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  1. Are both characters old enough? Is the dating place unlocked in the TamaGO? Do you have max friendship in both the music star AND the TamaGO? You have to keep connecting and eventually they will marry.
  2. Yes, a tamaGO can marry a music star.
  3. That's a P2 and it's a legit shell.
  4. Try squeezing the front and back halves of the tamagotchi together, if the pixels reappear, you probably need to tighten your screws. You can also try taking it apart and cleaning the screen contacts.
  5. Nanos sometimes beep just to say hi
  6. I'll join in with a red entama 😁
  7. Weight wasn't in the tamagotchi m!x either, so there aren't any repercussions. The happiness bars also take longer to fill compared to the black and white versions.
  8. Fuzzy and chic sell IRDA and NFC compatible phones, however they are pricey.
  9. I think the music star backgrounds depend on which wave of music star you get. You can tell what it is by looking at the text on the top. If it just says "Tamagotchi," it's wave 1and has "Tamagotchi" AND "Music Star" it's wave 2.
  10. Try taking it to a jewellers to see if there is anything they can do. You could also try some screwgrab, or you could drill out the screws in the worst case scenario.
  11. I think the V4 is sufficiently different from the V3. It has a cool job function.
  12. Tamagotchi ocean needs a lot of care, and a lot is up to chance even if you take perfect care of it, definitely not a tama for someone who has other things to do. The V5 is a bit boring imo, especially since it takes a lot of grinding to get high bonding levels (needed to get certain pure families). The angel is probably the best option, it evolves once per day, but if you're used to a V3, you might find it a little boring. Try for a V4 or a V4.5 if you really can't afford the music star, though you can find some in the $35 AUD range.