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  1. So for anyone wondering. I ain't dead and haven't been posting for a while cuz there isn't any progress being made. The only thing that can be considered ''progress'' is that I have recently transfered my domain registrar and hosting to other more reliable services which offer greater loading times and 100% uptime. Last but not least, I have upgraded the security of the password system. That's all folks. See ya in the next one!
  2. Welp, @KidRetro64 is absolutely correct. And I am 100000% sure that Bandai won't step in. Thanks for mentioning my work btw @iTamannadi!
  3. By unrecoverable I mean that these files once existed on my hard drive but they are in a horrible state and cannot be salvaged and by corrupted I mean that they are heavily damaged and cannot be opened by any means. When we are talking about file recovery those words are kind of synonyms.
  4. It had ALL THE FILES OF TAMATOWN. However, they are unrecoverable. I am really disappointed.
  5. Hello guys and girls. I have some news on the topic ''Recovery of the Files''. I visited the recovery service today and saw the files for myself. Unfortunately they aren't recoverable and they are completely corrupted. My last hope is @hwd45
  6. Guys, I have made another change to my site. I have removed the "Powered by 000webhost" watermark from all pages, because I think that it's annoying seeing a watermark when you visit a page. Also I would like to ask @hwd45 a question. @hwd45 did you find anything from your old PC? The recovery service contacted me and tomorrow I will be visiting them to see the files they recovered. I AM HYPED!
  7. Oh and I forgot something. Today (June 8th) is the 1 year anniversary of the project being released into the internet. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE PROJECT!
  8. To explain you a bit better about the password system, I have to tell you some things. The credentials that I gave you are for those who don't want to login with their own e-mail. The reason for that is the following: If someone logs on with their own e-mail, the algorithm tracks the ip of whoever owns the email. Don't judge me. I HAVE A REASON FOR THAT. This algorithm can put the site to temporary shutdown when it detects any attempt to login from any of the Bandai Inc. possible IPs from all locations. That's why I gave you (All of the TamaTalk community) these credentials.
  9. So... I made a huge change in the site. I added a password system and you (The community of TamaTalk can log in). I did that because everything is going very well with the site and I won't let Bandai sue me. So, here are the credentials: Password:TamagotchiForever
  10. I have already seen those files about 9 months ago. They aren't something special. Just some games. And I think that the files to connect your Tama to Tamatown will never be found. Types of files like this aren't cached.
  11. If you want to play around with some TamaTown swf files, there are some remaining for you to test out. I have already downloaded all the files and salvaged the ones similar to the original TamaTown (I found some games from the TamaTown arcade too). However, I think that all of the files are in Japanese, but still playable with an SWF File Player. TamaTalk thread link: SWF File Player: Have fun!
  12. Oh yes. I forgot about the names. This would be twice as difficult.
  13. Yes. There is no way someone can connect their Tama to my site. Sorry for being absent from the conversation. The only cracked TamaTown password generator yet is Entama (E-Tamago) and that is achieved by a retired user and former TamaTalk Guide named binary. However, there is one small detail. Binary managed to figure out the algorithm and create valid passwords for the Entama when the site was still up. Unfortunately, the CGI (Common Gatewey Interface) file was never archived. And I do not think that CGI files are the kind of files that are saved upon visit to a website (not even as cache). I may be wrong but I don't think so for one and only reason. Bandai wouldn't easily let the hands of people on raw CGI files on their server and they probably put some kind of sequence on their sites for the generation files not to be saved as temporary internet files. So I am not very hopeful for this one. Well, I am starting to get a little bit more worried by believing in this theory. Anyway, we will see what future holds for us. In a few days I will be contacted by the recovery service and be informed of the state and the chances of successful recoverability of any of the files. I hope that @hwd45 is lucky enough to find any files. Sorry, this was a long one. Well, see y'all on the next one!