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  1. Wow, I was thinking about the possibility of this happening just the other day. Personally, I don’t think it will happen anytime soon. Maybe later on down the line, though. There have been recent rumors of a Digimon remake/rerelease, and considering the original Tamagotchi rereleases came out not too long ago I fell that would be the next logical thing.
  2. Day 4 Same old, same old. This time I had to grind after leaving it alone for a few days; the power meter was almost empty. I mostly played the first minigame again, forming strategies like constantly shooting or doing so in a wave pattern. I also played the third game a few times too, since it’s easy to just mash B when doing something else. This is where things get real. You will want the power bar to be at 100%. After training, head over to the tournament and get ready to fight again! In order to be successful, it’s recommended that you use the tip in the last entry to ensure Vritramon does his special attack, because failing to do so will make it very hard to survive the tournament. The AI is smarter at this point, and will constantly dodge attacks. They won’t do much damage per hit, but it adds up! Either defeat or outlast each opponent to win. If you succeed, that makes only two more tournaments to go, and then the final boss. Yay! Pics: Tip: Do not buy/use cheap weapons especially later on. If the spirit unleashed from the weapon dies, so will Vritramon. It’s a really awful mechanic, so be forewarned.
  3. Another day, another tournament. Again, apply all the stuff about minigame training from the previous days, and done. I prefer the first minigame, since you’re almost always guaranteed to get $200, as opposed to the other two. The catching one is also okay, and sometimes gives more than $200, but sometimes it only goes to around $100. This is getting so boring T_T Going for 200% doesn’t seem worth it, so I’ll just complete the main game. I really want to see the final boss, and after you beat it you get a special crystal. If it can be used repeatedly (to avoid endless grinding), then I’ll go for it. Tip: How to mega attack: Quickly start pressing B and gradually slow down as the counter goes down, but never stop. If you can pull this off successfully, it will work. Images:
  4. @darkmagic616 It is. A lot of the graphics are copied or at least heavily borrowed from those versions. It even has the same RPM screen, and the mechanic where stopping at a certain point on the meter unleashes a more powerful attack. They didn’t change a thing! What an odd knockoff- the case rips off one version and the gameplay rips off another. @MarcoFusion Sorry, but no. Any more drawings will be for this log. Now, if you request a character from stuff I’m currently running (like Crystal Warriors right now), then okay ;D Day 2 Using the reset trick to pause it caused the memory to wipe last time, so I’m at square one. This entry will mostly be pics I wasn’t able to get last time. Pics will cover tournaments 1-2 There are a ton of photos, so here is a link to the PostImg gallery: In the meantime, I will be looking for a better image hosting site and working on day 3’s entry.
  5. Hello and welcome to my mega bootleg log, and also first log ever! I will be running a bunch of different bootlegs and knockoffs, some of which are obscure. If you have any questions about one, please leave a question and I will reply to it in the next entry. Where to find fakes: eBay is good for older knockoffs from the 90's, while Aliexpress is great for finding new ones. Taobao also has a lot, but you might need a middleman depending on where you live. I don't recommend buying any besides M&D ones (QPet, Nana Moon, etc.) because they tend to be really bad otherwise. First up is the Crystal Warriors 10th Anniversary game. Info links: English instructions here. Baidu article here. All 130 episodes of Crystal Warriors here. Pics of the box. After doing some research it turns out the cartoon was only 8 years old at the time these were released, but apparently in order to coincide with the Pendulum 20th Anniversaries M&D made this rerelease. The instructions also state that there are 4 different versions, similar to the real Pendulum releases, but this is false and they all have Vritramon. (However, the original release of this did have 4 and had more care features, and there's always a possibility of M&D releasing more in the future.) This probably isn’t going to fool anyone, but is it a bad knockoff? Surprisingly, no. I’ve never played a Digimon before and am not that familiar with them, but from what I’ve seen it is kinda similar. There are 6 different tournaments, and I have 3 more to go. Then, there is a final boss. After that I have to replay through everything again in order to get 200% completion, so nothing will be missed. Recap of Day 1, Sorry no photos this time: I started the Crystal Warrior up, and right off the bat I knew this wasn’t going to be a standard vpet. It’s more of a game that mimics a virtual pet. This was surprising since the Nana Moon minis have all their features entact, but not these. Unfortunately, when M&D pumped these out to cash in on the anniversary Pendulums, they got rid of pet functions. There's still an incentive to check on it, since its power will slowly deplete every few hours. I just put the tab back in when I'm busy since it has a save feature. After reading the instructions and grinding with the 3 games to buy a crystal, it was time to enter the first tournament. Evolving the monster makes it very OP, rendering the Help feature obsolete since using crystals to evolve is necessary to win. I had no idea what was going on, but it was a swift victory. The second one was harder, since I tried relying on the Help. That ended up backfiring, and I lost during the 4th round. For “Help,” there are 3 other characters to choose from, which are from the 3 other versions. Each swapped warrior replaces Vritramon and evolves into its second form to attack, but can only be used once per tournament. Battles only last a few rounds, even if both are still standing. Whoever has the most HP left wins. Since HP doesn’t replenish between rounds, I was lucky to have even made it that far. When you lose, the warrior’s power/training bar stays the same but you have to try again. There’s a progress page that shows total battles won (regardless if the tourney is lost) and the total completion rate. After grinding for more money and rebuying the crystal, it was pretty easy. Rinse and repeat for round 3, and I have 3 more to go. Now, this is kind of a nitpick, but the spritework on this is kind of mediocre. Some of the characters look poorly drawn. I understand that a lot of detail needs to be added in a small space, but sometimes the results leave me scratching my head. I mean, I can kind of see how the sprite matches the drawing, but this was my first impression without knowing what it was supposed to be.
  6. For anyone curious about the Digimon knockoff, here are some scans of the package:

    They were sort of trying to ape the anniversary Digimon Pendulums. The instructions are also in Chinese and English so I’ll scan those too. Expect to see this in my upcoming bootleg log!

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Eggiweg


      The pokeball color pet isn't a virtual pet at all.  It's more of a battling game where you clear a series of levels by defeating a certain number of monsters.  There are these cards you can scan to get monsters and clothing in game.

    3. Hoky


      Wait there's a HANDWARMER oddpet??? XD

    4. OneSummerDream


      @Hoky Yes! And I will be running that one as well. If you want to see pics, I posted some in the “OK by A-Watch” thread over in Tamagotchi Cousins.

  7. If I did a bootleg log, which should be ran first?:

    1. Nana Moon (so hard...), 2. QPet Quolor, 3. Jia Yuan, 4. Fake Gyaoppi, 5. Handwarmer (See: A-Watch thread), or 6. Digimon Knockoff

    1. Jhud


      I wouldn't call Nana Moon a knockoff since it's kind of its original thing, it even has its own show and everything, just happens to be produced by a company that makes knockoffs.

    2. Eggiweg


      Whichever one you want to run.  I'd love to see what the digimon knockoff is like though ^^

    3. OneSummerDream



      True, but I thought I’d throw it in anyways since it’s Tamagotchi-inspired.

  8. I was running my QPet Quolor and my Kikitchi grew into Ahirukutchi... This was after my Mametchi grew into Kikitchi 😦


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    2. Kuchipetchi


      i bought a 9-in-1 qpet. they do not have 9 pets. false advertising.. i only got dogs....:(

    3. OneSummerDream


      Aww :/ I felt that was the case. Thanks for confirming. I guess it’s just 9 total between the 3 versions.

    4. OneSummerDream


      One last thing about the Quolor... Having Ahirukutchi at age 3 means stuff like this can happen:

      Pic of it working

      I’ll post again if it changes, since it still needs to turn into Kuchipatchi and then Shimashimatchi.

  9. Uh for the rerelease Tamagotchis does accidentally disciplining it count as a care miss? I’m trying to get Zatchi again and am very close (only a day or two to go) but accidentally chose that instead of the scale -_-

    1. Penguin-keeper


      You can't accidentally discipline them, as far as I know - they just look annoyed about it, but it shouldn't have any effect, at least as far as I'm aware.

    2. OneSummerDream


      Oh, okay *phew*

  10. I know this isn’t a rectangle, but the Yuruppy has a touch screen and metal contacts on top: These were also released under a few other names. I don’t have one and can’t find any videos of it so idk if the minigames match.
  11. Well I know but in terms of super-basic functions like feeding it, mini games, bathroom, etc. it's got the basics, albeit worse XD All the evolutions can kind of be made up for by some of the cuter/unique characters. Oh yeah and this reminds me: -Food only depletes when you play mini games. -The cheapest item is 500 Gold (but all of them do the same thing) -You only have one item at a time -The clock stops working after a few hours -Maximum gold per mini game is 99, mail is something around 80 Let me know if there's anything else I forgot....... I'm thinking of just running one as part of a bootleg Tamagotchi log to show what it can do.
  12. I actually tried something with the same programming before. The bummer is that the animation is limited and a lot of space is wasted on poorly made anime sprites. For reference it's about as basic as an original Tamagotchi. (Also, all the items just randomly change your pet -_-)