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  1. Oh, definitely! I find all animal species intriguing and beautiful in their own special way. I'm planning to adopt a cat or two from the animal shelter right away when I get a proper chance for it.
  2. I absolutely adore this idea! ♥ I really enjoy your style for being simple yet really entertaining - great job!
  3. I think you could be a short, petite young brunette. Long, straight hair with bangs. Pretty pale skin, green eyes, and some freckles. You probably like to wear cute pastel colored clothes.
  4. Wow, I haven't seen much pictures of Tamagotchi M!X yet, but this log of yours just got me very fascinated It's very interesting to see how the genetics mix up, and all the characters are such unique-looking cuties. I personally think that Eli turned out to be a gorgeous adult. Can't wait to see what happens next! Thank you for sharing this ❤
  5. Ohh yess! I used to be so addicted to Petz back in the days! I'd love to install it again Though I don't really have enough memory on my laptop right now! I should do something about it!
  6. It's very intriguing to see that there are other people too who experience the same! I have suffered from anxiety for years now (also depression in past, but not currently). Taking care of Tamagotchis seem to have a very soothing effect on me. It gives me something nice and safe to think about when I'm feeling bad. Also, all the little daily surprises in Tamagotchis (such as evolving, trying out new items, getting mail etc.) are always something that makes my day a little bit. Therefore I carry them in my pocket to literally everywhere.