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  1. Haven't been on my computer in ages, so haven't been on. Sup?

  2. I'm getting a Sanrio M!X at some point cause I won a work contest 5 weeks in a row, and my housemate said he'd get me one if I won at least 4 of the 8 weeks. :3 I'm excited.
  3. I don't really get into fandoms, but I'm a huge fan of Pokemon, Steven Universe, Animal Crossing, Blythe-style dolls, Tamagotchis, I can't think of it all, but I think that's the main stuff. I have BPD and Bipolar Disorder, so when I get manic and get into something i get REALLY into it for about a week or two, then I'm good for a couple months. lmao
  4. I didn't realize the Pocket Pikachu Color and the Pokemon Pikachu 2 GS were the same, and ordered the Color, and it's in Japanese. orz

    1. Jemsey


      (If I'd realized they were the same, I'd have specifically looked for the 2 GS. I thought the Color was a newer version)


  5. I got my Pocket Pikachu and Arukundesu came!

    1. Jemsey


      (And a few other things)


  6. Is there a way to change names on here, or would I have to make a new account?

    1. Hoky


      I think you can PM an admin to do it? Not sure.

  7. I hope any moms out there had an awesome day!

    1. Verklighet


      I sent stepmum and me mum dis:



      and a jpg of Doug when you google, "I appreciate you doug"

  8. Oop, ignore me. lmao I think I responded while sleepy.
  9. I got the cutest triceratops plushie off Wish!

    1. Breadcrumbs


      I don’t trust wish, my friends ordered off their and a couple weeks later they got like thousands of dollars on unauthorized purchases

  10. Update: I've been ill the past week, and all my Tamas either left me or died (RIP, orz). I started up my P's again, but have been rather neglectful. x.x Today, I got a ton of mail, though. A bunch of clothes from Depop, some Tama charms, and a dinosaur plushie (his name is Edmond). I'll try to start logging more frequently, soon. Anyways, goodnight. <3
  11. Sleepy, drinking tea for bedtimez. <3
  12. A virtual pet labeled "Virtual Pet" is like when you go to the store, and next to the Pepsi and Coca-cola, they have the store brand of "Cola" for a dollar cheaper. It's not a knock off or a fake, it's just a similar, cheaper product made to appeal to people who don't want to spend full price. It's only a knock off or a fake if they are actively trying to deceive you and make you think it's that actual product.
  13. Do you get birthday money from family? I've been able to get them at around $10-15 (USD) on ebay.
  14. I wanna see everyone's non-virtual pets! <3 And your faces, too, if you want. This is Rosie and Cashew. Rhodie is my PEW, and Cahdoo is the hooded. I'll post my cats later, but I've missed my smolbeans so much that I wanted to show them off. <333;; Also I just woke up from a nap and still have my work clothes on. lmao