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  1. Day 25 I can’t believe I’ve been running my magical witches for nearly a month! This is the longest I kept a Vpet vintage vpets are really something different Nothing really happened during this time, not when I connect them in particular! The problem still remains and I believe there’s nothing I can do but keep trying I have noticed that one of them sleeps from 9pm until 1:30pm! I think this is a lot! Something else I’ve noticed is that their magical power decreases if I don’t use the mixing bowl. I will give them few more few days and will keep connecting them and see if something happens! See you all later.
  2. You are welcome Correct, the m!x and the On will not connect with each other.
  3. Hello there! I bought this set of four screwdrivers from eBay, and it worked perfectly fine with both my angelgotchi and devilgotchi.
  4. Welcome back. You can unlock m!x locations with Meets and vice versa it has been confirmed here before.
  5. This list of phones that are compatible with Tamagotchi P’s you are looking for.
  6. Tamagotchi ocean is hard to take care of! I don’t own an ocean but I found these tips that could be useful.
  7. I believe when you press the reset button you need to choose the second option. Can you take a picture of the screen so we can see?
  8. Buttons are a classic tamagotchi concept I hope it’s not true that they would change that. I’m exactly feeling like how you are feeling, excited and worried at the same time because of the camera function this is something new and I’m afraid it will have to depend on something else for people to be able to enjoy it fully! What I’m loving about is they brought the jobs system back which reminds me one of my favorite versions V4! I can’t wait and see more information about it in the future.
  9. This is definitely something interesting I can’t wait to find more about the new functions and interactions. I don’t like the faceplate of the device though, I hope they’re still not done with the designs and the final product faceplate would be different .
  10. Day 20 Devilgtochi: I’ve been taking care of this Angel-Devil tama and he is not different than a regular devilgotchi! I didn’t want to read a lot about this character I wanted it to be a surprise while I take care if it. But didn’t notice anything usual for a “special character” I personally would love it if they made the special characters have their own characteristics which goes against the rest of the characters included. This is him being naughty, as usual Today when I woke up, I saw my devilangelgotchi (sorry I made that up lol) shaking his hands and looking at me, I figured this is the end of him to finally depart When I shook his hands he disappeared and a bat came and next to him I saw this Unfortunately I didn’t trigger the good end I believe yesterday the DP power before it went to sleep was around 70 and today morning when I woke up it went higher than that. This wasn’t the aim but oh well hopefully the next run I try for a new character and trigger the good end. I enjoyed playing with my Devilgotchi, I’m genuinely happy that a vintage tamagotchi lasted for 20 days I would love to go for another run and log it here. Farewell my Devil! The rest of this log will be about the magical witches I will make sure to update you guys soon! The End