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  1. my ps vita collection is finally starting to grow!

    ive got persona 4, yomawari / htol #niq, and now deemo!

    1. Cisco


      Persona 4 Golden is such a good game! Have fun playing it! 

    2. raichuu


      aah, thank you!

      ive barely just got into it, but im having so much fun already! ;w;

  2. You're absolutely right! Rule of Rose is really expensive to purchase as a physical copy anyway. 😅
  3. I miss the PS2 because I never got the chance to play Rule of Rose----
  4. i bought a ps vita recently, but am too broke to buy games for it yet :"D

    i shouldve thought of this a little bit more HAHAH

  5. Aah, I also finally picked up a couple of books since my last post! I'm reading I Want To Eat Your Pancres by Yoru Sumino! It's still a recent purchase, but so far it's pretty interesting. Just from the beginning, I could tell it was going to be a sad one, so I've been prepping myself for an emotional ending. I also bought The Nine Lives of Alexander Baddenfield! Heard it was a pretty dark story about a kid who commits suicide over and over, due to obtaining the 9 lives of his cat and making a swap/trade. The art in the book was pretty to look at, and it sounded cool!
  6. wow, this update looks awesome!!

  7. AHAHA, i remember this website! my little brother showed it to me, telling me it was a better club penguin because everyone's a member and youre allowed to curse! people were pretty crazy over there!
  8. aah, i hope the rumors turn out to be true for this one!
  9. raichuu


    Aaah! I haven't played it yet, but all my Discord friends have, and they had to make a separate channel to not spoil me. Hehe, I've seen some fanart though and the character designs are really nice!! I hope I'll have time to play it one of these comings days. ;w;
  10. I've noticed that my Tama is veryvery quiet. It doesn't cry for attention or if something's wrong [like if it's hungry or sick], and so I'm not taking care of it properly. TWT I'm not entirely sure if that's something normal for this Tamagotchi, since it's my first and I have no prior knowledge to the originals. ;w; Also, I totally understand what you mean about those sound effects for the game. The game sort of... Screeches HAHA;
  11. my galaxy tama is ready for pickup! aahh, will be getting it tomorrow gjerhkg so excited! ;w;

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. raichuu


      it is! i love galaxy themed things, so this tama feels made for me hehehe!

      you should totally get one for yourself when you can!! ;w;

    3. BlueDragonflytchi


      Did you get it? :-?

    4. raichuu


      i did!!!

      i was so giddy all morning til i got it! havent it opened it from its package yet!

  12. preordered the galaxy tama ;w; ! ahh, im excited!

    1. cole.sseum


      gorl u lucky


    2. raichuu


      oh no!

      can you not get one for yourself? ;w; !

  13. i already regret going back to school HAHA;;

  14. aah, playing danganronpa for the first time!

    1. tamagotchirocks


      oof I remember watching the anime a couple years ago and it was great ^.^ I suppose the game is fun too

    2. raichuu


      aww! ive seen it around for a while, and i managed to avoid all spoilers for it LOL

      i saved it all for this day! gjerghe

      im having a really good time with it tho!

  15. my 4U came in the mail today omg----

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    2. raichuu


      oh man, its really really pretty!

      its my first colored tama, so im like --- WOW!! its so pretty and nice to look at ;ww; !!!


      since everythings in japanese, im still trying to figure out what everything really does or means, but so far so good!!!

    3. tamagotchirocks


      I see! I don't have a coloured tama so how does it feel compared to other ones? :)

    4. raichuu


      very strange!!! but like.... a good strange!

      theres so much more that my DreamTown doesnt have, so its almost overwhelming to have all these extra features too!


      i think its really beautiful TWT /