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  1. The trailer is definitely lacking. The only thing we saw was taking pictures feature, which is honestly in my opinion is not impressive! Hopefully tomorrow we will have everything we need to know.
  2. Update: A new trailer for the Pix is here, doesn’t really give information on the new device except that you can take pictures with it. I believe we are not meant to see the trailer yet as it was announced on Tamagotchi USA twitter page, that on 21st of this month we will have a surprise/announcement. People speculating that this might be the Tamagotchi Pix official reveal. Cant’t wait to find out more tomorrow!
  3. Well I’m a guy and I enjoy tamagotchi’s. Like what @Penguin-keeper and @Joc said, it’s really up to you when it comes to the gameplay.
  4. This means you need to replace the batteries.
  5. Unfortunately, I will have to end my current log :( exams and final year projects are approaching so it’s best to focus on that. My apologies for those who were waiting for an update. 

  6. Highlights from Tuesday 23th of March - Friday 26th of March This update will be about Aquary and Baluluna ○ Ancient Magic Bomb ○ After the last update, we all know that the air witch triggered the ancient bomb and it exploded! I will give you the details below. This terrifying screen appeared: the screen is frozen until the player press any button. So I pressed B and the bomb screen was flashing with a scary music! The music basically was like "You are in trouble" kind of a song.. I was able to see the FOOL for one more time flashing for about 10 seconds, and then the bomb exploded! a sign appeared across the screen and it was saying "See You Again!" unfortunately I couldn't take a picture of it because it vanished very quickly. Finally I was able to see the "Happy Meter" which indicates how happy the witch or the fool in this case before it died. Clearly the fool wasn't happy! Still trying to figure out how on earth I activated the bomb and I got the fool character! Like I said before it's either because of neglecting the witch, or it happens randomly. In my case I believe that this might be a random event because I'm sure that I was taking care of them all at the same time so it will make sense if another witch was affected by this. ○ Evolution ○ I of course started over with a new witch and so far she reached Gen 2 So far everything is going smooth with the air witch. Speaking of evolving, I'm happy to say that the water witch finally evolved and took her about 5 days to reach Gen 3. Now we have the Saint of water magic world: I noticed while connecting Aquary, Earthlin and Enrouge toghter, they really don't like each other! I tried with them all multiple times but really all they do is curse each other. I really hope they evolve soon. ○ Stats ○ Finally this is their current stats: See you all later.
  7. When I first saw it really freaked me out! it’s something strange and it added some sort of mystery to the toy and I would like to see what happens next!
  8. Sorry to hear that, month and a half is a really long time hopefully someone who knows about them can answer your question
  9. Friday 19th of March ○ Evolution ○ Finally, my four witches evolved on Friday and they all reached Gen 3 Everything seemed fine and well until I checked their stats. the green witch was the different one, her rank was showing "FOOL" and non of the symbols was lit! I was really confused. I also checked characters chart and unfortunately the green one is a fool now meaning that it will not be a witch basically. After the evolution I went and checked the stats again but it was the next day and found another surprise, but not a good one! The picture on top right is what it looks like a bomb! According to the manual it says that this bomb is an ancient magic that affect the witch "randomly" and could potentially affect another witch if connected. Another theory says that if you neglect your witch the bomb will be activated, as you can see there is a time limit starting from 50 hours, if the player doesn't do anything it will sadly explode and kills your witch! I tried to take care of the "FOOL" and tried to bring the weight down, made sure the meters are full but that's all you could do. I couldn't even do any magic, she couldn't preform any magic or anything really apart from being needy and super sensitive to anything! The bomb actually reset for three time so I decided to let it explode! Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to see what happens! ○ Connections ○ On stage 3 I need to start connect them with each other so that they could evolve. The chart below shows the clans and each character has four symbols beneath them, the lit symbols represent the witch clan's symbol and also the witch she was friends with. At this point the only two witches that evolved are Earthlin and Enrouge there connections were as followed: Enrouge was connected with Baluluna multiple times, an interesting animation happened were both of them sounded happy and nothing bad occurred. Earthlin was connected with Aquary and the same with the previous two happened. Aquary also happened to like Baluluna and now they are good friends. I tried to connect Enrouge with Aquary and Baluluna with Earthlin to see how things might go with one another but they completely went ham on each other with the curses so I thought I will give it another try another time! Saturday 20th of March ○ Evolution ○ The big day has come, I was waiting for this to happen only to see if the growth charts online are accurate and I wasn't disappointed Ladies and gentlemen, please say hello to the Saint from the Earth clan (top) and the Demon from the Fire clan (bottom) The connections were correct and I got what I was looking for. Apparently when you connect them you have to see them both happy otherwise that won't count for the evolution. Still waiting for the Water witch to grow. This is a cute animation of the Saint while he was making the potion: After they evolved I wanted to see what would happen and that just happened The earth witch cursed the fire one and trapped it in a bottle. The firs witch cursed the earth one with diarrhea! ○ Stats ○ Finally this is their stats that was taken on Sunday the 21st of March I thought I will include the Air witch photo here as well: Still no evolutions for both Air and Water witches. I'm not worried about the water one but definitely concerned with the "FOOL", the symbols are not lit and the fact it says fool is even worse! ○ Thoughts & Opinions ○ So far the progress is going great soon I will share more about the Water witch As of the Air witch, I will sadly let the bomb explode because at this point I cannot connect it nor I can train it and do magical stuff with it. See you all later!
  10. You have to solder them so you can get the sound back.
  11. Join another magical adventure with the four elements here 🧙‍♀️


