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  1. That's the problem. The wallpaper that is supposed to unlock Flower Hills isn't appearing in our shop. It's just not there, I bought every wallpaper trying to see if maybe we did just over look it and nothing. I don't really want to risk tweaking the Tama and breaking it though.
  2. Including the free one I have eight total remoddling options and none of them are the flower wallpaper, that's the problem and what my sister and I find odd. If there are supposed to be 9 clearly the Tama is glitching or something.
  3. I have a bit of an odd problem I guess I would call it. My sister and I got the Tamagotchi Anniversary Mix about a week ago now and we've been following walkthroughs online (since neither of us speak Japanese). We've been unlocking the places with those but when we tried to unlock the Flower Hills one we couldn't find the wallpaper in the shop. We didn't overlook it, we watched YouTube videos on how to do it and it appears like the wallpaper is just supposed to be in the store? I'd find it weird if both of our Tamagotchi's were just glitching so then I assumed we needed to do something special to unlock the wallpaper but nothing online says anything about it. Does anyone know what we're supposed to do? My Tama is named Inari, he is the third generation and currently a Teenager.