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  1. Exciting times.
  2. IIRC, they are linked to your account and can be viewed when you have your tamagotchi active in the app.
  4. Accessories and clothing will always be greyed out until the tama becomes an adult - only adults can wear accessories/clothing.
  6. Link to image guide:
  7. "To return hit "C" button(center one)>select first option>then select first option again."
  8. There are a few options for pausing your tamagotchi ON: You can also send it to the app and leave it there. Here are some more guides which might be helpful:
  9. Putting it in upside down would cause additional pressure which may have led to a leak. If it's still broken, you can easily replace the lcd with another vintage tama's screen. The icons wouldn't be the same, but the display should work fine. Here is a guide with pictures:
  10. Hi, welcome to TamaTalk! Unfortunately as you said, tamatown was taken down a long time ago, although there is a mirror hosted by Alex Grigoriou here: There is also a topic here about experimenting with the generation of V3 passwords.
  11. You could try sanding off a thin layer using sandpaper or a melamime sponge, though it may not work if the the colour change has affected a deep layer of the plastic. Jhud has the right idea, you'd just have to unscrew the tama to get to the contacts.
  12. Looks like there are cracks in the eyes. My theory is that the lcd screen broke and the thick plastic of the eyes is just refracting the rainbow striping broken LCDs usually produce.
  13. I find this seller usually has some good deals on Ps, however, you should read the description first to know what you are getting.
  14. Could you describe what the 'dance' looks like? Also, are you talking about the gudetama nano?