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  1. how do you pause in tamagotchi ON? ;w;

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    2. raichuu


      ooh, i dont see the tama hotel ;w; maybe im not far enough in the game?

    3. iTamannadi


      It’s the first location and it’s automatically unlocked after your first tama grow into toddler.

      Simply go to the 7th icon (ship icon) and choose the first option which should be saying Tama hotel or Tama resort. When you travel there scroll down until the 5th option which is the last option (not sure what is it called ) and go there, you will be asked if you want to drop your tama off, say yes and they will stay there. ^_^

      make sure you bring your tama back before 5pm because that will make their happy & hunger meter go down! 

    4. raichuu


      ooh!! i see!!

      thank you so much!!!