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  1. The meets does not have a school feature. Tamagotchi P's is very customisable and there is a lot of custom content for it. It's more of a "traditional" tamagotchi where care levels actually affect growth. The meets/ON has the advantage that you can continously m!x genes and there is no real end to the game. You can also connect to the app and marry characters there. There's also the myMeets app which can be used to get Japan-exclusive items.
  2. This app can be used to send items and custom tamagotchi characters to your meets/ON, however using it will cause Bandai to ban your meets/ON device from accessing the official app unless you reset it.
  3. I grabbed the models off the mymeets app found here.
  4. Some character bases have a darker base shade and this makes the colors appear darker.
  5. Upon reaching adult stage, your character will always dislike the basic rice option.
  6. I found it on ebay. If it works, I'll post some pictures of it in action when it arrives.
  7. This is a nana moon maxi, it's made by M&D and it runs it's own ROM entirely.
  8. Those items all change your tamagotchi to the same shade of pink. Can you explain what you mean by "powerful roses"? There is a red colour change as well which may explain a difference in shades.
  9. The meets and m!x can get married through the app. Also, if you get a 2nd IDL, you can connect them.
  10. How do you delete an item from your inventory?
  11. Does anyone know if the tama farm tree resets every time you hatch a new egg? Does it die if you don't water it for a day?
  12. Meets and m!x can connect. I unlocked mermaid palace on my m!x by connecting and then resetting my meets with a different username and connecting again.
  13. It worked! Green tamasuku - Ver. 21.2 I posted some pictures of the rom test for interest. Black screen Press arrows in an anti-clockwise position Checkered screen Square Rom number Rom test Sound test
  14. Do you have any instructions for ROM testing the tamasuku?