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  1. Still got it on my phone too. Yeah, that’s a really bizarre move considering how much positive reception Tama Classic got. My hope is that Bandai replaces it with a game containing every 90’s Tamagotchi, or at least P1/P2 and Angel. That would be as awesome as the Tama On. For now, people with Android can just download the APK from somewhere. As for iOS users... well... just cross your fingers for a new app if you didn’t get to download it.
  2. Has anyone here gotten one of the new English Digivices yet? If so, how are they?

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    2. Save_Tamagotchis


      Mines suppose to be delivered today. Tracker has been saying its in my neighborhood for an hour now so the delivery guy must have a lot of other packages.

    3. OneSummerDream


      @Save_Tamagotchis You’re lucky if you get your Digimon today. I preordered from GameStop and their release date got moved again to August 1. 

    4. Save_Tamagotchis


      @OneSummerDream Oh! I thought you guys were talking about the Tamagotchi ON's not the Digimon virtual pets.

  3. IMO when it comes to collecting fakes, it can be rewarding but you have to be prepared to be disappointed. Some can be actually kind of good (see: M&D’s vpets) while most are more basic than 90’s virtual pets. Still, if you’re really curious most are cheap enough to try out of curiosity.
  4. Entry 49 Come to think of it, doesn't Kuchipatchi's sick sprite in that gif look like it has three legs? Anyways, I totally gave up this time. I can only be voluntarily annoyed by a toy so much. Unlike the time I gave up on the Crystal Warriors, these are actual vpets, not an RPG styled like one. Technically I also gave up on the Scholastic V-Pet mentioned earlier, but what can I say? If it won't even go to bed at midnight, I can't deal with that. The TS might have been better if I could change the clock to the normal time, but no. Even the $2 pen let me do that, and that one is a junkie Gyaoppi clone. I'm taking a break from bootlegs for a little bit. When we return, I'll go back to the Touma Pet. It will be a while before I even consider getting the new QPet, mostly because I want to see if anything actually new comes out following the Tamagotchi On's release. With bootlegs, you never know when a new one will pop up. Heck, I recently found a new version of the A-Watch/Handwarmer. Anything is possible. P.S. I've been running the two official versions that the bootlegs copy, which are V1 and V3, and the difference in quality is ridiculous. At least the QPet Quolor for the most part copied the source material accurately, even if a bunch of things were removed. *sigh* On the plus size, both are rare additions to my bootleg collection.
  5. Entry 48 4:36 PM- To my amazement, both fake Tamagotchis survived being left alone for hours. When I got home, the TS had become Kuchipatchi! She (yeah) eats mushrooms as the meal and dango as the snack. Does anyone know if the original JP and US V1s can connect? If not, that might explain why it still can’t connect to the official one I’ve been also running. After this is over I’ll downsize and run the Touma Pet again. These two are definitely just collectors’ items. I don’t recommend them unless you also like collecting bootlegs. I just realized that the JD might already be an adult. It’s been 2 days and it still hasn’t grown. Oh well, one more day and we’ll see.
  6. Entry 47 Not much in terms of fake Tamagotchi happenings. Both should turn into adults tomorrow, assuming that they grow at the same rate as real Tamagotchis. With all the vast differences in functionality/quality, I’m not holding my breath. In the lot there was also an original puppy QPet. While neither a knockoff nor bootleg, its successor the QPet Quolor earns it a brief mention here. It is surprisingly easy and fun... at least, compared to the two others I’m currently dealing with.
  7. There’s one I have that is at least similar. It is a 49-in-1 (or so it says) fake Gyaoppi that features a giraffe as the bootup screen. Here’s the thread where I just ran one recently. The icons are the exact same as the instructions, and it also says “Bye” as the death screen. Edit: Whoops, should have looked at more than the manual. Anyways, if you’re curious as to why it won’t do anything, you have to wait for it to take a few naps first and then the other options become available. I kind of doubt this is the same, but there’s another rare dinosaur vpet that also connects I wonder if they’re related?
  8. Entry 46 Last night the TS turned into Ichigotchi. It’s getting to the point where the TS will get sick even if all it is missing is one bowl (not heart) on the Health and Happiness meter. I need help with this, so if anyone has one and knows how it works or has an instruction guide, please help! I especially need help with what time it goes to sleep. Here’s something funny I forgot to show. Instead of the Happy meter, it’s the... wait for it... SCOK METER
  9. Well, that answer was anticlimactic. I guess only time will tell if the random reset glitch is still present. On the bright side, it’s nice knowing Meets owners won’t need two Tamagotchi Ons!
  10. There are a few fake Gyaoppis out there, mostly from Russia oddly enough. The second bunny rom is even worse than the normal one and is a clone of an 8-in-1 pet that also copies Gyaoppi, which features similar graphics to both aforementioned fakes...
