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  1. Imo it mostly comes down to preference for the characters, but here are some things the Touma Pet has over the QPet: - texting feature -better minigames, and a wider selection of them. (+ each can award up to $500 instead of only $200 like on the QPet) -original + improved graphics, smoother animation -quirky sound effects like Furby noises The QPet has the advantage on character selection + replay value. Each character on it has different growth stages, whereas Touma Pets always have the same toddler/teen character. Plus, the QPet has 10 adult characters while the Touma Pet only has 8. Another major difference from the Touma Pet is that things like going to the park are free. It may not seem like much, but $25 per visit to the park really adds up. Even though it may not technically be as good, I prefer the QPet for the better character variety + easier difficulty level. I found the Touma Pet to feel a lot more repetitive, but it’s nice if you want a more unique experience.
  2. The Pet Vet actually ended up turning into an adult a few days ago, making 4 stages. I have no idea what dog breed it’s supposed to resemble, and it has some of the weirdest sprites I’ve seen on a vpet. Get a look at this eating sprite: Woah o_O Unfortunately, it died this morning. My guess is that it went poo while it was sleeping, and I didn’t clean it in time which resulted in it getting sick and then dying. That’s one thing I find annoying about this game. Then again, I don’t know for sure if that’s the reason. It couldn’t be the bars being empty as I always had them at least a third full, but maybe that wasn’t enough. On second thought, I’m not sure if Pet Vet counts as a clone or not, so I won’t log it in this thread anymore. It makes me want to start a normal log sometime. @Penguin-keeper Yes, it does have that type of discipline bar. I had no idea how it worked until a few hours into my first run. How filling discipline works + the animation for it is sort of shocking, honestly.
  3. Okay, I did some research and it turns out the Pet Vet is a clone of MGA programming, not Nano. It’s almost the exact same, except the sprites on the scale menu are replaced with text. Here’s a video that shows MGA’s version: According to the box, this was released by Randtoy. I think this is another case like Scholastic’s V-Pets where both companies got the rights to use the same software made by someone else, which would explain why two different toy companies would release something so similar. Either that or Randtoy just copied MGA, but I doubt they’d do that when there were more popular vpets to clone. The instructions are almost exactly the same as that of the Nano Puppy, but with minor differences. It’s not exactly 1:1 with the actual gameplay, but here it is for anyone interested: As for today’s update- nothing really happened. I had to grind the minigame a bit, but that was it. It turns out I was wrong (yet again), and what happened yesterday was that I filled the other meters but forgot to play the minigame. I’m convinced this is the adult stage, so I’ll run it for a few more days. If it still doesn’t change, I’ll move on and either re-run one of the Color fakes or take another break until a new bootleg comes out.
  4. The Pet Vet has been an adult (maybe only teen) for almost 2 days now. I still don’t know how the growth stages work on this thing yet, but we’ll find out. I had to stop running the “Game machine” Gyaoppi clone because it kept resetting itself. It’s a shame that one is broken now, because it has been my favorite retro-style modern multipet. I have some ideas on how to at least temporarily fix it, but in the meantime it’s game over for that one. One thing worth noting is that the health meter depletion on the Pet Vet is starting to change. Not only does it feel like it’s getting faster overall, but happiness drains twice as fast as the other bars. Oh, and about the JD... It’s still the same character as before. I’m guessing that its growth is based off of how long it’s healthy rather than how old it is like on a real Tamagotchi, if that makes any sense. @Eggiweg Thanks! I probably should have just done some research beforehand, but I’m happy the Pet Vet’s inclusion isn’t too annoying lol.
  5. The puppy is now on the second day of its “toddler” stage, and will turn into a teenager tomorrow. I’m not sure how many growth stages there are thanks to the freak mishap last time, but I’m hoping at least 4. In addition to that, two more fakes are now up and running: the Pen/“Game machine” and the JD V3. I ended up picking the E.T.-looking character for the 49-in-1. On the JD V3 I’m trying to see what happens when minimal care is given. I wanted to see if growth was actually based on care or not. It looks like that is the case, and for the teen stage I got the same character I did the first time, which means that I had raised the worse character possible. That’s quite the accomplishment, as I usually at least get the second-best character on vpets. Before I end today’s entry, I’d like to ask a question: Do you guys think the Pet Vet really is a clone/knockoff? I’m not familiar enough with Nanos, MGA pets, and the like to say so myself. The last thing I want is to include something irrelevant to this log’s theme.
