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  1. When I have an active one I keep it on my belt loop and don't draw attention to it unless others notice first, but once one of my teachers got really excited and asked to see my tamagotchi, and when I got some in the mail once my stepdad said "Don't you have enough of those yet?" but he didn't seem to be upset, just teasing me. Most people don't seem to care about them for the most part, though. Actually, once during DnD my tamagotchi beeped and someone at the table said "We need to get you a hobby," but... Oh well, lol.
  2. The other day I FINALLY passed the debut on the music star.. crazy.. FINALLY..

  3. oh my god i forgot all about tamatalk bc my laptop broke and i forgot the website name bc i rely on shortcuts so often WOW the site is so different.. very sleek, but will take a bit to get used to.. Hi everyone!!

  4. hi gmers. I got my music star today... im so so hppy my keyboard doesn't relly work though, but ive been hving a great time. usually i can get it to not act up so bad but right now its a bit of a lost cause. i'm having to paste all my a's, rip. anyways, the music star... its a boy named artie, i love him... perfect care toddler but i dont remember their name, oops. im not gonna say a lot tonight because of my keyboard but also boone on the v2 got married yesterday!!! another baby boy... his name will prolly be cosmo, but i need to figure out my band name before tomorrow o:... ill think on it. v v v excited tho. hope u all have a good night, ttyl
  5. I put Boone in a costume and we've just been playing around today. My Music Star will be here on monday it says now, which is a little upsetting but as long as I get it eventually I'll be okay. I hope you all had a good halloween yesterday, Boone was playing with a pumpkin during class, lol. There's not a lot for me to update about; not much has really happened.. Oh well.
  6. Yeah once my little brother's died before he went to school and when we got back home it was still kickin it. Just got some strong spirits, those little guys!
  7. Happy Halloween!!!

  8. HELLO!!! Boone evolved into a Gozarutchi last night but that's not what I'm so excited about. My dream tama got posted yesterday and I finally was able to purchase it! It's shipping to me right now and should be here by saturday and I'm so so so happy! It was cheaper than the average music star too which is pretty sweet. Anyways.... It's halloween!! Happy halloween everyone. I'm currently dressed up as a wood nymph? i guess? idk what it is i just thought it would be fun to make (and it totally was) so. I have Boon ehere right next to me but the poor thing is still asleep (its only 9am so i guess more power to 'im) so I'm ledt alone for now. We're supposed to be doing a school project right now that we were given all week to do but my group already finished so we're all just kind of sitting here... I might wake Boone up soon... anyways love you all I hope you have a good halloween and I may update later if I get updates on my music star!
  9. Good morning! It's 10:06 AM and I've unpaused my V2! I've missed my baby Boone <3 So I'll probably not post for the rest of the night or maybe this afternoon in my last period but right now I'm in first period so . yeah. But this afternoon I need to bake for a halloween party and then get going, I'll be too tired to really post. But I'm getting back into it!! I kinda wanna restart the V5 I have because I neve rplayed with it much. I know why, I don't really like it, but maybe if I gave it another shot I'd be okay. I'll look through all my tamagotchis when I get home and figure out what I want. Also as much as I love M!Xes theyre not good tamas while I'm at school, theyre better break tamas imo. Also I'm gonna try to get a music star finally! Not my dream tama, BUT, it's still pink so I'm okay iwth it haha, missed yall!
  10. Finally restarting my tamagotchis! I've missed these babies

  11. heyyyy.... sorry i left for a while! there was a wedding and i paused my tamas so i could go and i forgot all about it. im gonna finish all my homework then ill unpause and play with them again. sorry for the absence!
  12. oh hey hi i forgot about tamatalk again oops.

  13. homework? boring

    1. UraTamaMatty0-0
    2. QueenRita


      its a government textbook and like........ ew no thanks-

  14. - Monday, September 23rd, 2018 - Just got home- 4:08pm- hi! Mamerabutchi spent all day at his parents house while I watched Aliza and her baby at school today. I’ve felt. Really bad all day but why is super duper personal and not to be shared publicly so ): just know that I’m getting better and it feels good to talk about what happened w ppl I trust to get it off my chest. That aside, mamerabutchi evolved once I took him back home and now has black mame ears again with his bow tie black again too, he looks like a fluffy n slightly paler yellow Mametchi, but now he’s picked up mom’s dress and is wearing it about! So cute. I’ll get him a child soon I think, I loooove taking care of tama babies. In the meantime I need to finish my homework and figure out how to fix meatloaf! I can make a p good recipe but sometimes I mess up, I need to perfect it! Haha. Anyways that’s all for now. I’ll update if something fun happens. 5:53, finished the meatloaf, marrying memetchi!! We also got to the sanrio location Mamerabutchi and Memetchi are such cute parents…. egg hatching!! Iiiiiits.. A baby boy!!!!! Again, haha. Right now his name is ラブめめっち, or Rabumemetchi. I think I’ll keep it and just translate it because that’s more fun for me, when I finally get Japanese a bit better maybe I’ll name them properly then. Haha. He’s a very soft pink baby in a little egg shell diaper, I love it! I got really bored after dinner and never updated the log after i ate so uhhhhh im gonna post it now love yall
  15. - Sunday, September 22nd, 2018 - It’s 10:30am, I’m exhausted, but Aliza had a baby with flowertchi. I think it’s a boy? Pretty sure she had a son. Proud… also I went to the shop and it’s JUST plants right now. I bought them all and decided to use em, as well as a shovel from a few days ago. Aliza dug up and then ate a cake, then the plants grew a sunshine, an angry face, another angry face, and then another sunshine!! Also; Mamerabutchi is at his parents house, at my house, this morning since I’m at work. Lil bro is w me too, we’re watching after his lil guy together. 11:30, still exhausted, thinking about getting another Mini for a little girl who comes into the nursery a lot. We share the same bday I’m totes gonna take a nap when I get home tho.. so sleepy.. Noon, going home. Tired af. I’m gonna NAP. Maybe. Hopefully. That or I’m gonna read my textbook again… 14 more pages.. h.. Hi Mamerabutchi evolved (2:57pm) and he looks like a fully Mametchi with navy blue ears and a blue bow tie and I’m gonna cry he’s SO CUTE!!! Also I never got my nap. I’m so tired still. Ugh- hi its like 10:19 pm im about to post this i never updated it again through the day becuase i was just really unproductive and felt bad but all in all tamagotchis make me really happy and i love them to death and i hope they know how much i love them and how mcuh they mean to me anyweay i love you all goodnight