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  1. Uh for the rerelease Tamagotchis does accidentally disciplining it count as a care miss? I’m trying to get Zatchi again and am very close (only a day or two to go) but accidentally chose that instead of the scale -_-

    1. Penguin-keeper


      You can't accidentally discipline them, as far as I know - they just look annoyed about it, but it shouldn't have any effect, at least as far as I'm aware.

    2. OneSummerDream


      Oh, okay *phew*

  2. Does anyone know if the GPS feature in the Meets app works outside of Japan?

    1. Verklighet


      I did not know that was a feature, that's cool. 

    2. OneSummerDream


      Yeah I was surprised when I first saw it. Apparently if you use the Meets app and use the GPS feature the Tamagotchi will play special animations depending on where you go. The app shows a Tamagotchi going to a restaurant. I’m not sure 100% how it works since I don’t know Japanese, but that’s the gist of it.

  3. 254-A8-CF1-E147-4167-9-FDB-E854-A3-DBBA4Well, there goes my Pochitchi run ._.


  4. For those curious about customization, here are the dimensions of a 90's Tamagotchi background:

    Length and Width of Paper: 2.5x2.5 cm

    Length and Width of the icon sections: 25x7 mm 

    And if you guys want I can do a full tutorial :) Here's how mine came out. So shiny!


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    2. OneSummerDream


      It’s actually not that hard. The only thing I had issues with were the rubber LCD connectors, but some rubbing alcohol did the trick.

      It’s actually kind of neat. I found out that, unlike the 90’s models, these new ones use a small spring to connect the “brain” to the speaker (instead of wires). No wonder the sound glitches so much!


    3. AnniChu


      Huh, interesting! Maybe I'll pick up one and try it out! (so I won't be too disappointed if I break it instead of one of my nice ones.) Do you think that it might be possible to remove the springs and replace them with wires, so the sound quality will be better?

    4. OneSummerDream


      Maybe? Honestly, I don't know. Here's some stuff on here and YT that might help a little:

      Not really the same thing, but hopefully both can provide some help.

  5. Does anyone know what size/dimenstions to use when customizing a 90's Tamagotchi background? Also, is regular printer paper okay?

  6. I ordered one of the fake handwarmer Tamas and will add some pics to the A-Watch thread when it comes. I'm excited to see all the different characters and costumes especially after seeing Hamburger Ichigotchi!

    1. anasmilkbar


      nice!!! lookin forward to your additions to the thread!

    2. rainbowkiwibird


      Ooh, I've always been curious about those. Thanks for your contribution!

  7. What's the oldest v-pet you've raised? My personal best is 3 weeks w/o pausing (and it's still going :) ).

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    2. tamaninjacat


      I had an Ojitchi named Shawn on my V4.5 that lived until he was 84 (give or take due to battery changes). I currently have an Otokitchi named Jules on the same device and she's 68 (turning 69 today).

    3. OneSummerDream


      Wow, I can't imagine having one for that long. Now that's dedcation! Wasn't the world record like 200 or something?

    4. OneSummerDream


      It's officially 4 weeks now... the batteries died and it doesn't have a save feature.

  8. M&D made new shells for the original QPets and their Digimon knockoff:

    1. Jhud


      The original shells were cuter, but its good that they are making new ones

    2. N4LLLC


      I can agree with that. The new ones--meh.

    3. OneSummerDream



      Yeah I'm not sure why they changed them. They look kind of bland now, and the second ones look like Digimon Pendulums.

  9. Any predictions for future rereleases? Realistically I think the original Digimon is next, but the other 90's versions AND English Devilgotchi would be awesome!

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    2. Jhud


      There's already a 20th anniversary Digimon, as well as Digimon Pendulum and a brand- new Digimon X (which seems to be a nod to Digimon Pendulum X but not completely), so yeah. There ARE rumors about Bandai thinking about taking the releases to the west, especially since the Pendulum is fully in English, but we aren't sure. If the Tamagotchi is a hit in the West then maybe they will localize more versions.

    3. Verklighet


      That is interesting. o.o

    4. OneSummerDream


      I should've clarified but I meant rereleases outside of Japan. Since the Digimon one also came out last year, that's why it was my best bet.