  12. Hello again TamaTalkers! Welcome to my main log. It feels great to be back, logging with Magical Witches again but this time will all four elements! So excited to see how this run goes and hopefully you will join the journey so we could all get to know about the world Magical Witches more. “Powers of the witches rise, Come to me who call you near, Come to me and settle here. I summon thee, return to me.” Wednesday the 17th of March: ○ Hatching ○ I was able to finally get them all! the excitement I felt cannot be described. After inserting the batteries, I saw these signs that represent each clan or element: Top row from left: Aquary, Baluluna Bottom row from left: Earthlin, Enrouge The evolution animation was a moon that rotates until the witch shows up. I waited roughly for 5 minutes until they all showed up. and here they are: Don't they look cute. ○ Connecting ○ The first couple of hours were just me taking care of them, was feeding them and making sure they were all clean and healthy. Something worth mentioning is that I tried to connect them to see what they might do and surprisingly they "greeted" on another, and by that I mean they smiled and looked happy as soon as I connected them. The connections were Aquary & Earthlin which was successful. Baluluna & Enrouge was also successful but had some troubles while connecting them. Of course they randomly cursed each other during the process. Connecting the witches plays a huge part of their growth that's why I was trying to slightly build a relationships before they reach Gen 3. This is one of the failed attempts of connecting the water and air witches together: The picture was an aftermath of both of them after they cursed each other. The problem I think might be with the green witch, she's the only one that either curses or get cursed by the other witches I really wonder why! I really hope that what happened the last time with the Magical Witches happens this time. Click here if you would like to see my previous log. ○ Making Potions ○ I made sure they were all healthy and not sick because they get sick easily especially after making potions and/or connecting them with each other. So far I managed to get two potions out of 12 after one failed attempt of mixing for each witch. This is the water witch on her first attempt I will make sure they all have most of the potions by Gen 3 and now since I have them all, it will be easy to exchange some of the items. ○ Magical Rides ○ Some of you might know about the magical rides, for those who don't know it is the time when a witch use her broom to go and look for ingredients/items so that we can use if for making potions. They all got a call for their first magical rides except the water witch and I don't know why! Three of them managed to get the mushrooms which is a very important item used for their mixings but also could be consumed by the witch to raise her Magical Power. Shortly after their return, they went to bed and I snapped a picture of them before I turned off the lights: Thursday 18th of March: ○ Evolution ○ The next day of starting them, early in the morning they evolved and now they are Gen 2 witches! Based on the charts provided online, I can tell that they are a "Good care" characters and that's what I got from the first time I ran the air and earth witches. I'm aiming to get specific characters this time and will tell you guys who specifically I want when they reach Gen 3 Nothing really interesting happened apart from going for Magical Rides including the water witch yay! I was worried that she won't be able to fly looking for stuff but she did and they keep bringing the important mushrooms or other interesting stuff. ○ Stats ○ Finally I would like to update you all with Aquary, Baluluna, Earthlin and Enrouge respectively: ○ Thoughts & Opinions ○ This time like I mentioned above I'm looking to get specific characters and this can be achieved by connecting the Witches together and make sure who connected with who to insure I get the desired characters. One thing that I should focus on is get the all 12 items or at least most of them by Gen 5. Let me know if there's any specifics I should mention or take a picture of and I will gladly do so. See you later!
  13. I think the prices are too high because of both the pandemic and the fact that they don’t make particular tamagotchi’s anymore. I agree on this one! That will definitely help collectors and might bring back old tama lovers and make them interested again.
  14. I don’t think there’s a list the shows each character favorite food. I guess you will have to try it yourself
  15. It might be the battery change them with different types and see if the issue remains
  16. I miss my m!x’s, will see what happens with these two! :tarakotchi:


  17. Hello TamaTalkers! I thought of making this topic to share my experience with proxy services to help others who are struggling decide if they could use these kind of services. What is Proxy buying? When you want to buy something from abroad but the item can’t be shipped to your country, you use a third party to get the item for you and then they will forward it to you. That it is basically what proxy buying means. In this case I will be specifically talking about buying Tamagotchis/Vpets and my personal experience with Buyee which is located in Japan. Buyee I was doing a research on the internet to find what is the best and trusted proxy service to deal with and Buyee was defiantly on the top of the list. What I liked mostly about Buyee is that the website translates the pages and also gives you the option to either bid as if you were bidding in the actual Japanese website or buy the item immediately. I started the process of creating an account which was simple and easy. Thankfully Buyee provide a list of which countries they ship to, so if you ever decided to use their services them I suggest you check the list first. The reason why I created a Buyee account is because I mainly wanted to buy the Magical Witches and also see if there are any Tamagotchi related items for reasonable prices. Luckily I managed to buy 2 Magical Witches from Mercari and won a Yahoo auction for the third one. During this time of purchasing, shipping and delivering the items, Buyee provided a best customer service to ensure that you are aware of the their services and the process of how they take the items and send it to you. What makes Buyee in my opinion the best choice is: 1- They have A LOT of online shops to purchase items from. 2- VERY fast replies to your questions and inquiries. 3- Multiple shipping methods that you get to choose what is more suitable for you. 4- Provide extra protection to your item. 5- Can combine items if you have more than one and put them as one package. The only problem is with the total at the end, considering they add their services fees plus the shipping and the items total . I think they are one of the best proxy services which of course based on my personal experience with them. I definitely recommend Buyee to those who might have a hard time finding a specific Tamagotchi/Vpet from Japan. I’d love to hear about others experiences in other websites.
  18. I can totally relate here, some of my Tamagotchis are still inside of their package not sure if I should run them because of how they look!
  19. This is normal they do dream sometimes nothing to worry about.
  20. Thank you! I used a proxy service to get one from Mercari and won the other from Yahoo Japan!
  21. Look who joined my collection today! another log is coming your way!
  22. 8 It’s been a long time...