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  1. For anyone curious about the Digimon knockoff, here are some scans of the package:

    They were sort of trying to ape the anniversary Digimon Pendulums. The instructions are also in Chinese and English so I’ll scan those too. Expect to see this in my upcoming bootleg log!

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    2. Eggiweg


      The pokeball color pet isn't a virtual pet at all.  It's more of a battling game where you clear a series of levels by defeating a certain number of monsters.  There are these cards you can scan to get monsters and clothing in game.

    3. Hoky


      Wait there's a HANDWARMER oddpet??? XD

    4. OneSummerDream


      @Hoky Yes! And I will be running that one as well. If you want to see pics, I posted some in the “OK by A-Watch” thread over in Tamagotchi Cousins.