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  1. This is definitely something interesting I can’t wait to find more about the new functions and interactions. I don’t like the faceplate of the device though, I hope they’re still not done with the designs and the final product faceplate would be different .
  2. Day 20 Devilgtochi: I’ve been taking care of this Angel-Devil tama and he is not different than a regular devilgotchi! I didn’t want to read a lot about this character I wanted it to be a surprise while I take care if it. But didn’t notice anything usual for a “special character” I personally would love it if they made the special characters have their own characteristics which goes against the rest of the characters included. This is him being naughty, as usual Today when I woke up, I saw my devilangelgotchi (sorry I made that up lol) shaking his hands and looking at me, I figured this is the end of him to finally depart When I shook his hands he disappeared and a bat came and next to him I saw this Unfortunately I didn’t trigger the good end I believe yesterday the DP power before it went to sleep was around 70 and today morning when I woke up it went higher than that. This wasn’t the aim but oh well hopefully the next run I try for a new character and trigger the good end. I enjoyed playing with my Devilgotchi, I’m genuinely happy that a vintage tamagotchi lasted for 20 days I would love to go for another run and log it here. Farewell my Devil! The rest of this log will be about the magical witches I will make sure to update you guys soon! The End
  3. Good news TamaTalkers, well not confirmed yet! I found this information in a tamagotchi Facebook group called “Tamagotchi Collectors” and apparently Bandai is planning to release a new western exclusive tamagotchi. The name is “Tamagotchi Pix”. They are listed in Amazon Spain, Italy and UK so far. the description below was translated from Amazon Spain website: “The little animal of the 90s has evolved well. Keeping the basics of the original, the new generation tamagotchi offers more features, stories and games for fun. A color screen, a camera that connects the tamagotchi to the real world, and touch keys. All these new features for more interactions, excitement and fun. Thanks to its integrated social network, the tama social, you can visit your friends, share photos and make virtual gifts. Accompany them throughout their life by choosing the starting egg (cute, intelligent, creative). Depending on your egg and the activities you do, you will have a job as an adult that suits your life. Tamagotchi Pix available in various colors.” Here’s a picture of it: What do you guys think? Source:
  4. If you unlock the locations you will get the wallpapers which then can be found and purchased at TamaDepa. There’s also a fan made app called MyMeets where you can make your own wallpaper but I’m not exactly sure how to do that, you can look for the guides.
  5. Thinking to start a Japanese group hatch, are you guys in? :D 

