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  1. For those curious about customization, here are the dimensions of a 90's Tamagotchi background:

    Length and Width of Paper: 2.5x2.5 cm

    Length and Width of the icon sections: 25x7 mm 

    And if you guys want I can do a full tutorial :) Here's how mine came out. So shiny!


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    2. OneSummerDream


      It’s actually not that hard. The only thing I had issues with were the rubber LCD connectors, but some rubbing alcohol did the trick.

      It’s actually kind of neat. I found out that, unlike the 90’s models, these new ones use a small spring to connect the “brain” to the speaker (instead of wires). No wonder the sound glitches so much!


    3. AnniChu


      Huh, interesting! Maybe I'll pick up one and try it out! (so I won't be too disappointed if I break it instead of one of my nice ones.) Do you think that it might be possible to remove the springs and replace them with wires, so the sound quality will be better?

    4. OneSummerDream


      Maybe? Honestly, I don't know. Here's some stuff on here and YT that might help a little:

      Not really the same thing, but hopefully both can provide some help.