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  1. I found that a d_item_value of 71 works with the username LUCKY and the item_code 129 (key1), however I tried setting Byte 4 to the values 1, 55 and 166, and the password didn't work on all three occasions.
  2. That's a cute tail sprite! I would love to continue seeing the Pet Vet in this log or another of your logs ^^.
  3. I think favourite items are determined by the character's body type, for example, if your mixed tama has mametchi's body, it is likely to have mametchi's favourites. There is a guide to character's favourite items here:
  4. Good luck, I'm hoping they'll bring it over too! The only thing is that the seasonal animations would be out of sync with our seasons.
  5. They have largely the same content, but the ON is in english while the meets is in japanese. Here is a list of the differences between the two.
  6. How many values of d_user_item should I be cycling through? I've tried d_user_item values up to 26 with the item codes 75 (plant) and 129 (Key 1) with the username LUCKY with no success.
  7. There aren't any ways to make your tama like their disliked foods, it's a genetic thing.
  8. They've added graphics for a new sports plaza-type event on the meets app and the ON app is pretty much a re-skin of the meets app anyway, so there is potential for future development.
  9. Here is a FAQ on the meets app which may help.
  10. Assuming you have the android version, you redownload the app from the aforementioned sources, and it will install as an update over the existing app.
  11. Have you pressed the B button while on the connecting screen? Sometimes it takes a few tries.
  12. I would love to help out when I get access to my V3 again. Thankyou for all the hard work you've done ^^
  13. In a post here, Ra didn't have any success transferring items between the meets and ON either.
  14. I think it is unlikely bandai will do anything to your device, considering mymeets genes are so prevalent within the app.
  15. That is some amazing sleuthing you've done, and I'm sure generations of V3 fans will be grateful for this development! Just some questions for interest: How did you figure out where the letters are stored by connecting japanese and english devices? You said that the alphabet replaced punctation starting at 81 (A), but why is A assigned to the number 1? Where do the values 70 and 199 come from? Is there any way we can help by generating and testing passwords?
  16. You can always just have a look inside and see if anything's glued permanently down or not. I would love to see your internal swap when it's done ^^
  17. Do you mean the MyMeets app or the official meets app? If you're talking about the official app, you need a Japanese iTunes account to access it. If you have an android phone, you can download the apk using an apk downloader. MyMeets application: Official meets app apk:
  18. Connecting and then returning from the app always half-fills the happiness meter for me.
  19. If all else fails, you can use the mymeets app to send items to your ON. It has a variety of items from the different meets versions, and some station exclusives. You can also create a character for your tamagotchi to marry, however, the character marriage function should not be used in conjunction with the official app as you could get softbanned. Transferring items, however, is safe.
  20. You can use any similar size wire that you get from a hardware shop, and you can definitely use a speaker from another nano fighter. You may also get away using a speaker from another v-pet if you don't have a replacement. You'd want to solder the wires to the speaker and circuit board, but tape may work temporarily.
  21. I don't know if the Pet Vet can be considered a clone, but I enjoy seeing it in your logs.
  22. Yup, this just means that your gudetama has died and has been "cooked". Certain conditions will give you certain egg dishes. Here is an incomplete list of the dishes you can get
  23. Pdf of what we have so far hexagontchi.pdf