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  1. Hello there, finally the first day for the vintage run! So excited to do this hatch because I’m here with my new Yuki Penguin Vpet and Angelgotchi. This is my first time trying them both and I would love to see how things turn out at the end of the hatch! Angelgotchi: Right after I inserted the batteries I immediately say this picture: I freaked out because this is my first time with an Angelgotchi, I thought vintage tamas don’t save the previous data so I was very confused! I waited a long time and nothing happened. (See what happens when you don’t play that much with your tamas kids ). When I checked YouTube and did some research turned out that this is an afterlife of a tamagotchi and now you are taking care of it as an angel. Completely forgot that I need to change the time first to be able to play. What a rough start I waited roughly for five minutes until the angel finally showed up. Of course as everyone knows taking care of the baby in the first hour is tough so I made sure that it was happy and not hungry. it evolved after one hour (left is the baby and right side is when it became a toddler) One time it called me to feed it, I was giving it a snack and suddenly a bat came quickly and snatched the sweets from it! That unfortunately decreased the “Good deeds” bar! I didn’t react fast and actually didn’t know that I needed to tap quickly on the shell to scare away the bat. The Angelgotchi unlike its counterpart the Devilgotchi tend to be sensitive, so any care mistakes will affect its health as well as its growth. I’m going to keep an eye on it during the first couple of days! Time to play a game! The game of this one is really difficult! It’s basically about avoiding a shooting star as quickly as you can! At first I was loosing a lot until I figured I need to be quicker to avoid it. And it worked out for me which also filled the happy meter for my angel. And now my angel is sleeping hopefully tomorrow we will get to play and see to what character it will evolve as that will help me decide in what character I would like to get. Yuki Penguin: The very first thing I did was change the batteries it came with it as I wasn’t sure if they are old or new. I changed the time and saw the screen on top: It took a while until that little cute penguin finally hatched I guess? Wasn’t sure about the first screen because that doesn’t look like an egg! Anyhow, I was trying to see how this device worked and what kind of options it has. I was so impressed when I scrolled over the menu to find out that you can pet, teach, turn the heater on/off, play and give your penguin a shower! I really love a vpet that has these elements that focuses on properly raising it! The health meter was nice and simple. This icon represents your penguin mood and at the time clearly he wasn’t happy lol The typical weight, hunger and drinking meters are also included. There’s a stats for the temperature so you can either turn the heater on or off and an icon to show school grade or performance when studying. Couple hours of me exploring the yuki penguin. I finally decided to play a game but it’s not a game where you play in behalf of your penguin, instead you both will go against each other doing “rocket, paper, scissors” and you must let your penguin win! That’s is so funny I made sure that my penguin study hard to be just like his dad, a smart boy Thanks to @Penguin-keeper who made a growth chart that will definitely help me decide which character I want to get next. This can be achieved by feeding the baby a certain foods to be able to evolve into the desired character. I will make sure to feed him certain food and keep him healthy. That’s it for today, I hatched them late and definitely will be back tomorrow with both my angel and penguin and will surly have some new updates.
  2. Hello and welcome to the Vintage Vpet Hatch! This is the log for Vintage Vpet Hatch. Here we are going to log the progress of our virtual pets. The hatch will start on the 10th of May! See you all later!
  3. Another vpet joins the family! I saw this vintage vpet and thought it is familiar! I immediately took it. That little guy in the corner remind me of someone.. 🐧
  4. Hello TamaTalkers! Welcome to the Vintage Vpet Hatch! I think it’s time we all take a break from everything we are doing and spend some time with our Tamas! This group hatch is focusing on vintage virtual pets. That includes Tamagotchi, Digimon, Giga pets or any other virtual pet you would like to run. The hatch will run for one generation only and it will start on the 10th of May The rules are simple and easy: 1- Only vintage virtual pets are allowed for the hatch. 2- You can run one or more devices at a time, it’s up to you. 3- Please make sure you keep updating, not necessarily every day but that would be great if you do. 4- Post a picture if it’s possible. 5- You must start the hatch with a new generation. Please register below if you are interested. See you guys on the 10th of May!
  5. Hello there and welcome to TamaTalk! The age doesn't sync with their growth stage, meaning when they grow up it will take some time to age. Regarding the money and the stuff, I never really heard about this, there’s a possibility that when it reset it didn’t save anything before that’s why everything was gone.
  6. Two more days and I will finally get rid of the projects! :D Now I’m free.... for a month though until the exams :o

    Wondering if we should start a group hatch for either vintage or Japanese tamagotchis/vpets? please let me know if you guys are interested. :) 

  7. I can’t wait to finish everything related to university cause I really want to start blogging or maybe start a group hatch! :kusatchi:

