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  1. On 1/30/2019 at 2:49 PM, Jhud said:

    You can always play it on your PC, it's an old game anyway.

    You're absolutely right!

    Rule of Rose is really expensive to purchase as a physical copy anyway. 😅

  2. Aah, I also finally picked up a couple of books since my last post! 

    I'm reading I Want To Eat Your Pancres by Yoru Sumino! It's still a recent purchase, but so far it's pretty interesting. Just from the beginning, I could tell it was going to be a sad one, so I've been prepping myself for an emotional ending.

    I also bought The Nine Lives of Alexander Baddenfield! Heard it was a pretty dark story about a kid who commits suicide over and over, due to obtaining the 9 lives of his cat and making a swap/trade. The art in the book was pretty to look at, and it sounded cool!

  3. Aaah!

    I haven't played it yet, but all my Discord friends have, and they had to make a separate channel to not spoil me.


    Hehe, I've seen some fanart though and the character designs are really nice!!


    I hope I'll have time to play it one of these comings days. ;w;

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  4. I've noticed that my Tama is veryvery quiet. It doesn't cry for attention or if something's wrong [like if it's hungry or sick], and so I'm not taking care of it properly. TWT

    I'm not entirely sure if that's something normal for this Tamagotchi, since it's my first and I have no prior knowledge to the originals. ;w;


    Also, I totally understand what you mean about those sound effects for the game. The game sort of... Screeches HAHA;

  5. Hello!

    So, a friend of mine dug around her house and pulled up an old Tamagotchi she had from a long time ago. She popped in some batteries, and it's actually working just fine [except for the A button being a bit hard to press].


    However; my friend just wants to know which version her Tamagotchi is, and why can't she find this specific shell design online?

    It's obviously pretty faded from age and wear, but we can kind of guess it's a rainbow-ish? Sort of thing that's going on?

    She also wants to know if others have this particular design!


    Here's the image!

  6. Wow, you have great taste in music! xD I had no idea This Is Home is the original - I have to seriously check that out ASAP. xD


    OMG I JUST SAW THE LYRICS! Imma try and listen to it tonight. That was so beautiful! It's so sad... it's amazing. I owe you one, raichuu. Cuz that is so good. :o I'm writing down the lyrics. xD


    Hehehe, it's no problem at all!

    As much as I love the remix, I just like to backtrack to the original source, since I've noticed people often forget about it. ;w; /


    But thank you! ;///;

    I listen to all sorts of music, so I can't ever pick just one favorite amongst thousands that I listen to everyday.


    Ooh, here's another remix that I enjoy a lot! :wub:

  7. Hi! All the other threads looked a bit old, so I'm making a new thread. :) So... what's your favourite song? Why is it your favourite? My favourite song is 'Cut my Hair' by Mounika. I just think it's a really beautiful song. The meaning of it is pretty deep and the general song is something I can relate to. I find it relaxing to listen to. So, what about you guys? :)


    Aw, Cut My Hair!

    I love that song too! I remember hearing it from a bunch of animation memes, and fell in love with the remix.

    Though I prefer the original This is Home a bit more than it's remix, 'cause I love all the lyrics. :wub: They're both lovely though ;w; / —


    As for meeeeeee...


    I have so many favorite songs, and songs I continue to listen to on repeat.


    But for now, the songs I listen to on any occasion [on repeat] and for everything that I'm doing is Bad Karma and j^p^n - bloom. []

  8. I recently got into God Eater, and have been playing that with a friend these past few weeks!

    She was the one who introduced it to me, and I've been pretty hooked since I've started. I'm not very good at RPGs as seen when I play Bloodborne, but it's a nice change of pace. I'm always open to trying new experiences!


    I'm also a sucker for customizing your protagonist. Literal icing on a cake for me. :wub:

  9. Also, bring it everywhere with you (in your pocket) with the volume turned off. Every hour or so just reach into your pocket and press and a and b buttons in the right order to feed it, give it snacks, and clean its poop.


    It's such a simple Tamagotchi that you don't even need to see it to care for it.


    Yeah, you're right!

    I honestly have just been feeding 'em whenever I remember to, and I've gotten another Kuchipatchi and Nyorotchi as a result ahah!

    My timings always super off, I really gotta watch the clock. :P


    Thank you for the tip though!

  10. I'm not sure what character you are trying to get, but checking it every hour may help.


    I'm mainly aiming for Mametchi. ;w; /


    But I'll definitely try doing that next time TWT —

    I would check back very consistently, probably every other hour, to feed and whatnot. I guess the intervals are too long for these Tamas, or my timings just really off that it keeps happening to me. :(


    But thank you for the advice!

