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  1. It will be hard to do anything for the toys that they already made, like you said they need to fix/work on the current bugs and glitches before releasing any new versions! Hopfully, we will hear something from them soon, I have high hopes that @tamapalace will shed the light on the current situation
  2. Welcome back to the community! ON and meets are exactly the same, the difference is that the ON is in english and the meets is in japanese. The comparison is going to be between ON/Meets Vs M!X: they added two main features on the Meets/ON, you are able to raise twins and can now mix the pets! This video is a comparison between Sanrio M!X vs Sanrio Meets, thought it might help you decide which version to get The characters of course are different for each version/edition, if you click here you will see all Tamagotchi M!X characters and on what version you will find them. If you click here you will be able to see Meets/ON characters. So far for the Tamagotchi ON, there are only two versions, Magical and Fairytale! they are exactly the same as the Meets. However for the Meets there are five versions so far. Yes they can! People on this forum actually confiremd it @Mimitchi06 and other members made this list of minor changes between the Meets & ON, it will help you see the tiny differences. Hope this helps.
  3. You are welcome! This is a serious problem! Hopefully they will replace it with a new one. I assume you mean Tamagotchi ON, I was a bit confused until I read the entire post Did you check your inventory? once you have the pet, the item will be automatically transferred to the inventory. Regarding unlocking Toy Land, make sure it’s your second generation tamagotchi and on their adult stage to unlock the location.
  4. ATTENTION: for those who are experiencing issues with their Tamagtochi ON, if you could please reply to my topic below, we might actually get a respond from Bandai. 


  5. Update: I contacted @tamapalace, they’ve been serving the community for a long time now and they might help sending our complaints to Bandai! I would like for everyone who is having issues with their toys to reply with them to this topic, or PM me if they wish. Preferably with pictures! This is our chance to let Bandai know and maybe try and fix them for future releases.
  6. They are officially available on Apple store (US & Japan). You must have a valid US address to be able to download the app, and same for meets if you want the japanese version. I think I’ve seen someone who managed to download it for Android a couple weeks back! I suggest you search more about that.
  7. I suggest you reset the device just to avoid your account being banned.
  8. Right after the new egg hatched, when you name the new born screen.