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  1. For any Australians out there, Target has these on their shelves now! I got the yellow p2 but it was hard to resist picking up a galaxy coloured one. They look really nice. Edit: After taking a look at mine I noticed the screen is all scratched and it has paint scuffs on the back Has anyone else had this issue or did I just get unlucky? Not a big deal really, I only noticed because I have a Mothra tama that was in way better condition despite being from 1997!
  2. I might be being stupid but does this mean these are the only colours they're releasing? I wanted to grab a white with blue characters p2.
  3. Less legal stuff and more hype over these awesome re-releases!
  4. Even if they don't come to my country I will legit import one from the USA. If anyone learns where and when I can preorder one let me know! I assume closer to the 15th of August probably.
  5. Birbplant

    Any Tamas you waiting for?

    I am so jealous right now! Still waiting on mine. If yours goes missing I totally didn't steal it, nope.
  6. Birbplant

    What dinosaur virtual pet was this?

    I wonder how the heck I had one in the first place. Aren't these Japanese only?
  7. I didn't know that! That changes everything. I'm hyped now, I hope we get these!
  8. Birbplant

    Recommend me a dino

    Gyaoppi Dino!
  9. Birbplant

    Any Tamas you waiting for?

    Yeah I feel ya. I'm only getting one Digimon. As tempting as it is to get more I hear some get pretty expensive for some reason.
  10. Birbplant

    Fake Tamagotchis Are All over the Internet

    It's also important to never buy from That store is just terrible. Although I can't even search "Tamagotchi" on eBay or Amazon without getting a ton of results like this: It's the exact same bootleg over and over too, who the heck is pumping these things out? They're everywhere, lol. If they just called themselves an original name it wouldn't bother me, but the deception is the part that's annoying.
  11. Birbplant


    Yup the pendulums are the v-pet style ones, not the pedometer style ones so you're good. I only hear positive things about the anniversary v-pets. As for anime do yourself a favour and watch Tamers, I remember liking it the most as a kid because it went more into the sci-fi aspect of it and seemed a little more mature than the other seasons. Plus Guilmon is voiced by Steve Blum, and therefore can do no wrong.
  12. Birbplant

    Any Tamas you waiting for?

    I don't know if non-Tamas count but I'm waiting for the Digimon ver20th Pendulum I preordered.
  13. Birbplant

    What dinosaur virtual pet was this?

    Yes, that's it! It must have been a Gyaoppi Dinosaur. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! They seem pretty rare, I should have kept a hold of mine. Darn you, past me!
  14. Ah, I see. Still, that's pretty impressive!
  15. I wonder if Bandai was testing the waters with releasing the Mini in English and then decided they liked the reception? They sold well but a lot of customer reviews of the 20th anniversary in my country were really peeved with the reduced features. I hope they haven't exhausted their good faith with western customers with that move. Sometimes I wonder what Bandai is thinking. Anyway, I hope this means all English speaking countries are getting the 20th P2 then, but I won't hold my breath if the lazy job with the recent minis is any indication. I don't expect them to include English exclusive characters for example. Negative of me, I know. I probably sound salty but really if they're releasing more Tamas outside of Japan then this is good news!