  11. Entry 43 This one is kind of special so I have to break my new rule. July 10, 2019 Grail get!!!! The first is a weird JiDan-like toy by TS that copies the V1, except obviously way worse. I think this might be one of the Tamaguchis linked in the Tamagotchi Warnings section. The only thing apparently different is that the memory game is actually just a “randomly press buttons as fast as possible” thing. The sound effects are also different and not really Tamagotchi-like. The closest similarity I can think of is Devilgotchi, and you know how those can be... There are also different meters that are not present on any Tamagotchi, like physical activity. Ironically, I have more questions after getting this than answers. The next is a JiDan. Yay! It is basketball themed and the intro screen says it is V3... in a V4 styled shell... seems legit. Despite being a female baby, the eating sprite is always Bill. It also has less features than other JiDan toys, lacking the running minigame and the different options under Connect. Compared to others like the fake Yasashii, it doesn’t do much. You know that stereotype about Tamagotchis always demanding attention every few seconds? Well, this one gets very close to making that a reality. I can’t recall how many times even on day 1 that this thing would need two things in a 2 minute timespan AFTER the baby stage. If there’s one good thing I can say outside owning one of the rarest fake Tamagotchis, is that I’ve noticed how similar it is to the “bunny ROM” in those Jia Yuans. Could this mean JiDan is still in business making things under a different name, or that people from JD went on to work at other companies? Also, change of plans for the pen. One of the others that came in this lot has similar characters, so I swapped the batteries. It is similar programming to this rare prototype from one of Erica Griffin’s videos. It’s like this but a doghouse. I saw a few on eBay a while ago and it’s literally just called Virtual Pets. This was made by an Australian company, but the one I have was distributed by Scholastic, bundled with a joke book. Entry 44 July 11, 2019 In the end I had to take the batteries out of the multipet. It would not go to sleep, even at midnight! The strangest thing is that it would randomly age. Sometimes I would go to check it, and there would be a birthday cake on screen. Pressing a button when this happens causes the device to play Happy Birthday. In the time I ran it, I was going to say that this was the best of the three fakes, but even the REALLY bad TS Tama at least eventually would stay asleep more than 5 minutes. It doesn’t help that none of these came with manuals. Worse yet, I found some JiDan instructions a while ago but deleted them off my phone because I figured I’d never own one. If anyone has a copy of it or knows how JiDans work, I would really appreciate some help. The JD I have lacks many features of the normal ones, but there is one interesting thing: items are not bought from the store. Rather, you have to win a mini game and then a code is flashed on screen. Then, you have to press the C button on the home screen and enter the code. The only one I have so far is a mic. The items don’t do anything, but I assume they can be transferred to a legit and compatible Tamagotchi. I tried V1 and that didn’t work, but there are still a few more to try. I also tried connecting the TS , and that did not work. The text on the TS connecting screen is in Japanese, so maybe it works with Japanese Tamagotchis? Btw I was originally going to buy a Tamaguchi, which it turns out is the same thing as this. I’m not too desperate to find out what happens when they connect, but for those who might want one, one seller has a few NIB on eBay. Just keep in mind that $20 is a stretch for what these can do. Also, I just found out that this is the original version of TS. There’s a thread in Tamagotchi Cousins that shows a later version. 11 AM- Somehow in the process of trying to connect I ended up running 4 Tamas in total, 2 legit, 2 fake. Way too late- The TS is giving me a lot of pain. It did not go to sleep until 2 AM according to the Tama. I honestly don’t even know what time it made me put it to sleep, but definitely way too late. Like any other cheap bootleg, the clock is software based, not quartz, so it is either too slow or too fast. Often, it is the latter. Hearing that awful beeping in the wee hours of the night was infuriating, especially because all my attempts to make it go to sleep earlier resulted in it waking itself up and pooing. * If anyone knows if/how the TS time can be changed, please tell me x( The JiDan one isn’t really good either, but at least I’m not losing sleep to it!!! Entry 45 10:30 AM- So far nothing. I can’t get over how demanding the two fakes are. I’m running two legit Connections on the side and the difference is astounding. 10:43 AM- Have you ever wanted to raise Nazotchi? No? Well, JiDan says otherwise. This is a bad care female teenager, possibly the worse. What can I say? It’s hard having to care for it every 15 minutes. I now appreciate how flexible the real Tamas are. Bonus: group shot Sorry, I don’t know what is wrong with IG. The post is public tho
  12. It’s actually a clone of the 24-in-1 Smart Baby and Pets, which in turn is a Gyaoppi clone. Unlike the two different bunny roms (one also being a generic Gyaoppi), the pets on this have actual growth stages.
  13. They’re currently being sold NIB on eBay as Tamaguchi. If anyone wants to see one logged, I’m working on that right now
  14. Managed to get some fake Tamagotchi Connections. This will be interesting.

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    2. Penguin-keeper


      Ooh, interesting! What types?

    3. OneSummerDream


      @Kurb Yes :)

      @Penguin-keeper  JiDan V3 and a fake V1 by "TS." 

    4. Kurb
  15. Both look legit. The signs of a bootleg Dinkie Dino are transparent shells and anything other than yellow, red, white, and teal. The best way to tell is to compare the graphics to a real Dinkie Dino, which in that case the the first one matches. Be care though because some that do have correct-looking shells are actually Hitorikko.