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  1. I’ve been collecting tamas since 2014, I have 34 Tamagotchis so far! I can’t wait for the current situation to ease where I live so I can get new batteries and start logging!
  2. Since you’re looking for UraVioletchi You need to make sure that the gorgeous skill (sparkle icon) is the highest before your tama reaches adult stage. Increasing the skill points can be done by playing games, eating certain food and going to school. Check this guide for the games, and click here to see the food chart. Just so you know that this method is not guaranteed, like what @Iamtamagotchi said it’s completely random specially when the baby evolves into a toddler! Good luck on getting UraVioletchi
  3. So happy that Mimitchi will return on the Meets/On app as the next month guest :mimitchi:💙

    1. Mandymom


      *gasp* Mimitchi is next month’s guest? YESSSS

  4. I agree on this one! Wish of we can have a version that focused more on the tama personality along with mixing their genes.
  5. I would LOVE to see more Ura characters so we can mix their genes. The outlines do actually exist in the meets (Pastel and Fantasy)
  6. Hello all! I hope everyone is doing great and keeping safe. It’s been a long time since I posted something so I decided to get back and talk about something I’ve been thinking about A LOT lately! Bandai has been silent and I guess it’s all because of the current pandemic. Usually around summer/autumn time we will get info or leaks about a new tamagotchi either a complete new generation or a new version for the current one. So I’m wondering what possibly they could bring to the table? Is it going to be another Meets/On version? Is it another Nano? Is it something completely new? I want to know what do you guys think and if there’s something in particular you would like to see in the future.