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  1. Try these links I found on, or you could order a NIP music star bundle which comes with the DVD
  2. @Alex Grigoriouhas a tamatown mirror up on his website and last year@hwd45managed to crack how V3 and V4 passwords are generated
  3. I'm impressed at how good the keyboard is on the PSION 5, I think I've only ever seen tiny blackberry-style buttons on those types of devices, and I'm loving the 1990s era programmer humour in Fred.
  4. The tamaOtch is notoriously enigmatic, to my knowledge, there are certain characters no one has been able to get yet.
  5. Looks real, but you can ask the seller for pics of it working to confirm.
  6. There's a theory that happiness levels at different evolution stages affect which traits your tama inherits, and teen body types are linked to which adult body you get.
  7. I'm glad you made this topic because I'd never heard of this feature before.
  8. I own one of the sequels, Tamagotchi 2, which features the umino and morino characters. The menus/functions for it are almost exactly the same as the Tamagotchi GB game, so I think the experience would be similar to playing on a meets after having played with the ON. I opened it up, and there's no RTC crystal in the cart (explains why the original battery still holds a save), but the RTC function does exist in Tamagotchi 3: Osucchi to Mesucchi.!!_Tamagotchi_Osucchi_to_Mesucchi Anyway, good suggestions, might you be interested in making some sort of rom hack?
  9. This is pretty much the Pandemic series of games already. I think we haven't seen any meets updates because it makes more sense financially to release themed nanos, as they sell so well, and there's less work required for more profit. It would be nice to see a re-release of some of the limited edition meets to keep up with demand, though that would be very unlikely, given that it's never happened in the past. This is just wishful thinking on my part, but it'd be nice if they could release a retro themed meets with a B&W 'world' (like the m!x anniversary) where you could mix with some of the classic characters?
  10. MS paint to the rescue! The characters look like a combination of hirigana and katakana れんだスタチ (renda-sutachi?). Maybe it's meant to be read as 連打. Super interesting find! Please let us know if you find out anything else about it.
  11. I've never heard of miraheze before, are you planning to host a wikia of your own?
  12. There's also DMPC which is pretty much a digivice that hovers over your desktop.
  13. Don't make the same mistake I did and use isopropyl alcohol to clean the screen, it fogs the plastic. If you do, a bit of displex/polywatch will clear it up.
  14. I'd love to see your GB Boy mod when you get round to it I'm patiently waiting for everyone to get their analogue preorders so I can finally see footage of the thing in action, the mock-ups look so good. I'm surprised there aren't more of us actually, given the huge overlap I've seen on other social media sites, also I've only heard good things about MGS for the GBC, hope you enjoy it! Kinda wish my PSP wasn't broken so I could try out Azure Dreams for the PS1.
  15. As expected, I did not get mimitchi, but I did get the blessed duckplant and based masktchi. Thanks for the hatch @Mandymom!