  8. Well not a hater really, but the idea of bringing back old methods of raising a Tamagotchi is one way keeping the people interested and I’m one of those who loved it! My thoughts so far is that I think this device is going to be a combination of a vintage and modern tamagotchi! I think it got the best of both words and I’m dying to see more of it. When I first knew that the marriage option is no longer available I was a bit sad because that’s what I’m used to! But I do believe if the focus becomes 100% on one Tamagotchi you are raising it will be a lot of fun!
  9. I was able to look into @tamapalace blog and they did a Q&A with Bandai regarding Tamagotchi Pix: Q: Does the Tamagotchi Pix feature genetics that are introduced on the Tamagotchi M!X, and featured on the Tamagotchi Meets/On/Some? A: The core play pattern of Tamagotchi is about nurturing your Tamagotchi character from egg to adult. When we introduce a new product, we try to introduce new and fun ways to do this. The nurturing feature for the Tamagotchi On was about raising your character and building your family tree with babies having genes from their parents. Meanwhile, the nurturing feature of the play pattern of Tamagotchi Pix is focusing on interacting with your characters and you do this with the touch buttons and built-in camera. Q: Can the Tamagotchi Pix connect to the Tamagotchi Meets/On application? A: No, you can’t. The connection technologies are different. Q: Does the Tamagotchi Pix feature Bluetooth connectivity? A: Tamagotchi On had Bluetooth to connect to the Tamagotchi On application, the Tamagotchi Pix does not have Bluetooth technology. Q: Can you confirm the 24 raise-able characters and 17 games? Can you provide a full character list? Are these games mixed between mini games and professions? A: Yes, there are 24 adult characters you can raise the Tamagotchi characters into, and our website features 4 of the 24 characters at this time. What fun would it be to introduce all of them at once? Regarding the games, there are 17 games during your play. There are two games to keep your Tamagotchi happy (Hula Hoop & Matching). There are 6 games in the arcade - though only 2 at a time. The other 9 games are there to help train your Tamagotchi character. Q: Can you provide a list of the professions/jobs on the Tamagotchi Pix? A: Not at this time. Q: Can a Tamagotchi character get any profession/job or can only certain characters get select jobs? A: It’s all about training them, so some characters will go back to Tamagotchi Planet without a profession. I know my character was having more fun in other areas of the device then being trained for their profession. Q: Is there a reason for the delay in the “Blue Ocean” and “Green Nature” shells? Also, is there any timeline on these for pre-orders and/or launch? A: Based on our research and previous learnings, we decided to hold off. We’ll let all the fans know when pre-ordering begins. Q: Will the Tamagotchi Pix be sold alongside the Tamagotchi On? Will this merely be added to the existing Tamagotchi lineup, or is it replacing the Tamagotchi On? A: In today’s environment, does a product really ever go away? Our marketing focus will be moved from the Tamagotchi On to the Tamagotchi Pix, though the application and website will continue to be available! Q: Are there any plans to release the Tamagotchi Pix in Japan? A: Since I focus on North America, I cannot speak to Japan’s plans. Q: Will the Tamagotchi Pix be released in any other country other than the ones listed on the official Tamagotchi website? A: The Tamagotchi Pix will be available in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Germany, and Portugal. There may be other territories as well, though my focus is on the North American market. Q: Does the Tamagotchi Pix support twins? A: It does not. Q: Does the Tamagotchi Pix support marriage? A: No, it does not. The play feature isn’t about raising and marrying your Tamagotchi character, its about raising and interacting with your character and training it so it goes back to Tamagotchi Planet with new skills and so that a new egg can be sent to you! Q: Can you transfer pictures from your Tamagotchi Pix to your computer or another storage device (via Bluetooth or USB connectivity)? A: No, due to childhood privacy, we wanted to keep the images on the device. Q: Can you confirm how many locations/lands will be featured on the Tamagotchi Pix? A: You don’t visit different locations/lands on the Tamagotchi Pix. You can go into town for shopping, eating at the restaurant, playing at the arcade, and visiting the photo studio. Though with the Tamagotchi Pix your character can now explore into the world and find 100 friends! Q: Can you name your Tamagotchi on the Tamagotchi Pix? A: No you cannot since you are raising a pure Tamagotchi that already has a name! Q: Can you provide more information about the built-in camera? A: The built-in camera will be used to take pictures, explore the real world, cook, and even customize items for your Tamagotchi. It is not possible to film video on the Tamagotchi Pix. You can personalize your photos with stickers, and can even get a picture with you and your Tamagotchi character together! Lastly, the built-in camera will be used to scan Tama-Codes for connecting, and even scheduling playdates! Blog can be found here
  10. It might change depends on the food you are eating. I guess you need to try and see what happens but there’s a high chance that the color would change.
  11. Sorry to hear that you are having a hard time with the newer versions. As far as we know, the camera can be used to capture the screen of the character and then maybe edit it and share it with friends. The player can use it also to take a picture of themselves with their character. I think taking pictures is not an important factor that could affect the growth/care of the character. Hopefully soon we will get to see an actual gameplay of the device.
  12. The animation looks great! I’m glad we get to see this video to see how the interaction with the camera is like. I guess all I need to be convinced is a full gameplay so we can see the other features. Oh god this really reminded me of the V4/V4.5 with the career system!
  13. Tamagotchi Pix has been officially announced! Here’s Amazon pre-order link. The new device will cost $59.99 and will be released July 2021. Purple and pink will be released as a first wave and then the blue and green will be available later this year. The Tamagotchi Pix new features are listed below: • Camera that allows the player to take a picture of them with their character. • You’re are now able to cook meals. • Your character can meet other characters and go on playdates. • There are 17 new games. • Can connect with another device by using the camera to scan a QR code to go on playdates and exchange gifts. • Your character can now have a job. • Touch buttons will allow you to interact with your character by petting them, bathing them or customize your items. • The device is available in 6 different languages, and they are: English, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish German and French. • You are able to connect your device to to complete the missions and download items to your device. You can check Tamagotchi website for more in depth information by clicking here If there are any information that wasn’t listed here please feel free to add them. Let me know what you guys think of the new version.