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  1. This thread is awesome!! and I'll offer a contribuition here ❤️ Name: WASAKI eletronic pet Type: Fake (description) Generic (the ROM) Notes: it uses the fake 32 in 1 ROM (based in johnny pets), very knows for having a quicker clock, making the pet inpossible to raise. But THIS ONE have a surprisingly slower clock, that works almost normally with full batteries, and even more slowy with weaker ones. I have one, and can corfirm that's pretty playable and enjoyable, and the shell have nice quality with a very big screen. I think that this pet should have a johnny 8 in 1 programming instead, because of the layout and the quality of the buttons and shell.
  2. This shell is used to include pets with "Johnny" programming, but this one of the photo is a fake 49-in-1.
  3. I dont know the brand of mine, because I've bought it used and without packaging 😕 This pet is good, albeit super annoying 🙂 here is the manual of this pet, courtesy of a very kind seller called vintage_textbooks :-3
  4. I recently found a clone of this pet too, and I swear that it's one of the noisiest pets that I've played in my entire life!!! ahahahahaa But it's still a very good pet, better than dragotti, and the "corrupting system" (that imposes a limit of how much you can neglect the pet)that it have is pretty nice! I've did a play Log showing the progress of my pet since the birth until it being completelly corrupted and dying :3
  5. I have all these pets, Gyaoppi are very adorable!! But how you was able to make it reach the good ending in the gyaoppi 9-in-1?? (The one that the pet dies and turns out a angel)? every time that I played I justa had the "Bye" bad ending
  6. Hahahahaha I have a penpy too!! It's a tamakaci, but as all those pets works in that way, I'm pretty used with that programming Sadly it dont have much replayability, and can be very annoying sometimes! What is the best penguin pet in your opinion?
  7. Penguin-keeper, you was my last hope, If even you Gave up of this pet, maybe there's no way to find a solution to it, seems that this pet was just badly programmed
  8. Hello! I have a penguin-shaped pet called "penguin watch", it looks very cool with icons in the low side of the screen and big, red leds in the shell, but It have a awful problem, It dies a lot, all the time! I always let it's meters full, with constant care, but it keeps dying. dies if you treat well, dies if you ignore it, dies if you sneeze near it, dies if you talk about how much it dies. (yes, I was talking with a friend about the pet and it suddenly died. ) Do you guys know about this pet? if yes, there's a way to maintain it alive? My version is the japanese one (i'm not sure if theres a english version.) Thank you!
  9. This pet is most known as "Akachan 1", It uses the "Dragotti" programming, and yes, it is a remanescent of the first tamagotchis, but "Akachan" is a bit better and more original than a dragotti. This pet is kinda rare, and harder tho obtain than the akachan 2 (that runs with Nano programming, so, it's a fully different pet). Here' is one, new In package, you can compare that the game in the back of the package is the same (or not), but this pet is a bit too overpriced, tbh isnt that worthy
  10. The first one is called Magic Egg. so much memories! you have a astonishing collection!