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  1. Wait, why shouldn't I buy LPS tamas? All four of them do work just fine so I have no qualms with that. I also tried to boot up the Dinkie Dino again and now it's just not turning on for some reason!
  2. I just got a new haul from ebay that included 4 LPS tamagotchis, 1 Dinkie Dino, and 1 called Baby Bytes by Trendmaster Inc. The Dinkie Dino did boot up but was having a ton of problems. First I had to tilt the screen forward at a near perfect diagnol to even see the images, and next none of the buttons except the one that brought up the clock seemed to work. The Baby Bytes didn't come up at all, though I'm not sure if I put the batteries in wrong or didn't hold reset long enough. Since these are knock-offs, it's really hard to find any help on them. If anyone has any advice to help me fix these, it would appreciated!
  3. I've been looking after my mini on the side with my other tamas, but my oyajitchi finally kicked the bucket today and died. I was ready to just reset but he's been stuck on his dying screen for over 30 minutes now. The animation still plays, but the music stopped playing and it refuses to let me do anything with the buttons. Nothing too exciting, I'll just pop out the batteries to reset the cycle, but I just found it interesting as my first genuine tamagotchi glitch!
  4. Hey, I'm new here so I hope I post this right! I have a P2 Japanese Blue Spaceship Tamagotchi, My Zuccitchi died at 14 (days) today but I'm not sure how to get a new Tamagotchi to start over with! Do I need to reset the whole console to start over?