were at school lol... not sure if they were real or knockoffs, but one of them had angel chracters. i also played with them for a bit, but of course i dont remember much. My first "own" virtual pet was the colored pikachu pet, but that was still shared among us three. after a couple of "50 pets in one!!", i finally got my V3 for christmas when i was like 5. i never let go of it and convinced everyone who befriended me to get a tama so we can connect
  9. "an unexpected error has occured, sorry for the troubles, please exit" somethingl ike that. i think the japanese app has been terminated...? i dont remember though. the eglish app works
  10. Perhaps you have the Gift Mix? flower hills doesn't exist on that version. if your cover has a ribbon on it, its the gift mix. perhaps you are mixing them up since they are almost the same in both characters and design?: if you do have the gift mix, yotsubatchi and Flowertchi can be found in tamatown instead, and the other two you would usually encounter in flower hills (as well as nemunemuutchi) don't exist on the gift anni for the sake of giftchi, santaclautchi and gift mametchi in Present Town.
  11. why do you have to negelect your tama so hard to get shimagurutchi... i keep thinking itll die.

  12. just a few years ago, i hopped from one popular fandom onto another. like more of a social thing. i was more interested in the fandom produced content than the shows/franchises themselves. the appeal ranged from really good memes to really good.. uh.. doujins. with the stuff where i actually love the thing a lot, its different, though i usually still participate in the fandom in one way or another. still a homestuck in 2018 btw