  6. Day 15 Devilgtochi: Since last Tuesday I managed to take a good care of my Devil Mametchi. I’ve been taking care of hime since Tuesday and finally today he asked to shakehands and suddenly evolved to Kuridebitchi and fell asleep! It was VERY hard to keep the DP down for 6 days but I managed to do that and got the tama I wanted for a first time I think I did a really good job I was trying my best to capture the random angel that keeps showing up while my devil chases him but I couldn’t because it happens very quickly. Something else I was wondering about is how exactly Kuridebitchi is suppose to act? is it an angel or a devil? I guess I will find out by myself... Magical Witches - Earthlin & Baluluna : My Earthling witch evolved on Wednesday surprisingly I remember that the air witch took about 4 days to evolve to Gen 4 but the earth witch evolved quicker, in fact it took her inly one day! I’m not sure if it has to do with the witch kind or element or there might be something wrong with the evolution timing in either one of them. I tried connecting them after few days because I’m not sure why they refuse to exchange items. When I connect them I notice they both either deflect or/and cancel each other curses. One time I gave it a try and the earth witch cursed the air witch by trapping her in a bottle She finally took her revenge I guess I of course healed the air witch and made sure she turns into her normal form. I was really wondering and thinking there must be something wrong that I’m doing or not aware of! I made a research trying to understand how connecting should be.. The surprise was even the magical witches have their favorite witch to connect it with. That means each two clans/elements has to be taken into consideration before buying any witch, but I guess it’s too late now! The connection I’m referring to is based on the elements and how chemically they can mix with each other therefore will be able to exchange items, create new cures, make curses and even influence the growth of the witch. Air (Baluluna) and Fire (Enruge) are compatible with each other. Earth (Earthlin) and Water (Aquary) are compatible with each other. That means the chances of them being friends are high. In my situation I have the air and earth witches and they are clearly not happy with each other, when I found out about this information it made sense. I will keep trying to get them to connect and be friendly but that is clearly not guaranteed. The End I’m so happy with how I progressed with the devil and managed to get the evolution I wanted. I was worried about the sudden reset but thankfully that didn’t happen. I’m a bit disappointed with the late discovery I found about the magical witches connection and how does it work considering how expensive and rare they are. Hopefully I will be able to get another witch and maybe some day finish the whole collection.
  7. I’m not a big fan of Nanos but I think the ones that look interesting the most based on people’s reactions are Pac-Man and Sanrio versions. These are the only two versions I’ve seen people enjoying and talk about them ever since they were released. I think it has a lot to do with the characters and the animation for each version. Currently I’m not planning to get any Nano but if Bandai decided to do a collaboration with Disney one day and they particularly added Stitch into the game I will take it with no hesitation!
  8. I don't think theres another way to fix it or replace it unless you find spares for that particular device.
  9. Found this interesting “Tamagotchi” Name: Connectible To Bandai Infrared Tamagotchi (ClipSparkingHeart) Type: Definitely fake. Notes: In the description it says that the manufacturer or the company that made it is called Jidan and is located in China. The device is suppose to function as a tamagotchi where you can connect with other devices and the more you connect you will be given a password to earn special gifts. The package includes: laser pen, device lanyard, battery, calculator, clock, bag, pedometer and a watch. Personal opinion: like I stated before this device is definitely a fake, if you pay attention to the top corner where it says “V4” we all know V4 has an antenna with a ball. Another thing is Bandai doesn’t give extra items with their toys usually especially the old/connection tamagotchis.
  10. Day 10 SO much happened since the last update can't wait to let you all know! Devilgtochi: My little devil was having so much fun and was getting in trouble, first my aim during these four days was to keep Pukudebitchi DP high, we are talking about between ( 65 - 75 ) so I can get Devil Mametchi. When I tell you it's been hell.. The naughty episodes kept happening a lot and within a short period of time. Yesterday it's beeped as usual and I saw the happy meter was empty so I went to play the game to cheer my devil up, it fell asleep during the game two times! I went to check the meter to check if the meter is full but refused to let me check it, keep in mind all these attempts to make my devil happy and they keep misbehaving I wasn't really doing anything for the sake of the DP so it won't decrease. Until finally I wanted to feed it some snacks but it said 'nope' and threw it at me, I was like alright that's it enough is ENOUGH! I disciplined my devil because it was a bit frustrating and at the same time I was trying to keep the Devil Points high but not too high otherwise it will die! turned out that the more the DP, the more your Devil is going to be naughty! Today when I took a shower and came back I found that Pukudebitchi actually evolved into Devil Mametchi! I'm so happy with the results which makes me now want to get the secret angel character Kuridebitchi. As far as I know that it requires and intensive care while making sure the DP is very low ( 0 - 5 ) I noticed something funny, the beep voice slightly changed and also there is a cute funny animation where there's an angel randomly pops up and Devil Mamaetchi chases him until he's gone. It is too fast I couldn't take a pic of it but will try to for the next update. I will try my best to get Kuridebitchi in the next few days and hopefully my devil's journey will be a Good End. His stats for today: Magical Witches - Baluluna: My air witch actually evolved and now is in Gen 4. Her new form reminds me of Devimon from Digimon. 😈 For the past four days I was able to mix and make potions and going for magical rides to bring some of the ingredients. I went through the Curses and Cures lists and found out there are new potions and spells that it can be used on self or on another witch. Something worth the mention is each growth stage is considered a magical rank. the first three stages my witch was just a regular air witch. Now she became a master, the chances of her messing up the potions while making them is really low. So far her Magic Points are high, she will lose one or two bars only when she uses magic and when is making magic, that will make them a bit fatigued and the only way to fix it is to feed her any mushroom kind or wait until she wakes up from her sleep so she restores the Magical Power again. I've managed to get everything for my air witch, I'm so happy that now I can use the potions she is able to mix and also collect from the magical rides. These items are very useful for example some of them can full the hungry meter without gaining weight, other ingredients like mushrooms can increase the Magical Power. Magical Witches - Earthlin: Another witch joins the journey! I received my earthlin witch on Saturday and immediately put some batteries on. Just like her sister I see first her earth element once I put the time I saw the moon animation and waited for my earth witch to appear. C'mon, doesn't she look like Sukamon! I noticed when she came her weight was about 10 lb unlike the air witch she started with 1 lb. I took care of her for the first few hours and decided to introduce her to her friend Baluluna (air witch) but things quickly escalated! I tried to exchange items but the first time I saw the earth witch protecting herself with a shield spell because the other one was trying to curse her! I waited for few minutes and tried again... wish I never did that! She cursed her and used the Cursed Cutlery curse which makes a witch obese. It was funny as this type of welcome was not excepted so I decided to give them some time to restore back their magical powers and wait for another try. Meanwhile I kept mixing and making potions and managed to get only two of them. I tried to figure out something to give for the earth witch I couldn't keep her bouncing around like a happy ball. The problem at the time was is that I didn't have any cure for her the only option was eating her own poop! Sorry to say it again but yes her own POOP Haha! That way, she will get back to her original form and her weight will be decreased back to 1 lb! I felt bad but I couldn't keep her like that especially it was her first day and that didn't look right, well nothing happened to this particular witch that day was right anyways. You can see her smiling that she's finally back to normal! After all that craziness she finally called me to take her to her first magic ride. I wasn't able to take her before only because when you first start with Gen 1 they must call you first, from that point you will be able take your witch whenever you want to. I woke up the next day and found my Earthlin witch awake and she actually evolved! I waited for Baluluna to wake up so I can try and connect them together to see if they could exchange items and can help one another instead of cursing each other all the time. The opposite of what I was hoping for happened, yes this time both of them cursed each other but actually before that they deflected the first time and when I tried for the second time poor Earthlin felt sick so I had to give her medicine! I gave up and just focused on each one of them, I took them both to magic rides and tried to mix some ingredients as well. I will definitely give it a try tomorrow or at least when I feel the Earthlin gained a lot of power so she doesn't get builled again by Baluluna! Surprisingly today, Earthlin evolved and now she is Gen 3! I remember Baluluna took four days to evolve from Gen 2 to 3 so this is something interesting and this might have to do with each element/witch has their own growth process and other personality traits the others don't have. we will have to wait and see about that. This is both of their stats for today The End I am so excited to see what happens next to all of them. Now that I have Devil Mametchi I'm really hoping to get the secret angel character! Magical witches are a bit trouble while connecting them, not sure if this could be fixed but I will do my best to make them friends and exchange items that I'm missing on the other witch. bye bye for now!
  11. Thank you! They are indeed very expensive and rare it’s really hard to find information on them, it is fun to find out about some details that were not mentioned already though! Hopefully one day you will get to try it.
  12. Current run 😈🧙🏼‍♀️


    if you want to see more check my log here! :D 

  13. 6 I sense a storm coming...