  6. Everything was going fine this morning. It looked like my puppy had grown into an adult, or at least teenager. That is, until I accidentally dropped the device. Fortunately the device was undamaged, but it froze on the clock screen and I was forced to reset. Optimistically speaking, this just means I’ll have a sooner opportunity to try and get a different breed (assuming this has multiple growth patterns). For this, I’ve been keeping the meters around the center, not full like last time. Also, I’m only feeding it kibble. Today, there wasn’t be a whole lot to talk about besides the initial incident, since it was all basic care (or lack thereof) for this first day. @Penguin-keeper It sure is. I usually have pretty back luck which makes running most 90’s oddpets a pain, especially the ones where you can’t use snacks for happiness. I’ve never ran any other one that does this, so it was a pleasant surprise.
  7. All right, day two of the Pet Vet! When I turned on its lights this morning, I noticed that my puppy had grown. There doesn't seem to be an actual bedtime for this thing, so I just turned the lights off at 10 PM. During that time, its stats will still deplete and it will go poo. Luckily, this is a really easy vpet, so it didn't take long to fill each one from a little more than half full. If anyone knows what the actual bedtime is, please help. The instructions say that the puppy will lie down when it's bedtime, but that's not true. One thing that makes the Pet Vet stand out is how regardless of whether you win or lose the minigame, it will always raise happiness. Winning makes the bar fill much faster, whereas losing only fills 1 segment of it. Hey, I'm not complaining Trying to win the guessing game is really annoying, especially on games like the Chuppi Gyaoppi where you can't use snacks for happiness. Another thing that's different but not necessarily game-changing is that any "mess" it makes is not displayed on-screen until you use the bathtub icon. These are two more things the instructions are completely wrong about, and it's like they were written for a different game. This game is very forgiving (especially when compared to the last one). I left it alone for about 3 hours today, and it only left a very small dent in each meter. Since then, I haven't had to care for it yet. I'll wait until 10 PM again to put it to bed again, and that will make another day completed. If anyone has any questions about this game, please leave one and I'll respodn to it in the following entry. Thanks again for reading. Hopefully I can keep this run going smoother now ^_^"
  8. Got busy for the 1,000,000th time, but I'm back. Curious about how the Virtual Pets went during my two attempts? Well, have a look: Well, @Penguin-keeper, looks like I couldn't manage a complete run. I couldn't even get past day 2! Mine has the same problem as well, though I never considered the fast clock impacting gameplay this much. Maybe that's because all the others I've ran with the same problem can either have their clocks fixed (as in, changing it to the normal time) or don't require that much care anyways? Well, in much better news, look at what I got to work : That's right. This time it actually turned on instead of frying the batteries. And you know what? It's actually pretty easy so far. What a relief. It's been a few hours since I started it, and already I can say that this is a pretty decent retro vpet. The 3 health meters are really big and the game starts them nearly full. After getting each filled, they deplete one segment every hour. The Pet Vet is definitely a Nano clone. Everything from the graphics to the sounds is similar. It also contains a startup animation (apologies for the poor camerawork): I'm still getting accustomed to the DCBA control scheme, but all is well besides that. Not much else to say today. I don't anticipate on it growing until at least tomorrow. I did manage to find instructions, but unfortunately it includes everything except a growth chart. Since it's a Nano clone, it's safe to guess that it will age similarly. As a plus, I will also get to do a full run of this instead of only a day or two. And yes, I do classify clones and knockoffs like Pet Vet to fall in the same category as bootlegs since they heavily copy pre-existing material. (Plus, I'm out of new bootlegs for now )
  9.  Uh... I checked on my Tama Meets and it was trying to paint some rubber ducks. Anyone else seen this before? Btw this is different than the seasonal animations.

