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  1. Wait this is still open and it’s past mid September. What’s with that?
  2. What should I wear for Halloween?

    1. Kirkytchi


      Something warm ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

  3. Dooble wap ding dong weee

    1. cole.sseum


      miyoy miyoy miyoyoy

  4. I seriously need to post here more often... (I didn’t disappear or die or anything i was just offline for agesss)

    1. Jhud


      It's okay to be offline, nobody expects anyone to be always available online. Don't worry about it

    2. Tamago_luckycat02


      Aww, thank you! (Ugh now im just being cheesy)

  5. I have a new tama-well not really- more of a FAKE Tama. I would post pictures but whenever I try my device keeps crashing sooo... I’ll try and give the best description I can. I got this Giga/digi pet from Poundland. When I got it, I thought it looked pretty cute because of the cats and llamas on the packaging. That brings me to my first problem. The characters on the package are NOT featured in the actual game. This was very disappointing for me as that was practically the only reason I bought this. When I opened the Tama the first thing I noticed was that a LOT of symbols/icons used were stolen from the connection. Another strange thing was that there were five buttons with STATUS, SELECT, RESET, DECIDE and CANCEL underneath them, but what I don’t understand is that there are only 2 things you can do with all 5 of the buttons. Decide let’s you select and all the other buttons let you scroll- APART FROM the reset button (which MIGHT I ADD is very easy to press accidentally. I learnt that the hard way.) The tamagotchi itself is a Jia-Yuan type, which is quite obviously manifactured and made in China. Overall this is a cheap plastic piece of junk. No wonder it was only sold for £1.
  6. Does anybody watch dan and Phil? I hope I’m not a lonely phan (dan and Phil fan) in a sea of... other people...?

    1. DaniTamastar


      I mean I went to their interactive introverts tour

    2. Tamago_luckycat02


      LUCKY!!! I need all the details, please. Was it good? Do you watch their videos!?

  7. That seems like something that couldve happened. Or Ive just been told a LOOOT of fake new by my sis. Either way I know now so everythings good. I also dont know why I didnt list Ps! They are one of the most common ones, I guess Old me was just being REALLLY stupid back at the time of writing this. Im not a Tama expert like you are, but I try my best ALL THE TIME :3 At least I know all this now! Thanks, Jhud!
  8. Definitely thinking about this one! More retro tamas are what I’m looking for! This is PERFECT!
  9. Really? I have never seen them cheap before! I was trying to get one recently and all I could find were ones for £100 or more. My mistake
  10. I’m on scratch again! Making my own kind of Tama game on it

    1. Berryitchi


      Cool! Just as I got banned again! *claps* Yey me for talking about death on a kid's website! x'D Good luck with the game, the best I do are voice reveals xP ( https://scratch.mit.edu/users/whatevsgal/ try that. it's my untitled project I think)

  11. You will not believe this but I only went and fractured my left foot yesterday... :(

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    2. Berryitchi


      Yowza, on holiday?! O_O Ooch. Get well soon...

    3. assbread


      omg how? should you see a doctor? oh no. wishing you a quick recovery! D:

    4. Tamago_luckycat02


      Thank you all so much for the lovely comments! I really can’t thank you enough

  12. So which tama is best? Please vote and help me decide which one to get! I know there will be a LOOOOOT of people saying things like Oh, the devilgotchi/4u/4u+/Angelgotchi is really expensive so Im gonna vote for the cheaper ones! I dont really mind the price of them, and if the tama with the most votes is too expensive because i cant find a cheap one on ebay, Ill just get the one with the second most votes! Thank you for reading, Lucky cat xox
  13. Thanks! Ok, first off, when I said virtual PETS I meant that as an example of another brand that may/may not be a knockoff f tamagotchis (not that it is, I know that), not that it used the tamagotchi characters or logo on it, y’ know? Also, back a while ago someone posted a picture of a fake colour tamagotchi that had the tamagotchi characters all over the packaging. Why hasn’t this been reported/taken down yet?
  14. Hello Friends, I am very sad to say my very best friend Mushy has gone back to tama planet. Mushy was going to get married to the love of her life, Mametchi, when she unfortunately died of hunger Mushy was a great little friend, and I will miss her dearly. Goodbye Mushy
  15. I love colourful leopard, its my fave design!
  16. Hewo, Welcome to Lucky Cats art class! Today you will be drawing a character based on your 2 favourite fandoms! Example: You could combine Harry Potter and Tamagotchis to make a Harry Potter Mametchi! Or you could combine Doctor Who and cats to make a Cat Doctor Who! See what I mean? Post your drawings in the comments! (Also could someone please post how to post pictures on an ipad because nobody seems to want to help me out with this. Thx so much friends!)
  17. It is usually a line all lit up of really dark pixels, but I think I’m gonna change the batteries out, see if that helps at all.
  18. Ok, first off, sorry I didn’t reply sooner to this topic! Second, it didn’t bother me too much before, but the line keeps getting bigger and affecting how I play the games. I might try replacing the batteries, i got some cheap ones from Poundland (british 99 cents store) and I don’t think they are working too well. I’m in France at the moment and i don’t have my tama with me, so I’ll have to wait until i get back home!
  19. Hello guys... I’ve been offline for a while (i hope you didn’t think i died)

    1. Nazotchi25


      I'll call off the Search & Rescue teams then ;)

    2. Tamago_luckycat02
  20. Hey, small question, when the fake tamagotchi connections/ virtual PETS etc. Use the tamagotchi characters on the packaging or the connection logo on the shell, are they allowed to do that to promote their brands?
  21. There is a random line that keeps on appearing on my friends screen! It was too quick for me to take a photo tho... Has this happened to anyone else? Please help!
  22. It ma bday on Tuesday!

    1. raichuu



    2. Hoky


      Happy early birthday! :D

    3. Tamago_luckycat02
  23. Has there been any brand taken down for making fake tamas? Asking for a friend