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    Tamagotchi's, Spyro the Dragon, Crash Bandicoot, Evil Dead, Doctor Who. Many others.

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    Is out of control
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    Original Gen 1
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    1 Brown digimon gen 1, a red gen 2, a pink V1 Connect, a transparent purple chibi.

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  1. InCyberspace

    Currently Active Gotchi's

    Here is an update. All my curently active gotchi's are dead. I only have a tamagotchi friends running currently. But I have been to busy to be around I will be starting over shortly so stay tuned.
  2. InCyberspace

    Currently Active Gotchi's

    As I have been so busy lately I am still unable to share full updates, but here is a briefing. These are my currently active gotchi's. A full update is coming soon I assure.
  3. InCyberspace

    Any Tamas you waiting for?

    My 1996 Japanese Gen 1 arrived at 7am yesterday morning.
  4. InCyberspace

    Chicken - Ultra-Rare, 1997 Tamagotchi

    Thus is still not a full update but here is a briefing. Currently Smart Chick is a Tarakotchi. And Chicken died yesterday.
  5. InCyberspace

    Favourite tamagotchi friends design?

    Voted. Blue Gem. Which I just got.
  6. InCyberspace

    Any Tamas you waiting for?

    My Tamagotchi Friends just arrived today.
  7. InCyberspace

    Currently Active Gotchi's

    My Music Star Mametchi (Dinkle) just got married to a Sabiretchi and had a baby.
  8. InCyberspace

    Chicken - Ultra-Rare, 1997 Tamagotchi

    I realise this has been long due but this update will be a briefing on the full update I'll be sharing later. My Chicken and Smart Chick have gone completely insane. Firstly, as I said, they went from Babytchi to Nyorotchi ... but appeared as Kutchitametchi when eating or receiving medicine etc. Then they changed into a full Kutchitametchi (devolved) when receiving dicipline. Now it's gone off the chart. To begin with, Chicken transformed into Gingerotchi then when diciplined he became Mametchi. This went one step further when he became naughty and became Masktchi. All the while, he appeared as Kutchipatchi while eating, receiving medicine etc. Pictures and videos coming very soon. Next is Smart Chick. He changed from Nyorotchi into Tarakotchi. He stayed like that for a while until receiving a new evolution into Masktchi. He remains as one now. Again, it is Kutchipatchi he appears as when eating etc. Nothing about this growth chart makes any sense whatsoever.
  9. InCyberspace

    Any Tamas you waiting for?

    My translucent blue fake Tamagotchi Connection arrived yesterday. It is now hanging on my wall with my other bootlegs.
  10. InCyberspace

    Any games you're excited to be released?

    Still Spyro: Reignited Trilogy.
  11. InCyberspace


    I like the fakes for intrigue. I buy them only because I am fascinated by them abd like to own all kinds.
  12. InCyberspace

    Any Tamas you waiting for?

    Also waiting for this blue unboxed but also unused Blue Tamagotchi Friends.
  13. InCyberspace

    Reset After P2 Death?

    A pin in the small reset button at the back will start over. I have heard A+c works too but I've never used it on a Gen 1 or 2, only on a Music Star. I always used the reset at the back.
  14. InCyberspace

    Any Tamas you waiting for?

    Just bought this beautiful classic 1996 Japanese model Generation 1 Tamagotchi. Will share more on it when it arrives.
  15. InCyberspace

    Where to get tamagotchi? Tamagotchi Traders Europe (Facebook) Tamagotchi Traders International (Facebook) There are others. But these are what I use.