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  1. Happy day after Halloween! Did anyone else dress up as a Tamagotchi? I was Mimitchi. (I like trying to make my costumes out of the stuff I can buy at my store~) I'd love to see others' Tama costumes or cosplays! :3 (It was kinda confusing trying to decide where to post this, so if it's not the right subforum, I apologize!)
  2. I got twins on my meets for the first time! ❤️ 


    1. raichuu


      aah!! same here!!!
      theyre so cute!

    2. Damarys


      They're so precious. I wasn't into the idea of twins until I got them. lmao

  3. How do you get pets on the Meets? I finally put new batteries in mine, and assumed going to the park would be where pets are (like in P’s), but I think I’m wrong lmao 


    also hi, I haven’t been here in ages~ 

    1. Jhud


      Different than the P's, you have to leave a specific toy for them in the garden. There's a guide for this on tamatown.com somewhere 

  4. You should be able to change your location to Japan in your iPhone settings. For an address I looked up the Pokémon Center Tokyo address and used that. I totally feel the “I just bought one and now there’s a new one I want” feel. I just got my meets yesterday, got the batteries today, and was looking something up and saw the Sanrio meets. I definitely need it.
  5. Is there a growth charts for the Meets? Also, hey hi, I got a magical meets and it’s so beautiful ♥️♥️

    1. TamaPapa


      Congrats! Sadly I don't think there's a good growth chart available yet :(

    2. cole.sseum


      congrats gurl u living the lyf

  6. Hey, we're the same age! :3 I got my first one when they first came out in the 90's, so I was about eight years old, and I also had the first Pokemon Pikachu, the gigapets floppy frog, and the Nano Puppy Family. They are all long gone. I got one of the newer Gigapets around 2005, which is also long gone. I've always been fascinated by them. A friend got me the MelodyLand P's in 2015, iirc? I finally started collecting seriously this year. I love them so much. <3
  7. Hey, hi, I started up my P's again. How's everyone? (Also what's happened since May?)

  8. My 8 year old cousin came over tonight. He was telling me about how he likes Tamas, so I gave him a 4U, and my second extra copy of LotR.

    1. Berryitchi


      Awww! (He's lucky.) Heyy... I like tamas a lot... *hint hint* JK! xD

  9. This is Trouble. She is her name. This is Sally (aka Salvador Eugenia Baer). She gets super fluffy in Autumn, because she's a Halloween kitty. She doesn't talk very loud, she only meeps. This is Dr Jacyn Astrid Time-Travel Thunderburker, PhD. She usually goes by JT, Bauble, or JT-Money. This is Cashew Pockets. She's really smart and likes to chase the cats. This is Rosie Artemisia. She's super sweet, gives lots of kisses, and makes everyone who meets her want rats. She was named after the Italian Baroque painter Artemisia Gentileschi (look her up, she's amazing) and Rose Quartz from Steven Universe. lmao
  10. I had messaged an admin a while back re: a name change and never heard back, so I made a new account. Hope this is okay! Previous account name was Jemsey.

    1. Verklighet


      Yeah, lol, I was wondering why there were two posts of different accounts with the same profile.

    2. Damarys


      I figured it'd be easier to just make it all the same.

  11. Good evening~ I had today off work, so I slept in a bunch. I didn't end up finishing the cleaning I'd planned. Oops. Last night, before bed, Memi grew to be a toddler! The family photos are such a cute idea. I really love this addition. She has her mama's ears and a mix of her parents' coloring so she's light yellow. Memi wanted to play outside, but the rain made her sad. Better get used to it, Memi. We live in Oregon, lmao Later she played a bunch with Lovelitchi! They're pretty great friends now. <3 Later she was playing with the glider toy with Kuromametchi, and found out he really likes it! He helped Memi fly with some birds~ This evening she became a cute teen who is a lovely mix of her mama and da. She has her mama's ears and her da's smile. <3 I love her sparkly eyes, and I hope tomorrow is a lovely day as well~ I have work, so I'll have to sneak her behind the register with me. :3
  12. I took this pic a couple days ago for my insta. I started collecting in April, lmao. Before that I only had my P's. Mania sucks, lmao. I have six 4Us, one 4U+, one P's, one m!x (20th anni version), one Friends, one 20th anni chibi, one v2, one v4, one Tama-Go, one IDL. Non-Tamas are one Nanamoon Fairypet, one Neopets PocketPet, one Pocket Pikachu Color, one Miraiscope, one Jewelpet Pod.
  13. I kinda stopped using my computer for a bit, while I'm rearranging the downstairs of my house. I also can't get this site to work on my phone, Idk. Anyways, all my Tamas died/escaped after I neglected them when I was sick, and I took a bit of a break from them. I also had a manic episode where I bought way too many Tamas, so oops? Anyways, I'm running a 20th anni m!x atm. Just got to Gen 2 today. First Gen started with a lil' boy who, while I didn't get to name him, I called Shadow. He was very sad at first. He cheered up quick enough, though, <3 He had a fairly uneventful childhood, as I was at work and was super busy for one day (all of our scanners were broken and for about an hour we had all our registers down. It was horrible), and the next day (yesterday) I was busy rearranging the house (which I should be finishing now, oops). This morning he was an adult (Mametchi!) and he made a friend (Mimitchi!). They bonded over their shared love of robotics! And then they fell in LoVe~ had a beautiful wedding and had a baby girl (named Memi). Memi is a toddler now, but I'll update more later~ Oh also I made a new account, lmao