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  1. Could it be a battery contact problem? Try bending the contacts or wedging a piece of cardboard behind the batteries to make them contact better. Or try some of the tips from here. Even if it doesn't work out, I'm glad to hear of your fond memories with that tama.
  2. Tama pets leave when you start a new generation. Check this guide for which items can be used to attract different tama pets.
  3. The nanos can't actually link to the IDLs, they were marketed as a keychain-type accessory for the IDLs. Also unfortunately, the IDL can only connect to the ID, IDL and Ps units and can't connect to the 4U or meets.
  4. A bit of a tangent, but there are VDPs for the Ps which let you raise characters from the vintage releases.
  5. They're coming out with a second wave of devices with glitch fixes and a longer battery life.
  6. The online functionality of the meets really adds to the experience in my opinion. For the Ps, there are patches that can emulate the pierces or even translate your Ps into english. Currently, not all the pierces are avaliable, but there are some additional pierces Mr. Blinky has created as well.
  7. If the battery runs out too quickly, try bending the metal contacts a little, it happens fairly often with the connection models.
  8. When you send your tamagotchi to the app, you are able to bring it back to your device without the app (in the event that the app crashes) by pressing "C" and choosing the return option. So your tama will be safe if you choose to send it away. When you get an egg, you'll be asked to connect your device to the app and the egg will be transferred back onto your device. Another tip, if someone proposes to you, but you don't want their genes, you can click accept without transferring the egg onto your device so that they can get the genes and you can continue searching for a partner you like.
  9. Do you mean the 12:00 AM animation where the parent wakes up, turns on the light and leaves the baby? That's present on most tamagotchi connection models.
  10. Your family tree data is accessible through the app.