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  1. If your tamagotchi didn't turn into an oldie then there is a high chance of the matchmaker showing up you just need to give it some time. If let's say the current one leaves/dies without getting married, I don't think the new one will inherit anything I'm afraid! Si su tamagotchi no se convirtió en un viejo, entonces existe una alta probabilidad de que aparezca el casamentero, solo necesita darle algo de tiempo. Si digamos que el actual se va / muere sin casarse, ¡no creo que el nuevo herede nada de lo que me temo!
  2. Hello there! I used google translation and hopefully I got it right, you’re basically asking if the new baby or generation will get the money and the stuff. The answer is the baby will keep all money, items and purchased foods. I assumed you have a connection tamagotchi hopefully I am right. Hola Usé la traducción de Google y, con suerte, lo hice bien, básicamente estás preguntando si el nuevo bebé o la nueva generación obtendrán el dinero y todo eso. La respuesta es que el bebé se quedará con todo el dinero, los artículos y los alimentos comprados. Asumí que tienes una conexión tamagotchi, ojalá esté en lo cierto.
  3. I suggest you try the new batteries and see what happens.
  4. Did you put the batteries again before testing the buttons? If yes, then this is normal because they do make this sound when you put the batteries.
  5. I will have to choose the english connections only because that’s what I grew up with. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy and adore the Japanese versions too, it’s just the nostalgia and how well I can take care of my tamas! @Princess Lovelitchi I agree with what you said the japanese connections have specific features that fits the theme of each device, e.g (blue outline for Uratama characters) which I absolutely love and I think they are fascinating! Wish these details were implemented in the english connections.
  6. The packaging is really convincing it’s scary!
  7. The next baby will show up when you press A + C buttons to get the new egg/angel.
  8. Yes, unfortunately your angel will leave regardless!
  9. The Angelgotchi have two different endings, Good End which is triggered when you take good care of your angel and Bad End when there are too many care mistakes.
  10. There isn’t any official faceplates from Bandai for the ON. But there is so many fan made faceplates, and tutorials on how to remove the plastic front because apparently it’s really hard and could damage the front while doing it!
  11. I don’t believe 4U faceplate would fit the ON. The 4U faceplate is designed to be replaceable unlike the ON, were people actually do it themselves plus the sizes might be slightly different.
  12. Found this one which is so funny and very true at the same time!
  13. I miss running tamas for a long time without anything keeping me busy/ distracted! :(

    1. DezertReyn


      I used to bring mine to work, and when I lost my job and got a new one they wouldn't allow my tama. I really miss that, my coworkers would even ask how my tama was and would understand if I took a second to tend to it. I feel like this job isn't as great without me being able to bring my tama to keep me company.

    2. iTamannadi


      That’s unfortunate I’m glad you found another job! some work places are just being strict for no reason! I hope we will get the time soon to enjoy our tamas again! :) 

  14. Depends on what version or device you have. If you can tell us we will be able to get the character growth chart.
  15. This is a seasonal animation. Every season you will see different animation so don’t worry