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  1. They’re banning the accounts because it’s not officially from bandai, and everyone now can access to exclusive station genes and stuff that is only in Japan! I understand it’s frustrating that it came to the point where they started banning people, but they’re doing the right thing here, if people carry on using the corrupted data I think sooner or later the official app and the actual devices will have issues and obviously bandai doesn’t want that!
  2. It is actually one of my biggest concerns! I remember a month ago, my tama married a really beautiful character and I though this could never happen espically with how the mixing mechanics work, then I found out about the MyMeets App! Still not sure if the other Tama is from MyMeets or not, but sometimes it’s obvious that some characters look SO good that you only left to think that they were made in MyMeets App! Luckily I never experienced any issues with my devices and my account wasn’t banned! Bandai officially said that they will ban those who use the MyMeets App, but they didn’t mention those who might interact and possibly marry their tamas with the ones who used MyMeets App.
  3. I love both Mimitchi & Mametchi I love their personalities and how they look
  4. Yes! It is the Korean version of the Meets
  5. After researching I found out that it’s a must to connect to another device so you can get the “social” personality trait, otherwise you will get a random character which also depends on the “care level” of your tamagotchi.
  6. I really enjoyed reading about your concept, especially the IR and NFC feature! for some reason it reminded me of Mesutchi & Osutchi
  7. I searched the internet and it seems like most peoole are having trouble finding an official Tamagotchi Friends growth chart! Anyways, I found this website that might help you with the growth chart
  8. Definitely! It’s a great option to encourage young kids to be patient and responsible if they wanted to get pets
  9. That’s the point of the tamagotchis They are made so that you can look after them and raise them. You are right! It’s a good option for some kids to make them feel responsible! But for some people like myself who is 23 years old college student, but still run them and collect them it’s a hobby for me more than “training” and I’m sure so many people on this forum can relate on this.
  10. If they’re both in adult stage, I think you only have to connect them a lot and make sure their friendship level is high enough for them to get married. I don’t really think there’s a certian age for your tama to be able to get married with another device!
  11. If I remember correctly there’s no potty training if someone could confirm this that would be great!
  12. I’m not familiar with tamagotchi 4U unfortunately, but I found this website, it provides tamagotchi 4U guides so it might help! please click here Hope you find what you’re looking for
  13. They are almost the same like what @KidRetro64 said about the matchmaking, The point is to mix the genes and create your own tamagotchi in both versions. For the meets you can raise twins and also you can mix the pets of your tamagotchi, these are the only differences!
  14. The PC option is for sending your tamagotchi pet to “tamatown” and be able to play with your tamagotchi on the website. You can also receive gotchi points, items and souvenirs the more you login to the website. There are a lot of tamagotchi releases that has PC option, each version is different than the other so it depends on what version you own. Unfortunately tamatown for the models V3,V4,V4.5, music star, tamago and dream town has shutdown and it seems like bandai is not planing to bring it back! However, @Alex Grigoriou did an amazing job! He tried and brought old tamatown back, check his thread here Not sure how to use PC with the newer tamagotchi versions (2013 onward), hopefully someone who knows better about them could help you