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About Me

I'm Dami (Damimitchi on most social media) and I'm a 28 year old in the great PNW, I'm basically a giant baby, and I love cute stuff. I have a Tama P's and I randomly start obsessing over it and forgetting about it. Oops.

I love drawing and knitting, playing video games, learning new things, and taking naps.

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My favorite things are Steven Universe, Pokémon, yarn, My Little Pony, fair isle sweaters, the Internet, drawing with charcoal, getting oil pastel on my cheek then not realizing til I get home, moths, the color periwinkle, rainbows, rain, painting on stretched canvas, hugging my best friend, hot cups of tea, owls, unicorns, bright colored hair, mermaids, amazing tattoos, body piercings in general, the feeling of being in love, drawing on white boards, yarn, drawing with chalk pastels on the sidewalk, getting mail, feeling loved, crying all the way through a good movie, taking selfies with smeared mascara, and pizza.


Formerly Jemsey.