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  1. The m!x chews through batteries that quickly too. I use these rechargable batteries from ikea. The brown wallpaper is common to most color tamagotchis. Use the vacuum cleaner to clean up browned wallpaper in the living room or bedroom. There's usually a mop for the kitchen and toilet and a broom for the bathroom.
  2. Eggiweg

    V4 generator in 2019?

    Yeah, the generators just sent requests to the bandai servers which have since been taken down. But if you previously generated an item code with say the username "TAMA", the code will still work if your username is set as "TAMA".
  3. Eggiweg


    Try taking the tama apart by unscrewing the four screws and see if you can use a pair of pliers to twist the screw stem out.
  4. This is amazing, thanks for your work Alex! Do you mind adding an exit button for the tamatown locations which are videos e.g. town hall?
  5. Eggiweg

    Bad battery connection?

    Are you using CR2032s? Try wedging wad of paper or something between the battery and the back cover to press the battery down. Or try and clean the terminals and reset button pad and circuit contact with alcohol.
  6. A line of dead pixels is usually due to dirty or loose connections, you can try cleaning the zebra connectors with some isopropyl alcohol, but they can be hard to realign properly so take care. Try using a different brand of battery than usual in the V2.
  7. Eggiweg

    +Color or ID?

    +Color is rarer and more expensive than the ID, ID has similar mechanics to the IDL If you want a cheaper, knockoff version, look into QPets
  8. Eggiweg

    Tamagotchi IDL Questions

    I've only ever bought used tamagotchis and they've been working fine. Sometimes you get some gunk under the buttons/in the unit that you can clean out and there may be scratches depending on how used the tama is.
  9. Eggiweg

    When does Gudetama sleep?

    Iirc the baby sleeps at 9pm and the adult sleeps at 10pm.
  10. Eggiweg

    Rad Days with Tamagotchi

    If you have image editing software e.g. photoshop, GIMP, you can adjust the levels to make your images more visible.
  11. Eggiweg

    Tamagotchi IDL Questions

    Amazon IDLs are quite expensive, JapanYouWant is a reliable company, eBay is also good, or you could try japanese auction sites. Imo used phones with IRDA compatibility are cheaper and easier to find than IRDA usbs/dongles.
  12. Eggiweg

    Return to Tama log

    さつえいじゅんび (撮影準備) I think it's just asking if you're ready to take a photo. I think that's a new character.
  13. Eggiweg

    A little P's of life

    Ebay has some decent deals. Japan Puni Puni usually has some Ps on auction. NpThailand usually has some more beat-up looking Ps for a decent price.