    1. Moosestatue


      Yeah, it's a photo opportunity! The care icon should be in the top corner and if you take a photo the animation stops and your tama gets happy, same for the tv animation

    2. OneSummerDream


      @Moosestatue Thanks! Do you know if there are any more besides those two?

    3. Moosestatue


      Not that i've come across yet, so far i've only noticed those two

  10. 8/28- At 8 AM I woke up to the surprise that my vpet had grown. I don’t know how many there are, but my personal bet is on 3. It turns out I was wrong about this having a minigame, which is a bummer because even the awful JD bunny rom version has a few. I actually have one of those as well, but it’s in pieces. 8/29- Nothing much. I anticipate on it being a few days before the little dino turns into a T-Rex.
  11. The Pet Vet ended up not working due to some sort of malfunction with the battery compartment. In the meantime, let's have a look at the 32-in-1 Virtal Pets. This one shares the same shell of two other generic vpets, one being the original bunny ROM (possibly by JD) and the Smart Baby & Pets clone. Fittingly, the majority of the characters on it are modified sprites from both. Here's a few: Some of these characters are also from the Scholastic V-Pets, which is no surprise as it plays similarly. Here's another version of the Scholastic pet I found a while, btw: I ended up picking the T-Rex because 1) it is original 2) how could I not? Just look at it! Unfortunately I only have a few days to run this and I think it takes a week for it to mature, so we won't get to see a full runthrough until later....... This is yet another Gyaoppi clone, and it even uses the same care icons as the pen game. Unlike that pet, you can select the game icon while it's a baby. All it does is show a little workout animation, so there's no actual minigame. There WAS a guide for this exact vpet on YT, but now I can't find it. I'll take a guess and say that if this does have a minigame, then it's unlocked later. Virtual Pets is surprisingly low on maintenance compared to, say, the original Tamagotchi. After getting both meters full, I haven't had to care for it much. My only complaint is the control scheme. Just like the Pet Vet, it is extremely weird compared to a Tamagotchi. However, this time it has an excuse since the icons are set up more like a Dinkie pet. Speaking of Dinkie pets, I recall the original release of this being in a Dinkie Dino shell: Sorry for the huge video thumbnail. 8:47 PM- Fortunately, this vpet goes to bed at 9 PM. It's nice to see the devs make it a reasonable hour for once. There's a catch though, as the time runs faster than normal and can't be changed. Depending on how things go these next few days, I might actually manage a full run. We shall see... This will probably be another slow section. As we've seen so far, bootleg and knockoff virtual pets tend to be very light on content. Well, you get what you pay for...
  12. The Nano Puppy clone might have to wait because I tried putting batteries in and it didn’t turn on. When I took the batteries out, they were really warm... Not sure what’s up because it worked the first time I tried it.

  13. My Tama Meets keeps freezing after the baby photo is taken... Not having very good luck -_- I think it’s a glitch from using MyMeets in the past, but idk.

    1. iTamannadi


      I heard you need to reset the device so it will stop glitching/freezing!

    2. OneSummerDream


      Aww man, I had a feeling I’d have to. The Tamagotchi saved right as the photo was taken, so I’m stuck doing a full reset. So much work down the drain.

  14. Well, that makes for two 100% completed bootleg Tamagotchis. The Touma Pet was pretty fun, albeit just an improved version of the QPet Quolor. While I would like for M&D to try something different with their next color pet besides the stale TMGC+C formula, this is a good next step. For their next one, something feature-rich like the Tamagezi would be nice, but I doubt M&D will get that experimental. Additionally, I'd like to see Bandai learn from this and include USB charging in future Tamagotchis, as it would not only slim down the devices and reduce batteries needed. Now that the QPet has been redone with these same technical enhancements, I'd say it all comes down to personal preference for the characters when it comes to choosing between both games. Thanks for being patient during the Touma Pet run. Like always, it gets hard trying to cover the same vpet over and over again for 9 generations, but you know Next up is the Nano Puppy clone. I'll try to get the entry for that ready either tomorrow or Monday. In the meantime, take care.
  15. It’s most likely a generic Russian 49-in-1 Gyaoppi clone. These things are all over online stores from there in an assortment of shells, and often contain similar program to the 24-in-1 Smart Baby and Pets. Here’s a video of it that I linked in the Database thread: The clones have most of the characters, but are missing a few and some sprites are modified.
  16. Got a little busy, but I’m back. I’m currently on the last gen for the Touma Pet. Here's a pic from one of the previous gens: The last one was a duplicate, so no point in posting a pic of that. After this is over I'll run a Nano Puppy clone for a day and that will be it for a while. I do have one other fake to show off, and after that I'll officially be out of new material until M&D puts out their next color vpet. And now for the part I promised last time: Here is a lot of info on the JD V3: -Requires care every 15 minutes or less. -Winning the mini game will show a 4 digit code for a second. Press the C button to bring up the screen to enter it. -Winning the mini game is random until adult stage. Until then, you can actually just spam the C button to win. -Duplicate codes don't work. -A code can also be obtained if your JD V3 wins after a VS. game. -When visiting, the guest Tama will give yours a random item, even if they do not have it in their inventory. -Codes are not consistent between devices. A code that works on one might not work on another. -You can only keep 4 items at a time, making collecting pointless. -The Tamaguchi has a slower clock than the Urapet. -Both devices can either win or lose at the same time in VS. mode. -When the JD grows, the screen flashes and the notification noise plays during the transformation. -Press A and C to bring up the mute option. -Each character has their own sleeping animations, but the eating animation just shows Bill every time. -It can’t die, apparently. -The instructions included are for a different version. This one lacks the matchmaker and only has 3 growth stages: baby, toddler, adult. -The sprites shown in the manual also appear in the Bunny ROM/Jia Yuan/Diga Pet. This implies that JD had something to do with the programming for that. In fact, I recall JD releasing vpets with this programming. -Unlike most JD releases, slightly modified official packaging art is used and there are no companies/model numbers provided. Pic of both JDs: Originally I was under the impression the Tamaguchis were by TS because that company would label the buttons. While that's not the case, there's always the possibility that TS could have used JD's V3 programming just like all the companies that use their Bunny ROM. If you're looking for fake Tamagotchi Connections of your very own, there is currently an auction on eBay for 3 NIB TS Tamagotchis which are a later/better version of the one we previously looked at. Looking for TS Tamagotchis there also bring up more fakes featuring the older Bunny ROM, which is a Gyaoppi clone. If you see any new color screen ones, please share. Other than the ones we've seen already, I have one more fake and then that will be it until M&D comes out with something new. Well, thanks for reading again. For more pics and general vpet images, there;s links to my IG above.
  17. My Tamagotchi Meets randomly turned off even though I just replaced the batteries... Does anyone know why and/or how to fix it? I think this is the second time it’s happened.

    (Btw I’ll be back with another Bootleg Log entry soon.)

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    2. kbutt


      I had this same problem with my first unit. Did it end up working?

    3. OneSummerDream


      @kbutt Yes. It’s been a few days and the glitch has not happened since. Is yours a Tamagotchi On or the original Meets? I wonder if Bandai fixed this.

    4. kbutt


      It’s the new one, an On. I tried to contact them nearly a week ago and nada!

  18. Entry 53 Things are going kind of slow with the Touma Pet. I'm now on my 7th gen. and it's a girl. I want to get the granny character which will take a while. In other news, I actually did end up receiving a Tamaguchi. It's another JiDan V3 just like the blue Honeylover, but with slight differences including different item codes and running at a slower rate. Even though it's not what I expected, the Tamaguchi is still interesting to try out. I'll go more in-depth tomorrow with photos and a list of gameplay notes. So far, both are boys and are what appear to be Kinakomotchi with legs...
  19. Got mine almost two weeks ago and it's pretty awesome, definitely a good first impression. I highly doubt it will happen, but it would be nice to see Bandai give similar treatment for the 2018 anniversary Pendulums.
  20. Another adult. This one is really Animal Cross-ish. In fact, one of the villagers from the series, Bunnie, appears in the “Receive Fruit” game.
  21. Turns out the Meets is compatible with the Tama On app. I’m so thankful for this 😌

  22. US Tamagotchis can come with either type of chain. I don’t know the specifics besides that, but maybe the chained P1s are the earliest? That’s what the Japanese ones had, so the key rings might have been used in later US additions. This is supported by how the P2s pretty much exclusively have those. Just a theory, though. It’s also possible to find some NIB P1s with either.
  23. So, silly question but what happens if a Tamagotchi Meets dies? I have a family tree glitch that makes the game freeze when trying to view past a certain generation, and would like to fix that by starting over. But, I also want to retain all my items and Gotchipoints. Are either possible?
  24. Entry 51 The Touma got married today, and I got a girl. Who will it end up being? Well, that will be discovered in a few days. This might get pretty slow, so let me know if/when I should switch considering I’ve already shown it here before. I have one more fake which is a Nano Puppy clone. I didn’t really enjoy it the 10 minutes I tried it, but if anyone’s interested I’d be at least willing to run it for a little bit to show how it works.
  25. Entry 50! Now that I’m back, it’s time for more Touma Pet. Tonight it randomly grew into this elf-like character. It will be old enough to marry at 9 PM tomorrow, but I’ll have to wait until the following morning because I don’t feel like waiting until 10 PM or later for the next one to age. Also, there is a (really lazy) size comparison between a real 20th Anniversary Digimon and the Crystal Warrior. I must say, the real version is way more fun. The only downside is how inconsistent the release date is/was.