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  1. I’m dying to get this Devilgotchi, I’m holding back because I’m worried about the broken screws! :(

    1. Berks


      you are right to worry about screws on devil Gotchis lol. they are notoriously worse than others for soft screws. What I did is wait to buy until I found a seller who offered to replace the screws and batteries for me and confirmed that it worked properly. 


      It's actually not worth buying if the seller won't replace the screws for you lol


      but do take a look at this forum post by CandyThief who successfully transplanted a devil tamagotchi into another Japanese P1 back because the screws broke off in the devilgotchi.  


      Apparently a Japanese p1 shell will fit perfectly to the tamagotchi devil while an American p1 will leave a bit of a gap.



    2. iTamannadi


      Thank you! I actually saw one on Japan You Want and they do offer screws changing service and some sellers on ebay too were able to help, will onto that definitely :) 

    3. Berks


      JapanYouWant actually sold me my tamagotchi devil in 2016. they changed the batteries, replaced screws, gave me the correct screwdriver to use and everything else was perfect. still works perfectly four years later. 


      I highly recommend JapanYouWant :)