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    Rectangular pet toy?

    No problem :3
  2. Uh for the rerelease Tamagotchis does accidentally disciplining it count as a care miss? I’m trying to get Zatchi again and am very close (only a day or two to go) but accidentally chose that instead of the scale -_-

    1. Penguin-keeper


      You can't accidentally discipline them, as far as I know - they just look annoyed about it, but it shouldn't have any effect, at least as far as I'm aware.

    2. OneSummerDream
  3. OneSummerDream

    Rectangular pet toy?

    I know this isn’t a rectangle, but the Yuruppy has a touch screen and metal contacts on top: These were also released under a few other names. I don’t have one and can’t find any videos of it so idk if the minigames match.
  4. OneSummerDream

    Digapet? (Fake Gigapet)

    Well I know but in terms of super-basic functions like feeding it, mini games, bathroom, etc. it's got the basics, albeit worse XD All the evolutions can kind of be made up for by some of the cuter/unique characters. Oh yeah and this reminds me: -Food only depletes when you play mini games. -The cheapest item is 500 Gold (but all of them do the same thing) -You only have one item at a time -The clock stops working after a few hours -Maximum gold per mini game is 99, mail is something around 80 Let me know if there's anything else I forgot....... I'm thinking of just running one as part of a bootleg Tamagotchi log to show what it can do.
  5. OneSummerDream

    Digapet? (Fake Gigapet)

    I actually tried something with the same programming before. The bummer is that the animation is limited and a lot of space is wasted on poorly made anime sprites. For reference it's about as basic as an original Tamagotchi. (Also, all the items just randomly change your pet -_-)
  6. OneSummerDream

    Be My Valentine Virtual Pet

    Thank you! The character on it sort of looks like one from another fake V1 Connection: Here’s the Be My Valentine for comparison:
  7. OneSummerDream


  8. OneSummerDream

    Nightmare Fuel 3D Mametchi

    I tried ._. Made with Sculpt+ (not a 3D sculptor BTW. Just did this because boredom)
  9. Does anyone know if the GPS feature in the Meets app works outside of Japan?

    1. Verklighet


      I did not know that was a feature, that's cool. 

    2. OneSummerDream


      Yeah I was surprised when I first saw it. Apparently if you use the Meets app and use the GPS feature the Tamagotchi will play special animations depending on where you go. The app shows a Tamagotchi going to a restaurant. I’m not sure 100% how it works since I don’t know Japanese, but that’s the gist of it.

  10. OneSummerDream

    Be My Valentine Virtual Pet

    These look like a variation of some bootleg Tamagotchis Connections from around the time the V1s were released. Here’s some examples of what I’m talking about: (This one has a V3 shell but the others look like the one in the TamaTalk thread. I also recall seeing one very similar to these on a Japanese blog.) Edit: Say, do you happen to have a link to the listing?
  11. Thanks! I figured out how to do it: -Go to the items menu -Select an item -Select the second option Your Tamagotchi will put it outside. Now it’s time to wait... A few hours later, Taddah! I don’t know if it’s based on the item tho.
  12. It worked for me too. Does anyone know how to get pets?
  13. Does the Tama Meets need to be an adult before it can connect to the app? Mine is currently a toddler and I’ve already tried connecting it a few times to the Android app with no success. I had my Bluetooth on, and nothing happened when I’d do the little connection stuff on both. It’s a Galaxy Tab if that’s relevant. Thank you!!!
  14. OneSummerDream

    Need Help W/ Meets App

    Yeah, I sort of over exaggerated based on a past experience of not being able to install anything since iTunes asked for Japanese banking info... This time I used a VPN and it worked! Also, worst luck ever: immediately after I got my Tamagotchi to connect with the app, the batteries died!
  15. OneSummerDream

    Need Help W/ Meets App

    I also have a compatible iPhone but I was kind of saving it as a last resort since it’s harder to get foreign apps 😕 Also thanks for the forum link! One think I forgot to mention is that I installed it via APK instead of the Play Store. Maybe that has to do with it? I’ll try again on both and then check back if it still doesn’t work.
  16. OneSummerDream

    Qpet Qolor Questions

    Some users on YouTube said Bandai went after the company because they used a similar name and stole some of the Tamagotchi icons. Maybe it’s a combination of all those things? Who knows. That’s the weird part with bootleg toys. Oh, and one last thing about the QPet, it unlocks a job feature at age 3, which can be used for easy Gotchipoints. Although it doesn’t give much, you can spam it until you get a ton of money. This is important as QPets refuse to eat the default food after 2 bowls are filled, so buying food is a must. (Plus there are different interiors to buy.) For happiness, you can just send it to the park a bunch of times.
  17. OneSummerDream


    Doodle from a while ago
  18. 254-A8-CF1-E147-4167-9-FDB-E854-A3-DBBA4Well, there goes my Pochitchi run ._.


  19. OneSummerDream

    Qpet Qolor Questions

    Oh yeah I forgot they included him As far as “inappropriate” content goes, there’s also the guy at the Mortage shop who smokes... There’s also weird sprite errors like Mametchi’s eyes being too small, and blank spaces on some sprites, especially Makiko. *And here’s my spoiler*- ShimaShimatchi is way smaller than the other adults for some reason! And yes, get them while you still can. Even the Tamagezi, which has 99% original content, got (iirc) pulled down a few months after they got popular. It’s honestly amazing that these QPets haven’t been taken down yet almost a year later.
  20. For those curious about customization, here are the dimensions of a 90's Tamagotchi background:

    Length and Width of Paper: 2.5x2.5 cm

    Length and Width of the icon sections: 25x7 mm 

    And if you guys want I can do a full tutorial :) Here's how mine came out. So shiny!


