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    Waiting for my Anniversary Mix Tamagotchi, and I am thinking of getting a tamagotchi 4U+
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  1. guys, I ordered a Tamagotchi 4u+, but is there an English patch for it yet? Cuz I can only find it for the 4U~

    1. Burotchi


      Nah, no patch for the 4U+. :(

  2. Pre ordered the Dream mix purple edition, can't wait to use it :3

    1. SkaIsNotDead


      Me too!! I love the color!

    2. Chrisell


      It's super cute! :3

  3. Hey guys, I got this huge Tamagotchi while I was in Japan, I think it's called Bandai Paddle To Tamagotchi, does anyone have s guide ? Thanks in advance for the replys

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    2. TheYatagarasu


      That sounds like a mis-translation of the Keitai, actually, and if it's gigantic, it sounds to me like one of the Deka tamas! Is it a big orange or blue Tamagotchi? :)

    3. Breadcrumbs


      It’s most likely a Deka, searched it up and nothing showed up, yeah, it would help with a pic

    4. Chrisell


      Yes it's s deca Tama, I have the blue one! Sorry for the little info guys

  4. Thank you for the replys, I actually got the anniversary edition 4u+ in pink from this who contacted me as soon as I purchased it, telling me that he is gonna send me the tracking number to track the package as soon as he ships it.
  5. Hello guys, I am thinking of getting a Tamagotchi 4U but i don't know where to buy it, my budget is about £50/60 without shipping, if any of you would be kind enough to tell me which seller on Ebay/Amazon i can trust it would be amazing. Thank you for your kindness. :3