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  1. Alex Grigoriou

    V4 generator in 2019?

    Yeah, Bandai uses some extremely complex methods of programming and encrypting their Tamagotchis' microcontrollers, especially for expensive Tamagotchis like the P's and the IDL.
  2. Alex Grigoriou

    V4 generator in 2019?

    By the way have you checked out my revived TamaTown V4? It is worth visiting. My thread link: Direct site link:
  3. Alex Grigoriou

    V4 generator in 2019?

    Yes it is totally true. I have attempted to make my own generator but no such luck.
  4. Alex Grigoriou

    TAMATOWN IS BACK! (parsed swf files)

    A bit of disappointment...I have done my research and I have discovered that the developers of programs like EnWarehouse have salvaged the elements for the EnTama logout generator from the Bandai servers before they were gone. After that, they were capable of uploading them to their own servers. Last but not least, this is the way that you can still generate logout passwords for the EnTama. To summarize, I will never be able to complete my own generator, unless someone has generated all passwords for all 5-digit combinations of all Tamagotchi V3 and V4 names (letters and special characters are included). This is physically impossible! I am DESPERATE for some help! Someone help me PLEASE!
  5. Alex Grigoriou

    TAMATOWN IS BACK! (parsed swf files)

    No problem Eggiweg. I am trying to restore the site in a stock state as much as I can. In a few weeks lots of surprises will be coming. Be patient everyone. See you in the next post!
  6. Alex Grigoriou

    Tamagotchi CD Game

    I want it
  7. Alex Grigoriou

    TAMATOWN IS BACK! (parsed swf files)

    Please check out my website instead of the above mediafire url. New TamaTown website link:
  8. Alex Grigoriou

    TAMATOWN IS BACK! (parsed swf files)

    I will try giving it a shot. What kind of help can you offer me? (Private message me for further discussion)
  9. Alex Grigoriou

    TAMATOWN IS BACK! (parsed swf files)

    Hello guys and Happy New Year! Thank you for your support! I won't tell you much. However, the only thing I am going to say is that the month of January is going to be full of surprises and new features. That is it for today folks. See you on the next post!
  10. Alex Grigoriou

    TAMATOWN IS BACK! (parsed swf files)

    So, before further development I want to clarify something. You need to recommend me some language preferences so I can further develop . I will be waiting for your preferences and then I am going to make the statistics. Last but not least, I can edit Tamatown and its xml files accordingly . See ya
  11. Alex Grigoriou

    TAMATOWN IS BACK! (parsed swf files)

    A minor update: Now the rafting game is available and hosted on the server. You can just pick the ''PORTUGAL'' button or the link below the buttons, select the Portoguese language and enjoy the game.
  12. Alex Grigoriou

    Tamatown has shut down AGES ago.

    Guys I have great news for you and TamaTown. Check out my amazing creation. Only the English language works and you have to pick v3 or v4. Link:
  13. Alex Grigoriou

    TAMATOWN IS BACK! (parsed swf files)

    By the way, do you remember the rafting game that was the last remain of Well, I have learned from my past mistakes and I have salvaged it. Pick the Portuguese language and enjoy the rafting. So there is the link for that. And again...thank you so much! Link:!LqpkwaiQ!6P6xzVvqOjwoRTxiUsyq5bhDUqTy2egskWWCU_5fobM
  14. Alex Grigoriou

    TAMATOWN IS BACK! (parsed swf files)

    Thank you... Just thank you!
  15. Alex Grigoriou

    TAMATOWN IS BACK! (parsed swf files)

    Hello once again guys. My site has been officially updated to the following url: The only language supported is English. I am ready to hear your recommendations about your language preferences and i will translate the whole tamatown's xml files accordingly. Check it out and have fun!