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  1. There's a mislabelled Bobby up for sale on ebay.
  2. Can you post a picture? Is it a baby/toddler? You can only dress your tama up when it's an adult.
  3. No I didn't reset it, and it was a one off event.
  4. Wait for the reviews. Try japanyouwant, shipping isn't ever going to be cheap, but they usually give good prices.
  5. No idea, happened to me with a full discipline bar too.
  6. Yeah, it's a good way to get afforable tamas. The paint may be a little chipped/discoloured though, so check the listing photos. Super recommend getting a used IDL.
  7. If you can wedge something into the faceplate and free the tabs holding it, however considering there are 5 tabs there is a high chance of breaking it.
  8. Enwarehouse is a program made by Binary to generate codes for the Entama, Uratama, Hanerutchi or Tama School. Have you got Microsoft .NET Framework installed? Can you post the error message?
  10. What version? Can you post a picture of the glitch? Have you tried resetting it and downloading the data? Try waiting another day.
  11. It wont fall out or anything, it just might jiggle a little bit when moved.
  12. People have found that the USB dongles are unreliable, it'd be better if you can find an old phone with IRDA instead. Here's a list of phones that have been confirmed to work: You can also order a phone from Fuzzy 'n' Chic, but it is more expensive.
  13. You can marry whomever you like. I think mametchi getting married to the same character in the ad is just tamagotchi canon or something.