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  1. It seems to be a common issue with new versions of the Gen 1 and Gen 2's... I was hoping it wouldn't be an issue this time but as expected, as soon as I bought it, opened it up and birthed it, it was dead within 3 days. Have no idea why. Was not neglected, was almost constantly full on hearts and played lots of games for exercise with the occasional cake here or there. This is especially sad to me since they were boight AND brought to life on Tuesday 24th August 2021 which has a good memory to it and also the birth was filmed by my sweetheart. Was hoping to grow them inti something special. 🤷‍♂️
  2. So I managed to pick this up yesterday at The Havering 2019 Festival. What do yall think?
  3. I've been away for a while. Certainly I do have pictures. I will share some in the coming week, so keep a look out. My full time job is paranormal investigator, Medium, Exorcist and demonologist so this kind of thing isn't so strange to me as an adult. When it first happened I was a child so that was strange back then. I'll share pictures this week though so stick around.
  4. Three new additions this week. Sleaven been around much to share.
  5. A new video update for those that are interested. It features new areas, a mini side quest to get food for a Nyorotchi and some bad Tarakotchi. Other improvements have been made too so see for yourself and enjoy.
  6. DLC is basically a game with that cannot be preserved safely forever. Video game collectors like myself like to own a tangible item. DLC and Digital Download in general is not ownership of a game, its ownership of a licence to play a game until they decide they wish to take it away from you.
  7. Okay, here's a little updated video. Now showing ENEMIES and HOW TO MAKE THEM FRIENDLY! Still a lot has to be done, like, tons, but gonna share anyway. ENJOY!
  8. Thanks! I hope to have a more detailed video by tonight. Let's see how it goes!
  9. I'll have a better one soon but here's a quick little sample of Sick Bay. Very early WIP.
  10. They are. I'm trying to get pictures of them all but I'm having a very hard time keeping it alive for more than one day. It's very hard to keep alive it seems.
  11. I'll have one available for tomorrow afternoon/evening. I'm gonna finish up a bit more of the level then I'll have a video uploaded. Glad you like it. Without spoiling to much, the plot is basically about a computer virus that has infested/possessed the Tamagotchi realms. (Imagine them as devil gotchi's, but not as cute.) I was tired of making DOOM engine games that rely on ultra-violence and gore, so I thought I'd take a nicer route for a change. Its bright and colourful and has a mild, child-friendly version of the possession idea, using a digital virus as the "demon" of sorts. I'm trying to code it so you can remove the virus from "infected" characters and return them to normal as an alterantive to the DOOM shoot and kill method.
  12. Not sure if anyone is interested in this, but thought I'd share a little hobby project I'm working on. I've made a lot of games in the past using the DOOM Engine. Most are mature horror based games, but I thought I'd share this. A small fps adventure in which a man in his 30's who used to love Tamagotchi's as a child gets sucked into the world of Tamagotchi. He then remembers it was a place he used to visit every night as a child. There is a threat, and enemies, but I won't reveal those here yet. But here's a screenshot I took from the Sick Bay area of the game (it's still a work in progress). Hope you like it, and if you do, I might share a little gameplay video.
  13. This is my reply to this. The Space Monster Vpet that nobody seemed to know about back when that original thread was posted. I have had one of these since 1997. Let me be first to say it's difficult to get used to its strange control style. A is clock as well as cancel (but in some cases b is p... but never c). A also scrolls back through icons. C scrolls forward. He has a left and right guessing game much like the Gen 1 but also has an alternative game. You can set an alarm on the clock screen and I will share more later as I'm heading out now.