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  1. finally preordered the Tamagotchi ON :"D 

  2. I finally bought myself a ukulele 😭😭😭

    1. tamagotchirocks


      Thats great, I got one 2 years ago and although I don't play it as frequently, they can be quite fun! What size did you get?

    2. raichuu


      that's still pretty cool though! 

      I got the soprano ukulele! ;w; /


    3. tamagotchirocks


      Thats cool, I have the soprano ukulele as well :)) 

      I'm interested in getting a concert size in the future!

  3. aah, though i'm excited for the Tamagotcho ON -- im just wondering if anyone has any news on it being available for preorder in Canada? :"D converting from USD to CAD is kin d of painful ------ 

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    2. raichuu


      I checked EBGames just now, and I saw the Tamagotchi ON available!!! 
      It's still around $80, but I guess it beats having to pay for shipping! :"D
      Plus, we can get some points off it as well! 

    3. tamagotchirocks


      Woah! Thanks for letting me know! I just checked it out,  I'm hoping to get it on sale sometime in the future haha :D

    4. raichuu


      good idea!

      I'm probably just gonna go for the preorder — just to secure one for me 😭

  4. They were a lot of fun though! Solving the puzzles made the ending so worth it, yknow? Honestly, I'm still tempted to go back and buy 'em on Steam. 👀
  5. aaah, i finally finished god eater :"D 

  6. Aah, I'm really looking forward to Catherine: Full body!!! I really liked the original, so I'm just excited to see how this new character fits into the story!
  7. so b, im getting old 

    1. juushii


      I really felt this.

  8. I ended up buying myself a psp instead of a ukulele — 
    htejgeh next pay for sure 😭

    1. wameed98


      treat yourself 🙌

    2. raichuu


      YOU'RE RIGHT!!! 

  9. probably gonna get myself a ukulele tomorrow!
    im not very musical, but i'd love to learn, and I think a ukulele is a good start. ;w; /


    1. wameed98


      sounds like a great start good luck!

    2. raichuu


      thank you so much!!! 

  10. Hmm... I'm not sure how I could help you exactly! ;w; I don't have the game myself.
  11. Thanks for the heads up!! My poor laptop always overheats when I play Sims 2, so to hear that Life Stories is laptop friendly is pretty great! I probably won't be able to play it though, since I have so many Sims games anyway! But thank you so much for telling me regardless!!
  12. Ooh, really? That's pretty cool! Is Sims Stories the one you have rn? It's kind of like Sims 2, right?