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  1. They're pretty similar imo, I personally like the V3 a lot more due to nostalgic reasons. Do note that the red pixels in the akai are quite hard to see even under good lighting. hwd45 made a password generator for the V3 recently, it can be found here: Here is a guide and a list of passwords for the ketai:
  2. That Penguin Time shell is always so adorable.
  3. The speaker for the devilgotchi and normal P1/P2s are the same (confirmed by the person who did the white devilgotchi mod) , you can just desolder the wires and reattach them to the devilgotchi.
  4. You can marry without accepting the egg on your side if you want to spread wagon genes.
  5. This is an amazing deal for an anniversary IDL
  6. Would second Jop in recommending the ON as a first color tama due to the bluetooth connectivity, mymeets app (gives you access to downloadable items) and english localisation. However the IDL line is also very enjoyable.
  7. The re-release of the originals features a black P2, although it would use the new coin cell battery, though I think if it was the same voltage, it would technically work. Here's the picture of the white devilgotchi with a replaced back. Some of the dual coloured tamagotchis have entirely black backs.
  8. Someone else replaced the back of a white devilgotchi with a white P1 and the results look pretty decent.
  9. You can still feed it and carry on as normal.
  10. The last tamatomo is gained after your tamagotchi has been an adult for 48 hrs.
  11. The japanese version can also be unofficially paused by entering clock setting mode and leaving it unset.
  12. I think they sell for around $50+ USD. The functionality is pretty much the same. With the japanese version, you get to choose between the one with the regular duck potty toilet icon and the flying butt icon, the american version has a roll of TP.
  13. Nope, no ill consequences. The only thing that comes to mind is that if you want to trigger day-based events (e.g. getting the eco triplets to appear) you've got to first set the clock to 11:59 PM, let it tick over to 12:00, then change the time to 6:59 AM and let it tick over to 7:00 for the tama to recognise it as a new 'day'.
  14. The IDL is good content and playability wise, with an IR phone/dongle it's even better. The ID is good, but the IDL is a better upgraded version with more features and characters to raise. The angelgotch is fairly easy to raise, and evolves once a day, so it is satisfying in that way. The m!x is basically a faster meets without the bluetooth, but with only one device, you quickly run out of traits to mix with.
  15. Anyone have any info on the digimon V2 rerelease tamapalace posted about last month? The post states that the software has been upgraded, but the descriptions on the pre-order sites seem to be the same as the previous rerelease.
  16. The tamagotchi 4U only connects to other 4Us and the 4U+.
  17. connection era: v4-4.5 or a v6 for content colour era: Ps, IDL, 4U (any really) You will most likely need to browse ebay for good deals, as the ones selling on Amazon are crazy ovverpriced
  18. You may want to contact your airline and check import laws. For Australian flights, I think you have to put batteries or powerbanks in your carry-on luggage.
  19. Or you can buy the 5000G ring for a 100% success rate when proposing.
  20. Try Amazon JP, you can change the language to English which translates some of the menus. It's generally cheaper than Amazon US. You could also try waiting for sales, and I think Barnes and Noble gives you a 30% off discount when you sign up for kids club.
  21. Yes (the components are listed in the documentation) and yes, you would have to own the physical pierces to dump them. Sorry I couldn't help much but I hope you can find a solution.
  22. You could dump them yourself using the tamadumper tool Some links that may be relevant:
  23. Your best bet would be to message him directly.
  24. Have you allowed installation of apps from unknown sources?