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  1. Aaah, I've even preordered the AC Switch 😭💕 I'm honestly so excited for this installment, but I have no idea what I'm going to do on my island yet! I'm just planning to take it as I go!
  2. Oof 😔 If iTamannadi is right, then I guess what's been going on with my Tamas may have also been a glitch. I had some Tama toddlers (and even teens) that took a long time to evolve too. I always thought that if you took poor care of your Tama, it would take longer to evolve. It happened to me kind of frequently, and though frustrating, my Tamas always evolved afterwards just fine! Some gens took longer to get through, while others were really quick. So, I got used to it 😭 Just give it another day, and then try resetting, I guess. ;w; /
  3. I'm playing The Arcana 😭 One of my friends was playing it, and posting about it all over her IG, so I thought it was about time I tried it for myself. [It was advertised to me A LOT on top of it, so curiosity got to the better of me.] I ended up more obsessed than her. 😔 She got me a whole Asra charm and all, just for me... ghrejgkr
  4. Horror is one of my favorite genres! When I was younger, I would get spooked by the dumbest of things, but after a while, I started appreciating it. uwu I especially love reading up on urban legends, and peoples' experience when participating in games such as Midnight Man or Hide and Seek Alone.
  5. in the family tree of my ON it says that i need to register in the app for gens 1 and now 2?
    whats that about?

    1. *CrazyChick*


      Not really sure, usually you need to connect your Tamaon for the first time and hit register device that way it can recognize your tama and save the tree, I have never ran into this error before.

    2. Eggiweg


      It ran out of space to store your 1st and 2nd gen family tree, so it's telling you that you can access those previous generations on the app.

    3. raichuu


      oooh, okay! that makes sense!!

      thank you!

  6. the sound quality on my dream town sounds a bit off..?
    i have no idea if this is a common thing with old / dusting tamas, or that im just used to the sounds in the ON —

    1. Jhud


      It's normal, the Tama Go/Friends/Dream Town tamas are notorious for sounding "wrong". 

    2. raichuu


      oooh, i see!
      i just don't remember it sounding that way before, but it's honestly been a while @w@ so i get it

      thank you!

  7. Aaah, I saw a couple of these with my SO when I was visiting! It was so hard to turn my back on these cuties, I wanted one so bad!!! I'll probably buy myself one later. It's not like I need a new mug or anything, but ... I mean... One more couldn't hurt..... 👀
  8. i decided to be wild and run my dream town AND ON at the same time AHHAHA —

  9. I finally got my hands on Catherine: Full Body~! I got pretty far into the game, but — for some reason — I assumed the game auto saved, and left the game without saving to take a breather... TwT It sucks that I have to start over, but at least I know what I'm doing now! I'd been blindly going through the puzzles without much thought, and barely took note of the climbing techniques. So, it feels good not to be dying so much this time around HAHA! It's really fun so far, and I'm really digging the new girl, Rin! She's so sweet 😭 !!!
  10. sorry if this is kind of silly, but how does the tama party work on the app?
    it seems kind of random, and i dont understand if im playing the game right at all?

    1. iTamannadi


      I think it’s random because till this day I still don’t know how it works :o

    2. raichuu


      dar n, and here i thought i was just doing everything wrong AHAHA

  11. how do you unlock the sports plaza? ;w;

    1. iTamannadi


      After connecting two times with another Meets/M!x (depends which version you have) play with the ball. 

    2. raichuu


      😔 aw man, alright!
      thank you!

  12. aah, thanks for the tips! i'd have to try this out HAHAA
  13. ive had three sets of twins these past three gens, so this is pretty exciting ghrjegkerh

    1. iTamannadi


      I know right:kuribotchi: it is so exciting when you have twins! 

  14. oop, how do i get rid of items i have a double of for tama on? 😔

  15. how do you pause in tamagotchi ON? ;w;

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. raichuu


      ooh, i dont see the tama hotel ;w; maybe im not far enough in the game?

    3. iTamannadi


      It’s the first location and it’s automatically unlocked after your first tama grow into toddler.

      Simply go to the 7th icon (ship icon) and choose the first option which should be saying Tama hotel or Tama resort. When you travel there scroll down until the 5th option which is the last option (not sure what is it called ) and go there, you will be asked if you want to drop your tama off, say yes and they will stay there. ^_^

      make sure you bring your tama back before 5pm because that will make their happy & hunger meter go down! 

    4. raichuu


      ooh!! i see!!

      thank you so much!!!