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  1. Is it possible that a V3 in debug mode could help with this? I know there's the issue of the username/password system not working when the device is debugged, but I have a faint memory of getting around the issue by choosing a username when debug mode is off, then activating it once it got to the egg hatching.
  2. You're doing a fantastic job, I've been hoping for something like this for a while. I just wanted to know, have you tried contacting the people who have experience with Tamagotchi ROM dumping? I recently tried to contact someone via email without success. The reason was because I've been planning on starting a spriting project on the V3 and for a number of reasons I was hoping to do it with a ROM instead of the physical device.
  3. I just wanted to say I absolutely love what you're doing! The biggest question I have is: Do you think you'll be able to recover all the music? I still have fond memories of listening to the soundtrack for the V3 Tamatown, including that "make your own song" game.
  4. Thanks! I forgot to mention it but I was able to obtain those two sprites. The complete project is now live here:
  5. My recently completed spriting project for the V2 is now live here:
    Every character plus miscellaneous sprites are included!

    1. Kuchipetchi


      Great work! how did you do this?

  6. There may be identical sprites on the Tama Go, but I don't want to assume anything in case I get it wrong. I think there probably have been a few sprite changes across different releases. I'd love ROMs of other Tamagotchi releases to become available online. I've often worked with emulators and ROMs/ISOs but with these self-contained handhelds there's rarely anything that the average person can do with them.
  7. Hello For some time now, I've been working on a project where I record all the sprites of every character for the V2. The project is now in its late stages and most sheets have been submitted to the Spriters Resource pending approval. However, there are two sprites I need help getting. These are the kissing sprites for Otokitchi and Ojitchi. Kissing sprites appear when an adult takes love potion then visits the Tamagotchi of another adult of the opposite gender. But it seems that Otokitchi and Ojitchi can only show these sprites with each other. I'd like to know if anyone would be willing to take photos of these sprites then send them over. The best person for this would have two debugged V2s so they can select both these characters and use the potion, but anyone with two V2s and these characters would also be able to help. Thanks!