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  1. Update! They both just reached their adult forms; Rikku became a Hidatchi and Yuna a Billotchi. Both above-average care forms (and ones I haven't gotten before), so I'm happy. Still not sure what happened in their teen stages, but I guess it doesn't matter much. Thanks for the help, all!
  2. Good thought lol but I mentioned that earlier, albeit briefly. If you want exact numbers, then I'd say around 14-16 pounds? I always try to keep my tamas close to the minimum weight, especially as toddlers & teens.
  3. Yeah see, I thought about that, but Yuna's mother was a Dorotchi, and Rikku's was a Tarakotchi - both 'average' forms iirc. Hell, Yuna's 1st generation ancestor was a Violetchi (which, incidentally, was the very first tama I ever raised as a kid on this very v3, so I was happy to see it again), so it's not like they've had bad genes all the way down the line. But here's the thing: Even if the parents weren't perfect or I did a couple things wrong, I shouldn't have gotten the very worst teenage forms that exist, right? That just doesn't make sense. There's a much wider range of forms to choose from than just 'perfect care' and 'very bad care'. So really, the question isn't "what did I do wrong"; you'll just have to take my word for it that I know what I'm doing and that I wasn't ignoring them all day. The question is "what minute detail in the v3's programming am I unaware of that can cause this to happen?" That's what I'm hoping someone can help me out with, so I don't inadvertently keep doing it in the future. Because hell, if the clock-changing isn't the issue, then I've really got nothing.
  4. Thank you all for your input and questions, by the way - I swear I'm not trying to be obstinate, I really just want to figure this out! The only possible thing I can think of - and this literally just occurred to me - is that I did change each of their clocks once. I said their hunger meters dropped to 2 while I was getting dinner; well, by the time I was done it was just past 8 pm and they were sleeping. i didn't want them to have partially-empty meters at 8 am the next morning (since I certainly wasn't getting up that early just to take care of them), so I set their clocks to an hour earlier so I could feed them. Then of course I set them to the right time and they went back to sleep, so I turned off the lights and figured no harm done but...could that have caused something? Did I totally screw up their internal systems by doing that and make them think they'd been neglected, like pausing (sometimes) does? Ugh, if that's it I'm going to be really annoyed at myself. V3s are so finicky.
  5. Nope, not once (I've learned my lesson getting bad teen forms that way before).
  6. Not yet, since they only just became teens. I mean it's possible they'll have good care forms as adults, but the 'very bad' teen forms are kind of throwing me off right now.
  7. Huh. I was vaguely aware of the physical/emotional split between care levels, but I've never read a detailed guide on it before. So thanks, that's interesting. I'm not sure it applies here though, since I'm pretty sure I took care of both types of care flawlessly... Filling both meters, cleaning messes, turning lights off, scolding when calling needlessly, praising when crying... I even played both games (Get and Bump) fairly frequently. What could I possibly have done to make them think they were that neglected? I'd think it was a glitch except they both did it.
  8. Their heart meters only fell to 2 once, and that was while I was getting dinner. The rest of the time they were at 3 or full. They were never empty except that for first time as babies. And I made sure to discipline whenever they needed it - Yuna (Piroriroritchi) has five bars now, Rikku (Hashitamatchi) has four. It's weird, right?
  9. So I've got two V3 Connections that I (re)started up a couple months ago. The last few generations I've gotten pretty average forms, to the point where I've had some duplicates. So this time when they both bred their new offspring, I wanted to take the absolute best care of them I could, so I could start getting better forms. For the record, I'm not new to the Tamagotchi game; I know what needs to be done to take care of these guys. I just hadn't been super vigilant about it up until now. So for their baby and child forms, they stayed with me around the clock - everything they needed was given within a couple minutes, and yes, I kept their weights down too. These two were completely spoiled by Tamagotchi standards. But this morning when they evolved into teens, I got Piroriroritchi and Hashitamatchi. Both bad care forms (the worst, in fact), despite absolutely no care mistakes. What gives??