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    2. OneSummerDream


      It’s actually not that hard. The only thing I had issues with were the rubber LCD connectors, but some rubbing alcohol did the trick.

      It’s actually kind of neat. I found out that, unlike the 90’s models, these new ones use a small spring to connect the “brain” to the speaker (instead of wires). No wonder the sound glitches so much!


    3. AnniChu


      Huh, interesting! Maybe I'll pick up one and try it out! (so I won't be too disappointed if I break it instead of one of my nice ones.) Do you think that it might be possible to remove the springs and replace them with wires, so the sound quality will be better?

    4. OneSummerDream


      Maybe? Honestly, I don't know. Here's some stuff on here and YT that might help a little:

      Not really the same thing, but hopefully both can provide some help.

  21. I’ve experienced some strange things while running my 2018 Gen 2 Tamagotchi: The first time, my Tamagotchi was acting really weird. During the number game the sound effects were way too loud, to the point where the device shook in my hand... It also randomly died on day 3 instead of growing into the next stage, despite all meters being full and not being sick or anything. The second time around, everything seemed fine. Then, I got Zuccitchi despite having all meters full. The only care miss was putting it to bed late once. When I checked to see what went wrong, to my surprise the discipline bar had dropped all the way to zero despite having it full the night prior. Going off these two failed runs, it looks like my Tamagotchi is having a software issue where it doesn’t detect the Tamagotchi being cared for/randomly deletes meters I’ve filled. Is anyone else having problems with their 2018 P2s? Bandai seems to be having quality control issues with this version.
  22. OneSummerDream

    "OK" by A-Watch: Fake Tamagotchi + Color

    Okay, I'm back. Here's a photo album on Postimage I'll update as I take more pics of it, as opposed to posting a bajillion more updates here: There's a lot of stuff I haven't been able to get pics of yet. Unlike the real Tamagotchi and QPet, the closeup sprites are only shown after it goes to the bathroom instead of pressing C. This means I have to get it to the bathroom on time and have my camera ready... It'll take a while, put I'll try to get as many as I can. The two I've seen so far (w/o pics to show) is burger and pineapple Ichigotchi. By the way, I haven't taken pics of Ichigotchi's costumes yet but the review linked above shows all of them.
  23. Here’s another oddity, this time found on Mercari. Unfortunately, the listing there already sold, but nevertheless let’s take a looksy. Kids’ smart watches are all over online shops, but this one has a very unique feature packed in. (Unfortunately I can't link the listing so credit to Mercari seller "ocean") Behold the bootlegness in all its glory!! 1)Take a look at the living room. It’s practically the same! Not only that, but the panda character is an edit of Kikitchi’s sprite. Admittedly, this doesn’t look half bad. It’s actually kind of cute! 2)The lock screen is a stolen Bambi drawing! The watch face can be changed between a few different templates. 3)It also features stolen icons from the official Tamas, well, except for the t-shirt thing. The upscale versions of them are also custom sprites. 4)There are also some places to go, including a weird one in the bottom that might be a movie theater? 5)Talking to a weird pink blob 6)Homescreen The watch also features a camera, photo gallery, and fitness stuff. There doesn’t appear to be buttons besides lock, volume, and reset, so this is most likely touch controlled. Later versions by A-Watch replace not-Kikitchi with a generic panda. BUT one listing on Amazon still offers this v-pet, and apparently pandas aren’t the only character! What to look for: -Blue or pink wristband that reads “A-Watch” -Flat surface around the screen with a black border around it and “OK” logo (later versions are a solid blue or pink) -Look for mentions of a pet game or cat icon on the main menu -No calling/texting/GPS tracking feature (common in other kids’ smart watches) Amazon listing: This reminds me of the QPet, and it’s nice they actually made (somewhat) original sprites instead of totally aping Bandai’s work. If you already have one, please share your thoughts. Is this knockoff worthy of its $30 pricetag?
  24. OneSummerDream

    "OK" by A-Watch: Fake Tamagotchi + Color

    I was looking at bootleg game consoles and discovered that the mini games on this are actually copied from the "1.8" Handheld Games. Ashens did a review of that, but his system only had the TMGC+C apple collecting and balloon games. There’s a Wikia entry on it that talks about a game where you play as a little panda running across a broken bridge collecting bamboo in order to keep jumping. This handwarmer has a really similar game. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was just the same thing but modified for the smaller screen + controls. Wow, bootleggers must be getting pretty desperate if they need to go from fake GameBoys to fake handwarmer Tamagotchis... Here’s a link to the video. The games show up at 20:53 and 21:25. Bootleg Games Wikia entry: Oh yeah, sorry about the last post. My phone always makes the font huge for some reason
  25. OneSummerDream

    Bootleg TS Tama: Similar to V1, Connects to V2

    These TS Tamas look like the Jidan fakes that came out at the same time, but much better. Interestingly, those also have a Battle option and similar characters. A while ago I heard about a fake Connection that can connect to the real ones, but never knew what they were until now. Thank you so much for sharing! BTW here's an example what I'm talking about: