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  1. On the official website the commercial’s thumbnail shows some more new things: 1) Different BG in the app. It shows the old TamaTown we know and love, unlike the Japanese version which takes place in Meets Town. It’s nice that, in a way, TamaTown is making a comeback. Here's the Japanese version for comparison: 2)Also, some hats are from the exclusive Meets Station characters. The one Lovelitchi is wearing is modified from this one, which is less detailed: Memetchi's hat is also different, with redrawn sauce and more pieces of chopped leek. Original: Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t recall any of the special location Mix characters being in the Meets. That Tama in the bottom right corner is obviously mixed from Jellytchi. Will this mean we’re getting some locations from the Mix too? Or, maybe there will be special event characters in the dating game like Mimitchi? Or maybe even (by immense luck) the On can actually connect to Japanese Mix and Meets? Only time will tell.
  2. On Amazon Bandai answered and they said no, because it is the Japanese version. I guess this makes sense because there usually isn’t cross compatibility anyways, but it’s still disappointing.
  3. Yes, that’s how JD spelled it. The Tamagotohi is a fake Color Tama that came out a year after the real one (so, 2009). It has a built in FM radio, IR communication like real Tamagotchis, and photos can be transferred via USB to use it as a digital photo frame. The only known screenshot was posted here on TamaTalk a few years ago, but the link provided there leads to a blank page with no archives. A reserve image search revealed that it had originally been shared to another Tamagotchi forum back in 2009. Google Translated English version here. Fun facts- The Tamagotohi originally retailed for $6 USD adjusted for today. If you look closely on the box, it shows drawings of the different characters. User MadamBoss of Tamagochy shared a photo of the toy and box, confirming something: this was made by JiDan. Look at how the model number has “JD” before it. This is how every virtual pet by JiDan (under their original name) is stylized: Ex) Interestingly, the Touma Pet (a recent fake Color by M&D) has a similar model number, only this time it has “OK” before it. (Plus it uses stuff from A-Watch and QPet Quolor.) Where have we seen that before? Oh yeah! Are M&D, OK, and JD related? Who knows. If so, a Bootleg Tamagotchi conspiracy would prove that reality truly is stranger than fiction. The gist: Color Tama fakes are nothing new. And, the Handwarmer Pedometer Handwarmer Powerbank Tamagotchi is the tip of the iceberg for mutant bootlegs. At the moment, there are no known videos, other photos, or old listings. The lack of any info makes it more illusive than even the Tamagezi. This can be considered “lost,” as there is no actual documentation left online. With that being said, if anyone here has more things like pictures or one of these perplexing devices on hand, it would be much appreciated if you could help solve the mysteries surrounding this strange bootleg.
  4. Bandai is on a roll this year! On top of the Tama On there will also be a NA Digimon rerelease:

    Yay :D

  5. There’s also an official commercial now: Some parts look new (afaik), like how the pet changes like a Tama at 0:18, and the rock concert at 0:25. This will be interesting
  6. Does the QPet Quolor even have a growth pattern? After the baby stage mine grew into Lavuzutchi, who is an adult o_O 

    1. InCyberspace


      Mine grew from baby straight into Kutchipatchi. Not sure if they can change. I hope so.

    2. OneSummerDream


      @InCyberspace It will change by age 3. I just found out it does have growth patterns, just really weird ones. Ex) Makiko: baby> Lavuzutchi> Makiko. Kuchipatchi can be an adult, but it can also be the teenage stage. You might end up with ShimaShimatchi. 

    3. InCyberspace


      Thanks for letting me know. Looking forward to what's to come!


  7. The geolocation feature on the app detects what type of place you are at and shows your Tamagotchi going somewhere similar. Ex) If you scan at a restaurant, your Tama will also visit a restaurant. You can even get special items if you scan at a specific retail store during an event.
  8. Charizard makes a cameo in the Touma Pet! 

    spacer.pngIt’s an edit of the sprite from GS. 

  9. Great find! I was expecting Bandai to either translate one of the older versions or make a new one entirely, but this is way better. I hope Bandai also releases a few of the other versions. Sanrio version in English would be amazing. (Fingers crossed there's compatibility with the Meets, but there probably won't >_<) And yeah, the packaging is comically big. I guess it's like billboards where the more space they take up the more noticeable they are to people passing by. As for the $60 price tag, the $100 Furby Connect from a few years ago, which barely does anything without a smart device, did well so this shouldn't be an issue.
  10. Day 14 Continued The interesting thing about gardening is eventually I could buy the next best seed plus the Rapid Growth serum and it would be more efficient than waiting. Within a matter of minutes I was able complete this goal. The end result was an extra 3000 Gotchipoints, well worth the time and patience for hardly having to do anything. Here’s a tip: Rose seeds cost 1000, Rapid Growth is 250, and the pawn shop pays 2000 for it. At a 750 profit, this is even better than spamming the Work option! After discovering this, I was able to keep repeating it until I had over 10,000 GP. Then it was time for some well deserved rest after all that hard work. Day 15 The QPet is 4, so it can now marry. Here’s what the entire scene looks like: With my new money scheme in play, it is time to rack up even more cash and aim for the best character, assuming this even tracks care. Like mother like... son. Eventually it grew into what it’s supposed to, Ahikurutchi. Huh. Maybe taking good care actually makes it grow normally. I was working on the GIFs for this when it grew so I unfortunately don’t have pics, but it’s basically the same as a normal Tamagotchi growth animation (whenever it actually plays). I’m liking this part so far. The QPet turned out to be really fun even for the simplicity. Hopefully this is making up for the mediocre handwarmer run.
  11. Mine was a V1 Connection. I was very little when I got it, and I have no idea what happened to it. It had a dark blue semi-translucent shell with white buttons. I also had a pink cherry V3 and popcorn V5 Celebrity but those are also long gone unfortunately. I don’t really remember playing with the first two, except for pretending the V3 was a cell phone and playing on TamaTown with dialup :D
  12. Here’s a useful QPet Quolor tip: save up to buy Rose seeds and Rapid Growth ($1250 total), then keep growing and selling it to the Pawn Shop until you have a lot of Gotchipoints. Each time gives a profit of $750, so it’s definitely worth a try.