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  11. So, I've been running my Tamagotchi mini for about two weeks now, and have been enjoying it to the best of my ability.

    The problem is that I've gotten Nyorotchi three times now, despite being really attentive and careful with the babies. [The second time actually, not so much, I purposely tried to neglect it and stuff— then it ended up dying—]

    This time around, the Marutchi hasn't even gotten sick, but he still turned into Nyorotchi.


    Is this supposed to happen?

    Or am I doing something wrong?


    The first time I thought that maybe I had overfed him which resulted in Nyorotchi —


    But now I'm just thinking that Nyorotchi and Oyajitchi are the only other characters besides Marutchi?

  12. Dream Town is awesome!

    I highly recommend it!


    It makes me so sad that Dream Town is so hard to find nowadays!
    I got mine in a Hot Topic, and I never saw them again after purchase date.


    I don't have any experience with Friends, personally, but I'm sure it's about the same just with fewer games. Dream Town is just an extension of Friends, so I'm sure you'll enjoy Friends just as much as you would Dream Town!

    If you happen to find a Dream Town in a decent price, I think you should go for it!


    But otherwise, stick with whatever is more convenient and possible for you. >W< /

  13. They make it seem like Ryo only wanted to torture Akira when he really wanted to save him and had good reasons to do all the things he did. And how neither Akira or Ryo are in the right.


    It sort of reminds me of that whole L vs Light argument that was really persistent during Death Note's run... Or maybe a better example would be from Shiki; the Shiki vs Humans debate. I'm so sorry if you've never seen it, and I'm just making super dumb and confusing references.

    Which of the two had more of a right to live?

    Humans use livestock to survive, so why was it wrong for the Shiki [or Demons for Devilman] to feed off a handful of humans to achieve the same thing?


    The demons were there first, so why did the humans have to take it away?


    I naturally sided more with Akira [being a biased human myself :"D] , but I could see where Ryo was coming from. His whole point-of-view was made very clear, and it does make me kind of sad that some fans just throw away his entire character away.

    Ryo and Akira were both really great characters, and I ended up loving them both to pieces. TwT /


    Ryo truly wanted the best for Akira in that time. All he wanted was to ensure Akira's survival for whatever was going to happen. Granted, if he was able to just come to terms with his feelings for Akira sooner, then things would've ended much differently. Maybe even happier.




    I can't see their relationship as being problematic, but maybe I also missed some sort of point with the other side of that discussion. I guess it was like... That thing where Ryo convinced Akira to become a Devilman, and Akira blindly followed him because he trusted Ryo to do the right thing.


    I'm not sure!

    I would love to hear the other side of that though!


    Sometimes fictional relationships can really change the way we look at relationships in real life, not just as individuals but also as a community.


    I also agree with this!

    Some fictional relationships do tackle problems that people in real life might be too afraid to confront, or recognize as something abusive per say.



    Ahh, a shipwar. Personally, I don't know why people get so fanatical about romantic pairings, canonical or not. It's not like people can't make fanart, fanfiction, etc.


    People can get real crazy with their ships, and I wish it wasn't something that happened though.

    To be honest, I think that's one of the scarier parts of a fandom LOL;;;


    Sorry, I sort of went on a tangent. ;w;

  14. Oh yeah, I like Devilman in general too (though honestly manga more than Crybaby, but I mean, it is good too). It really was a very chill fandom before Crybaby happened and it actually got popular in the west, which is a shame.


    If it wasn't for Crybaby, I wouldn't have known about Devilman at all; so I'm sort of happy that Crybaby came into the picture. ;w; /

    It introduced me to something truly amazing!


    When I was super into the fandom though, I wanted to read more on Devilman, but just couldn't keep up with all the content.

    So, I ended up just watching the OVAs, and whatnot!


    That fandom went off the rails real fast though—

  15. Ooh, I was actually reading the Wiki on the minis — since I have one as well, and was asking the same questions — but yes! The lifespan of these Tamas are approximately 15 days, according to Wikipedia. I'm not sure if that means yours died prematurely, or it's just a case-by-case situation.


    My friend got Masukutchi by completely neglecting hers?

    She cared for her Tama for about an hour, then left it alone until it evolved.


    I was very attentive towards mine, but I ended up with Nyorotchi. [i was constantly feeding my Tama though, so it must've been from being overfed;;;]

    From Nyorotchi, I got Oyajitchi, and still have him around now!


    I wish I could be of more help, but that was just our experience!