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  1. What's the gameplay on these fakes like? Does it run the standard bunny clone ROM? Do the characters evolve?
  2. If the wires are loose, you'd just need to solder them back on again. If the speaker is broken, you can replace it with one from another unit or vpet.
  3. Have you ever considered making your own custom characters for Ps/IDL?
  4. These are adorable! I love the sprites, very true to the tamagotchi style.
  5. I found a tamaGO in a Vinnies in Australia for $10AUD. I think it's more likely that you'd find the newer versions as opposed to a connection era version. You might also find some of the 2017 chibis or 2018 P1s and P2s in a few years.
  6. The Pixie, Star Cat, and Baby Bigfoot were winners of a design your own GigaPet competition held a year ago.
  7. The white one didn't look that cute tbh. Also with the yellow one you can do this.
  8. There's a mislabelled Bobby up for sale on ebay.
  9. Can you post a picture? Is it a baby/toddler? You can only dress your tama up when it's an adult.
  10. No I didn't reset it, and it was a one off event.
  11. Wait for the reviews. Try japanyouwant, shipping isn't ever going to be cheap, but they usually give good prices.
  12. No idea, happened to me with a full discipline bar too.