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  1. You could try sanding off a thin layer using sandpaper or a melamime sponge, though it may not work if the the colour change has affected a deep layer of the plastic. Jhud has the right idea, you'd just have to unscrew the tama to get to the contacts.
  2. Looks like there are cracks in the eyes. My theory is that the lcd screen broke and the thick plastic of the eyes is just refracting the rainbow striping broken LCDs usually produce.
  3. I find this seller usually has some good deals on Ps, however, you should read the description first to know what you are getting.
  4. Could you describe what the 'dance' looks like? Also, are you talking about the gudetama nano?
  5. Do you have a link to where you downloaded it from? It reminds me a lot of DVpet.
  6. but then you could raise a pure line of gozarutchis, extending back into the 14th century
  7. Get an old IRDA phone if you can, the USB dongles are quite fiddly.
  8. Being able to breed your tamas with online makes it so there isn't that much difference between meets/ON versions so whatever you choose will be good either way. The sanrio is pretty adorable IMO though. Also, yes , you can unlock your dream town locations with the meets.
  9. You can't reverse a colour change unfortunately, but you can change it back to a similar colour.
  10. Yep, programming is pretty much the same with the exception that feeding your tama too many snacks can kill them.
  11. Zuccitchi sleeps at 11pm and wakes at 11am. The 'worse' the character is (obtained through worse care on the evolution chart), the more needy they are and the shorter their lifespan. They also get needier as they age.
  12. There is a theory that how you care for your tama influences what genes it will inherit from it's parents.