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  1. Finally out of the hospital/quarantine the last three weeks were crazy for me! :o

    Everyone please stay safe and make sure you take all precautions needed so we all make it without harming ourselves or anyone else. 

  2. If you look into this thread, @Penguin-keeper explained what are these dolls/puppets.
  3. Yes that is totally normal, the Connection models age counter is a bit weird but if I’m not mistaken by the time your tama is an adult the age will be 6-7 years old. Unlike the P1 or any other vintage model it will start count the age right after the egg is hatched.
  4. I suggest you get the P’s since you’re looking for more gameplay and more content. When it comes to the m!x or Meets/On it only focuses on mixing your tama as soon as they turn adults and that’s basically it. I haven’t properly played with my P’s, but based on the reviews and guides available online I noticed that the P’s has a lot of content and focuses more on your tama growth and personality. I’d like to see what others think specially those who tired both versions.
  5. It’s totally random when it comes to your tama gender.
  6. Try and change the batteries and if it doesn’t work you will have to reset the device
  7. Your tama must be from 2nd generation and onwards.
  8. Not sure to be honest but heard recently that the batteries might be causing most of the problems. If it doesn’t work, which I think it wont because it seems that it’s an internal problem then I suggest you turn it and request another one.
  9. Sorry to hear you’re dealing with this! I’ve seen some people turning their units to where they bought it from and got a replacement. Before doing thag can you change the batteries (try diffrent brand than the one you are currently using) and see what happens.
  10. I think you should be fine if you can fit them in a bag, or you can ship them with mail service to where you will be moving to make it easier.
  11. 44! Thank you all for participating and making it this far, as we all know this is not going to last for long.
  12. There must be a tutorial while downloading it or from the website itself.
  13. The locations or towns are the 7th icon (ship) where it takes you into different 8 locations to meet new different characters, purchase new items, food and even get married! if you click here you will get tips on how to unlock them. if you click here you will see the characters and on what location they exist (since you have the blue fairy check the first coloumn from far left) Hope this helps