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  1. my ps vita collection is finally starting to grow!

    ive got persona 4, yomawari / htol #niq, and now deemo!

    1. Cisco


      Persona 4 Golden is such a good game! Have fun playing it! 

    2. raichuu


      aah, thank you!

      ive barely just got into it, but im having so much fun already! ;w;

  2. You're absolutely right! Rule of Rose is really expensive to purchase as a physical copy anyway. 😅
  3. I miss the PS2 because I never got the chance to play Rule of Rose----
  4. i bought a ps vita recently, but am too broke to buy games for it yet :"D

    i shouldve thought of this a little bit more HAHAH

  5. Aah, I also finally picked up a couple of books since my last post! I'm reading I Want To Eat Your Pancres by Yoru Sumino! It's still a recent purchase, but so far it's pretty interesting. Just from the beginning, I could tell it was going to be a sad one, so I've been prepping myself for an emotional ending. I also bought The Nine Lives of Alexander Baddenfield! Heard it was a pretty dark story about a kid who commits suicide over and over, due to obtaining the 9 lives of his cat and making a swap/trade. The art in the book was pretty to look at, and it sounded cool!
  6. wow, this update looks awesome!!

  7. AHAHA, i remember this website! my little brother showed it to me, telling me it was a better club penguin because everyone's a member and youre allowed to curse! people were pretty crazy over there!
  8. aah, i hope the rumors turn out to be true for this one!
  9. raichuu


    Aaah! I haven't played it yet, but all my Discord friends have, and they had to make a separate channel to not spoil me. Hehe, I've seen some fanart though and the character designs are really nice!! I hope I'll have time to play it one of these comings days. ;w;
  10. I've noticed that my Tama is veryvery quiet. It doesn't cry for attention or if something's wrong [like if it's hungry or sick], and so I'm not taking care of it properly. TWT I'm not entirely sure if that's something normal for this Tamagotchi, since it's my first and I have no prior knowledge to the originals. ;w; Also, I totally understand what you mean about those sound effects for the game. The game sort of... Screeches HAHA;
  11. my galaxy tama is ready for pickup! aahh, will be getting it tomorrow gjerhkg so excited! ;w;

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    2. raichuu


      it is! i love galaxy themed things, so this tama feels made for me hehehe!

      you should totally get one for yourself when you can!! ;w;

    3. BlueDragonflytchi


      Did you get it? :-?

    4. raichuu


      i did!!!

      i was so giddy all morning til i got it! havent it opened it from its package yet!

  12. preordered the galaxy tama ;w; ! ahh, im excited!

    1. cole.sseum


      gorl u lucky


    2. raichuu


      oh no!

      can you not get one for yourself? ;w; !

  13. i already regret going back to school HAHA;;

  14. aah, playing danganronpa for the first time!

    1. tamagotchirocks


      oof I remember watching the anime a couple years ago and it was great ^.^ I suppose the game is fun too

    2. raichuu


      aww! ive seen it around for a while, and i managed to avoid all spoilers for it LOL

      i saved it all for this day! gjerghe

      im having a really good time with it tho!

  15. my 4U came in the mail today omg----

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    2. raichuu


      oh man, its really really pretty!

      its my first colored tama, so im like --- WOW!! its so pretty and nice to look at ;ww; !!!


      since everythings in japanese, im still trying to figure out what everything really does or means, but so far so good!!!

    3. tamagotchirocks


      I see! I don't have a coloured tama so how does it feel compared to other ones? :)

    4. raichuu


      very strange!!! but like.... a good strange!

      theres so much more that my DreamTown doesnt have, so its almost overwhelming to have all these extra features too!


      i think its really beautiful TWT /

  16. agh, got my refund on the tama i ordered off of amazon. it never showed up TWT

  17. my 4U from Amazon hasnt come yet, and everyones been telling me to stay patient ;w; sobsob

    1. Berryitchi


      Awww ;-; What colour is it? :3 (And while I was waiting for my mini I read about them and looked at pics of them - you could try that. xD)

    2. raichuu


      its the pink one!

      i would do that too tho, but i think it just makes me more impatient HAHAH

    3. Berryitchi


      Ooh, nice choice! :D Uhh... keep yourself distracted. Take your mind off it. Easier said than done. Uhh... yeah, that's all I've got. xD

  18. Thank you so much to the both of you! I'll definitely let her know!!
  19. Hello! So, a friend of mine dug around her house and pulled up an old Tamagotchi she had from a long time ago. She popped in some batteries, and it's actually working just fine [except for the A button being a bit hard to press]. However; my friend just wants to know which version her Tamagotchi is, and why can't she find this specific shell design online? It's obviously pretty faded from age and wear, but we can kind of guess it's a rainbow-ish? Sort of thing that's going on? She also wants to know if others have this particular design! Here's the image!
  20. Hehehe, it's no problem at all! As much as I love the remix, I just like to backtrack to the original source, since I've noticed people often forget about it. ;w; / But thank you! ;///; I listen to all sorts of music, so I can't ever pick just one favorite amongst thousands that I listen to everyday. Ooh, here's another remix that I enjoy a lot!
  21. Aw, Cut My Hair! I love that song too! I remember hearing it from a bunch of animation memes, and fell in love with the remix. Though I prefer the original This is Home a bit more than it's remix, 'cause I love all the lyrics. They're both lovely though ;w; / — As for meeeeeee... HMMMMMM... I have so many favorite songs, and songs I continue to listen to on repeat. But for now, the songs I listen to on any occasion [on repeat] and for everything that I'm doing is Bad Karma and j^p^n - bloom. []
  22. I recently got into God Eater, and have been playing that with a friend these past few weeks! She was the one who introduced it to me, and I've been pretty hooked since I've started. I'm not very good at RPGs as seen when I play Bloodborne, but it's a nice change of pace. I'm always open to trying new experiences! I'm also a sucker for customizing your protagonist. Literal icing on a cake for me.
  23. Yeah, you're right! I honestly have just been feeding 'em whenever I remember to, and I've gotten another Kuchipatchi and Nyorotchi as a result ahah! My timings always super off, I really gotta watch the clock. Thank you for the tip though!
  24. mrblinky has a whole list of the compatible phones and tablets that have this NFC function for your 4U. ;w; / Unfortunately, if the Samsungs aren't on the list, chances of the app working are pretty slim.