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  1. Hello and welcome to TamaTalk! you can use imgur to upload pictures on the fourm.
  2. I don’t know of you can get the food you want from MyMeets App hopefully someone tried it can tell you. Since you have the magical version, I don’t think you will be able to change to neither blue or red. Check this chart, it will show you the food that changes your tama color.
  3. You’re welcome Both my tamagotchi’s are toddlers now, (Magical & Fairy Meets)
  4. For me it’s Mametchi, not exactly sure what he says because I’m using a Meets!
  5. Yes, you will startover from the first generation. Good thing is you will still have the money and items you got before.
  6. Members on this forum confirmed that they can connect/play together but cannot marry each other nor transfer items.
  7. M!x can only marry with another m!x version. Same for Meets and ON. No, the m!x can marry another m!x only, not sure if the 4U can connect/marry older versions though. There are special editions for shell colors, like the white magical Meets/ON. As you may know, each version has new characters or returning characters, but you won’t find them on other versions. My advice is if you want another device to connect/marry with your current device then I suggest you get another ON, if you want something new or different try to get Snario Meets or Sweets Meets, I personally think they got lovely looking characters. If you click here you will see the M!x versions, characters and locations. If you click here you will see the Meets versions and the characters. Hopfully this helps you decide.
  8. If it says just tamagotchi, that means it’s UK/European version. The ones where it says tamagotchi connections, it’s US version.
  9. With my meets it’s like a 50-50 situation, when I look at the family tree in all versions I have, twins don’t occur as much as you guys! We don’t get to choose if we want to raise twins or not, same with the gender! I believe this is all random. @RachelAnne meant this topic:
  10. Update: Mr.Blinky is done with his project! the destinations and minigames are available for download now! Thank you Mr.Blinky! They are available here, you will find instructions on how to download them.
  11. Hello everyone! I have really good news for us tamagotchi lovers, especially for those who are outside Japan! Yesterday, @tamapalace made an article that can be found here and it’s talking about Mr.Blinky’s upcoming project. He is working on the Tamagotchi Meets Station downloads/content, and according to him it will be soon available for everyone, that means we don’t need to be in japan to have them! This is a screenshot I took from his twitter account: I can’t wait to see the finished project and try it out myself!
  12. Never heard of bug like this, but having twins and what gender they are is totally random and it seems fine! If they die and you start with a new egg you will still have the money, items and locations.
  13. You’re welcome I don’t know what they’re saying, but I think it has nothing to do with their health meter/care, it’s like an interaction between the player and the tama! Still not sure, if someone knows about this and can confirm it that would be great.
  14. Feeding your tamagotchi their favorite food can help, also playing with their favorite toy, visitng locations and logging in into the app will raise their happiness meter.
  15. For me I had to create japanese app store account to download it, of course you need to give them a valid address to be able to download it! I don’t really know anything on how to get them, I hipe someone could help you.
  16. Not sure what is it exactly but you said it died so probably that is one of its death animations!