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  1. Golden angel gotchi from Japan. Id just like to say. If anyone here is shipping via courier, for the love of Professor Banzo do NOT use Yodel. They are complete crap.
  2. Guess what? We have a new arrival today. A golden Japanese Angel Gotchi. Finally my pearl blue UK edition from 22 years ago has a friend. Here they are together.
  3. Playing through Akai Katana and Deathsmiles again for the first time since their release to home consoles. Great games
  4. I couldn't care less about app integration if I tried. I just like a tamagotchi to be a tamagotchi and that's it. I voted happy to see a new release though I admit the genetics thing is interesting.
  5. Ok here's a few more of yesterday and today's arrivals. They will all be added to the website soon enough. Will post the rest that arrived tonight.
  6. No problem. They do get a bit funny about it sometimes.

    Visit my Tamagotchi museum! All V-Pets that I own are added as they are received, either by donation or purchase. It grows almost every day so stick around. I plan to make this the ultimate cyberpet guide!

  8. What Penguin-keeper said. Prices of actual items can be almost completely nothing, really that cheap. But with the shippings, import charges and shipping from warehouse to your house it builds up into a price. Usually still fairly reasonable. It's worth noting however that Buyee doesn't like you bidding on more than one item at a time. You can do it, it's just frowned upon.
  9. I do own a lot. I currently have about 30 on the way to me now, some new and sealed and some opened. I'll share a complete collection if I can. I have one wall completely full with sealed ones, a drawer full of opened ones, a carry case for living ones (also full) and another part of the wall for sealed chibi ones, and a few that have bulky packaging such as music stars and v3s that stand on a shelf. With that said, this just arrived. I have more that arrived I'll post a bit later.
  10. I got those ones on ebay amd I also use sometimes and Japan You Want. Shpock occasionally. You can get Tamagotchis on Buyee Japan Auctions for as cheap as 1 penny. With import and shipping charges still pretty cheap. Good to check out. For example...
  11. A couple if new additions today. These arrived yesterday technically.
  12. A few new ones today. Orange Chibi from The Entertainer (upstairs one) in Romford. Before that, my pink clear clock Japanese Gen 1 arrived from Buyee Japan Auctions.
  13. The Bobby pets are very needy, especially in baby stage. They beep every 30 seconds or so. I like that strange version posted on there. What's it called, Eryson? Thanks Eggiweg, I'm purchasing it. This mystery now, is for the most part solved (not entirely, but at least we can find Bobby's under the Akachan 1 brand now!) So, here's a little something for everyone interested to watch on my Youtube Channel. Enjoy, and thank you everyone!
  14. Three new additions arrived yesterday. Thought I'd share. Akachan 1 Qpet Tamagotchi Forest.
  15. Strange packaging. Heres my one from my collection. Just called Cyberpet and Digipet, but same thing none the less.