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  1. happy 4th of july. i miss playing with my tamas.

  2. IM 18 NOW!!!!!!!

  3. Tamatalk works on mobile now! Great! Also. I graduate this month and turn 18 on the 9th... scary stuff but I’m so excited! Can’t wait for summer so I can have more tama time :lol:

  4. The other day I FINALLY passed the debut on the music star.. crazy.. FINALLY..

  5. oh my god i forgot all about tamatalk bc my laptop broke and i forgot the website name bc i rely on shortcuts so often WOW the site is so different.. very sleek, but will take a bit to get used to.. Hi everyone!!

  6. Happy Halloween!!!

  7. Finally restarting my tamagotchis! I've missed these babies

  8. oh hey hi i forgot about tamatalk again oops.

  9. homework? boring

    1. UraTamaMatty0-0
    2. QueenRita


      its a government textbook and like........ ew no thanks-

  10. I kinda really want an Entama or something but A i gotta save the money for it and B I told myself I would get a japanese tamagotchi once I could READ japanese and wasn't reliant on my notebook (not that there's really any shame in that its just a personal goal) but like... New Tamagotchi? Now? Yes Please? Ugh I'm a toddler-

    1. Jhud


      You can always use the Entama to help you with reading Japanese. I always say that knowledge of Japanese is not at all needed for Tamagotchis, but Entama does have a fair share of text (though not at all needed for playthrough), since there's these daily newspaper things

    2. QueenRita


      I mean it's more because I /want/ to know Japanese and other languages bc they've always fascinated me its not so much of a... I feel I need to know them to play w tamas, if that mkaes sense.

  11. おはよう!! こんにちは‼

    1. QueenRita


      (Good morning!! Hello!! <3)

    2. Knighttchi's Ballad

      Knighttchi's Ballad

      Kawaii! XD Just kiddin'. One of my "co-workers" spoke to me in Japanese to make his Japanese students laugh, and I so wish I responded with "kawaii" as a double joke. Learning Japanese will definitely help you with this hobby :^)

    3. QueenRita


      Yeah!! I'm getting /okay/ with spelling but I'm not there at all with reading... Its only been a few days though, I'll get there!!!

  12. yeah yall my laptop just f*ing despises jyw and idk why lol (:

  13. Is JYW working today??? It's not working for me...

  14. I'm really starting to miss playing with my M!Xes but I know I won't be able to pass those off as well at school like my connections... Hm.

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    2. Verklighet


      I take them to school anyway, haha, maybe take them out during breaks.

    3. Hoky


      The daycare feature is super good if you're in school. If you work past 5pm like me... less good. XD

    4. QueenRita
  15. sorry ive been gone so long :P

  16. i want to start up my log again or maybe a new one so i have a fresh start now that im playing w my tamas again.. hm

  17. amazon told me my package would be here by tomorrow when i ordered it but now its gonna be here next tuesday /;... oh well ;P

    1. tamagotchirocks


      Ooh what tama did you get :)

    2. QueenRita


      i didnt. i got highlighters n a notebook n stuff, just.. cute school things i cant get in town

  18. oof i want a new tama but idk what would be good for me... hm

  19. found my tamas!!

  20. i had prepped two tamas to play with and then i left them at home to go to the store.. they were paused, so i didnt have to worry about anything, but now i cannot find them............

  21. accidentally killed a tama because i left it on my desk while watching house w my mom...... rip....... at least i get a new start and i was waiting for a new egg anyway...

  22. first day of school was pretty okay, im really tired now though.

  23. i need to start fixing my schedule for school........

  24. hmmm... I've realized, playing this PC tamagotchi fangame (https://tinyurl.com/y9c8vrwk) that I would love to do another Tama log, the only thing I didn't like was taking photos of the tamagotchi's and trying to figure all that out wiht the sizing and stuff, it was a pain in the butt. But with the simulator, screenshots are really easy, and I super wanna do another log. Would anyone like to see a log of my fangame tamagotchis?

    1. Knighttchi's Ballad

      Knighttchi's Ballad

      I would! I was even thinking that a log about onine/app/non-physical virtual pets would be pretty interesting to read.