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  1. Hello! Iv been running my Sario Mix for a few months now and for four generations I have only had girls. It’s starting to really confuse me. Because I also have a Dream Mix and when I run that and I each generation it varies; boy, girl, boy girl. The very first generation I got was a boy; it was a memetchi - but four after it have all been girls on my Sanrio and I’m starting to get kinda tired of only girls!!! Has this happened to anyone else. I know the boys are out there or there wouldn’t be Hello Kitty!!!! Someone help? 😐
  2. Hello! I am seriously considering purchasing two versions of the tamagotchi m!x, i do understand that they take AAA batteries. my question is, depending on the battery life, if the battery starts to die and you have to change them out will the entire game get reset? i think i read that in some article said to reset you take out the batteries, so in turn if you NEEDED to take them out to give new ones wouldn't your whole game start over each time? i need clarification before i make such a big purchase!! thank you!!!!
  3. (http://tamagotchi.wi.../wiki/Nyorotchi) hi im new to this forum, i just have one question. its been at least 2 decades since i played with a tama and i recently bought the 20th anniver edition. so cute, i love it. the new 20 anniver mini only goes from baby blob to adult in 24 hours. i just remembered as a kid playing it never was the same character every-time.. and this will be my 3rd time with the one worm i do not want to play with. im just reaching out to make sure there nothing else i can do to avoid this guy.. when my tama hatched, it was the weird worm above- then my husband reset him wanting to try to get another character- one day later its the same worm. and the third time we tried, its him again. im starting to see a pattern i think, my question is ... will there be another tama being hatched - does it matter how i "take care of him" or is it going to be the same one every time going forward, luck of the draw, too bad so sad??? i swore as a kid this changed most the time.. its just the worm guy we dont like.. =[ thanks for reading this, hopefully some can answer my question!